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1960 Tr3a
1970 Spitfire MK3
2012 Mini Copper SS convertible

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1960 Triumph TR3A White Matthew Taylor

1960 Triumph TR3A

1970 Triumph Spitfire MkIII BLUE VELVIT PEARL Matthew Taylor

1970 Triumph Spitfire MkIII

2 Vehicles — Total mileage: 72,024 mi (115,911 km) — Average age: 1965

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Father And Son Project Part 1 - Getting The Car

Posted on: Monday February 2, 2015

100 2527

Pre 10- 25 - 14. My son, Cole, is nearing the legal driving age, and the time honored question "what will I drive" has left the theoretical, and become a real, practical question. I wont go into the months and months long debate that led to the choice, but - in the end, he decided on a round tail Spitfire. He wanted to "earn" the car with sweat equity, and learn a thing or 2 about cars in the process. I was leaning toward a 2004 Corolla - but my first car was a 1972 Spitfire Mk IV - that I...

Father And Son Project Part 12 - Interior

Posted on: Saturday May 16, 2015

100 2834

4-19-15 With the paint making us smile every time we walk through the garage, it was time to turn our attention to the interior. The wood working, specifically the dash, was coming along nicely. When we test fit the original gauges back in the new dash, it was clear they would not do. The gauges needed going over for sure. The "black out" package of the "70 Federal" was apparent on the gauges as well - the nice shiny gauges of the earlier cars was painted black on ours. Unfortunately, the...

Father And Son Project Part 7.3 - Wood Working - Steering Wheel

Posted on: Thursday July 23, 2015

Cutting the outside

Cole's job was to cut the old rubber off the old wheel, and get the rim cleaned up. He did some cutting alright. And got a reminder about the knife rule - always cut away from your self. We are calling him "Leftey" for the next little bit... After 2 hexagons were cut, and glued together, I made 3 cuts with the router. Outside, the grove in the center, and the inside. Next, I cut the relieves for the rim to sit flush - on both the top and bottom. I used a 3/8 round over bit to soften the ...

Father And Son Project Part 7.2 - Wood Working - Steering Wheel

Posted on: Thursday July 23, 2015

The inspiration with a younger Cole

5-4-15 I have always enjoyed wood working, and I am the "Jerry" in that area, so, this was one of my favorite parts of the project. One of the things Larry (the PO) and I had agreed on was leaving him the awesome racing steering wheel that he had for years and years. In exchange, he put the original wheel back on the car. It was, well crumbly. And ugly. My last Spit had a very nice after market wood wheel that wood (ugg, yes agian) serve as the inspiration for this project. For the bui...

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