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So, the GT6 has always fascinated me, ever since my Dad first told me about his TR3 he had. It has thaose great lines and the fast back, just a really gorgeous car. I finally got a GT6, and I am very excited and worried that I got in over my head. I am going to get my baby (as yet unnamed) into a local mechanic for a run through, but already I had a head scratcher trying to get my head lamps working. Turns out the previous owner id not crimp the wire good enough and they just flopped out. After the, I was all set to drive her in to work.... then while using the wiper, the drivers side arm deci...

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IMG 1304 864x648
Engine and transmission out for replacement of gaskets and seals. Also on the do-list: - Rear differential seals - Brake rotors and pads - Dampers - Motor, transmission and differential mounts - Carburetor and intake manifold - Drive shaft u-joint - Wheel bearings - And whatever else comes up while we're in there

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In 1980 I bought a 1959 morris minor, never got it running sold it in 1982 when I joined the USAF but I still have the motor. In 2014 I bought a 1970 Triumph GT6+ at a rummage sale, it ran last in1978. I have the motor turning over but not running, It needs a complete resto, I hope to get started this spring. If any body has thoughts on what to start first, body or drivetrain let me know.

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A very slight dusting of snow on the Tehachapi Mou
Today I had my most trouble free drive in the TR since getting it back on the road. I have finished rebuilding all four corners of the suspension with all new rubber bushings and boots and Koni shocks in the front. The ride is much improved with the new grease in the rear axle splines, replaced U-joints on the LH axle, and just overall making sure the suspension is ready for extended drives. I also re-installed the original oil pump because I did not like the way the replacement pump was slow to make oil pressure. This was even after adding a right-angle oil filter adapter. I discover...


The crossroads of two of my favorite canyon roads
I'm finally ready to have some real fun in the TR so I joined the 2018 Moss Motoring Challenge. After last week's outing to catch some winter before it completely disappears from the region I took a 65 mile loop around the valley and some of my favorite canyon roads to get more destinations in the Challenge points sheet. While driving I had time to think through a couple of more distant destinations for the future. The TR seems to become more reliable as I build miles. I still need to get the alignment done. I can feel the front wheel tracking is not quite symmetrical, steering to the r...


A friend said they were following my progress on this here Journal, and I realized haven't been posting here, preferring to post YouTubevideos. So, why not both? Since my last post (end October), I've removed and rebuilt the distributor, which included installing new bushings, repainting the body and replacing the oil fabric. I measured the end-float and reinstalled it. I've also removed the clutch slave cylinder, which was seized, and bought a new one, still not installed. The brake MC was next, and it too was seized, so I bought ...


Homemade soda blaster set up
I ordered two Su Carburetors, linkage, and inlet manifold from Spitbits UK. When they arrived, they were in fair condition but had a lot of gunk and surface corrosion. Step one was to clean the exteriors of the carbs and manifold. I started by rigging my own soda-blaster consisting of 3/8" plastic tubing, a box of baking soda, and a very small electric compressor (0.6 CFM @ 90 psi). After working at it for about an hour, I realized that this compressor was not up to the task. I wound up renting one that had about 4 CFM @ 100 psi from a local equipment rental for the weekend. The homemade...


replaced clutch master and slave cylinders... now have pair of TRW, previously a TRW and Classic Gold...Where do you measure.70, a linebacker could get through it... Clutch action, gear engagement now again flawless, though must say this is just 6000 miles and near four years into re-enlistment of !974 TR6 on the road again... added to that: engine has been running generally very well, but yesterday and today... march 4/5... runs so fine I don't dare open the hood looking for trouble. To drive says there is no trouble.... though I am always wondering engine oil level... no big spots on...


It's been a while... My boss and good friend at work passed away suddenly right before summer last year. That set me back a bit mentally on top of having to absorb the department's workload. On top of that, it seems my photo hosting site changed it's policy and wiped out most, if not all, of my photo links. I'm not going to go back and change the photo links but have uploaded some main historical photos and the latest goings-on to a new hosting site. A bit of little work accomplished over the last year but need to get back in the groove. After basically completing the main frame buildout...


T50 shifter position
Here are comparison photos of the transmissions. I used a custom made bell housing that mates the W58 transmission to a 4A-GE. The trans are the same length, but the W58 is wider and the shifter is about 1" forward. I had to modify the frame a bit to clear the trans. Also, the clutch slave is mounted wider and I had to widen the tunnel on the right side. This trans shifts smoother and is MUCH quieter! It has closer gear spacing with a taller 1st and 5th gears. Now it is ready for the autocross and track days!!


First autocross
Ran 2 autocross events at the Santa Maria Airport. 1 week later notice low oil pressure!. Here's a video of my 2-best runs. This motor came out of a 1987 Toyota Corolla GTS. In that car the engine was leaned over towards the driver's side. I my car it is upright. This creates 2 problems; the oil level on the dipstick was indicating more than what was actually there, second in the head, the only oil drain back to the sump is on the driver's side. Both of these issues created a low oil level in the sump and loss of pressure during acceleratio...


Finally got the wiring harness complete, with all the separations on the circuits that was possible to fuse with out taking a lot of time to not make much improvement. I split most of the feeds and added a couple. The box required a little bit of cutting to install, it does clear the clutch master for fuse replacement.


Hi there, I'm looking for GT6 mk1 boss for the genuine steering wheel, does anyone have one for sale ? Cheers, Philippe


Update - Tuesday Feb 27 The web servers was down from 10:00pm to 1:30am for maintenance which took much longer than expected. Normal operation has resumed, sorry for the delay. KNOWN ISSUES The following bugs are being worked on right now, no need to report them again: Delivery to and verizon email addresses is slow - looks ok now member and events map broken fixed attaching images to forum posts error fixed uploading images to registry/profile error fixed Cannot post in the forums fixed Forum smilies not showing[..]...


This was actually nearly 2 weeks ago. My front bumper was too wide in the mounting points. This is an ebay purchase nearly 15 years ago and I never test fit it until recently. Looks like it may have been bumped into something, thus decreasing the arc in the bumper thereby widening the spacing of the mounting holes. I've been mulling over how to fix this and saw in someone else's post on a metal shaping forum how they used a scissor-jack to accomplish a similar task. You can see the notches on my bumper are contacting the inside of the uprights. That notch should be evenly spaced on both ...

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