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Replacement Carbon Cannister

Wes Gray   Gold Member USA — Posted on The Triumph Experience
Sunday December 31, 2017 5:34 PM

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2018-01-01 15:56:39 # 47383
Comment by Wayne Tate
Wes, sorry you are having to keep that junk on your car. Lucky us in NC, over 35 no inspection.If it gets above freezing tomorrow, I'll check to see if one is in the garage.Wayne
2018-01-02 01:18:04 # 47406
Comment by Wes Gray
if you are saying you might have an "originsl" coopers canister, three inlet at top preferred, I'd be interested buying from you.I hear you when you say this junk on cars... but I prefer to think of it as all part of an elegant system...and when it all functions properly... fine...I took machine out yesterday morning... top up, then top down, two different machines, each good... top down though...!! no extraneous distract noises... Lucky I live here mid norther california in terms of driving weather... nothing going on... The reputed TR6 exhaust sound... mine, top down, good state of tune... a Falcon SSsteel exhaust system from TRF nearly 30 years ago ... the exhaust note "sings"...getting tothis nice state of affairs has been both expensive and painful (in the heart) at times... let me know of you are considering a carbon canister, or other offered parts...Thanks Wayne,regardezWes
2018-01-02 07:40:40 # 47412
Comment by Marc Botzin
These are available on ebay for under $20. Just be sure to get the earlier model from Coopers that is serviceable. They tend to look nasty but should clean up fairly well.
2018-01-02 09:12:47 # 47415
Comment by Wayne Tate
Wes, I found the one I was thinking about, but if you can get one for under $20, then that is the way to go.Mine is the original Coopers and screw off bottom, but I see them on Ebay, some complete and a lot closer to you, so I understand..Wayne
2018-01-02 10:50:17 # 47419
Comment by Vance Navarrette
I agree, the screw off bottom allows you to replace the carbon inside with aquarium charcoal. Much better solution than buying a replacement made of recycled pop bottles. I did this on my TR6, and it worked great. Also, you can pick up used ones from eBay, or these guys: NFI.

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