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Cars In England

Wes Gray   Gold Member USA — Posted on The Triumph Experience
Wednesday December 13, 2017 6:12 AM

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2017-12-16 05:04:31 # 46964
Comment by Tony Cameron
Hi Wes, interesting comments about the state of our roads. You must have been on a high profile stretch because our automotive fixers are making fortunes now replacing suspension struts and road springs such are the state of out pot-holed risen highways. That aside I guess the reason you didn't see too much evidence of our classics is primarily due to the time of year. We fight the threat of snow and ice on our roads, with lashings of salt, a killer of most vehicles but certainly those of the older vintage. However be assured that we have lots of oldies and a huge classic and vintage car following in UK, but at this time of year they are mostly tucked up in winter hibernation awaiting the dawn of spring, which thankfully is just around the corner. Come back and see us then and you can be assured of a glimpse of those gorgeous Healeys, Jaguars, Alvis, oh and of course Triumphs. Let me know if you want a guided tour!TonyC1972 Triumph TR6 in good nick ' cos it came from California - no salt!
2017-12-16 11:41:35 # 46974
Comment by Wes Gray
when you reclaim cars from usa, do you leave the LHD in place?All stuff you'd have to redo...I was actually sure theres much to see in "old" motors, but the I was just in the wrong area...the weather was fine entire tour, rain just one day,in Glasgow...I know as Paris is not France, also Londre is not England, in thousand ways....but London is for aVisitor a treasure.... next time I visit, less of an agenda, more freetime, and get to the north, south, east, west... and doing more to seek outthe classic machines.regardez, wes
2017-12-16 16:52:43 # 46982
Comment by David P
I'd venture a guess that it's not an emissions thing necessarily but a weather thing. Here in the Northeast US you rarely see "old" cars except in the summer (or at shows.) In CA (or the south) it's much more common (IMHO.)
2017-12-16 17:59:12 # 46983
Comment by Wes Gray
yes, in retrospect i agree regards weather, and motoring over there is not inexpensive, so they also dont jump into ther vehicle to drive without purpose as much as we might... by that i mean, i take mine out a couple times a weel, totalling maybe 50 miles per week...for no purpose than toenjoy the machine, and keep its circulatory system happy. and weather yes, it is december 16 here on san francisco peninsula, sky is blue, 62 degrees F at near 1600 hours... the drought is rumored to be reasserting... your mature English motorcar would be hard pressed to find a puddle around here... the daily fog has been held at bay for many weeks...I understand 12/14-15 in the north east and NYC, Boston, Snow... mmm, doesnt seem fair. nd i rcall from years prior in the UK, very unsettled weather at any time.
2017-12-16 18:33:34 # 46984
Comment by Tony M
It's been 37 years since I lived in London and much has changed, the say the city changes every 7 years. There is an 11.50 per day congestion charge for cars entering London, plus, you will have to find somewhere to park it!The Brits do not discourage old cars, in fact pre 77 cars are exempt from Road Tax (it used to be called a Road fund licence, but a tax is a tax)
2017-12-22 10:17:31 # 47140
Comment by daz white
Whoever designed the spitfire soft top really didn't allow for our generally " fantastic" weather...rust never sleeps as a Canadian once said

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