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IMG 0488
Lord knows... I've got plans for Blk-Bry.... some involved... some, not so much.... She came to us with no rear bumper.... (and son thought it was really cool as is).... but.... I figured my 14 yo daughter would eventually back into "something".... sooner or later.... made a few inquiries with the local triumph group.... and found a really great condition bumper - with plastic overriders.... for $200..... One hour to pick her up - a half hour to install her - and we have a "more or less" factory rear end..... I was hoping to find the 'skinny bumpers" - at the time - the on...

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IMG 0496
PO, at some point - painted the original wooden dash black.... Not ugly - but hardly what I wanted.... especially with the new wooden door caps and matching radio face plate..... One of the Forum members was kind enough to do a template for me - with incredible detail... It was great as I didn't want to be without a dashboard for the week(s) it would take to properly fabricate a new one.... Got a beautiful grain piece of 1X8 Red Oak from my favorite hardwood supplier.... It has a crack on one end.... so they gave it to me for free.... and charged me $20 to plane it down to a...

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They really looks great
I received the refurbished speedo and tach from Nisonger yesterday. What a fantastic job they did, they look great! They arrived well packaged and marked fragile. I am really happy with them. The tach was modified to work with modern electronic ignitions, additional cost but seems worth it. The final test will be when I use them. I will be ordering the upholstery and interior bits today.

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I shoulda snapped a shot of the H-support before I started as it shows my original attempt of upholstery. It amounted to cheap black automotive carpet, the kind that looks good for a few minutes, but balls up when you touch it. But, anyway I've got plans to bring the look of the dash down the face of the H-support. I started in on that these past two days. I'm going to need to build a radio support box that bolts to the H-frame, so now is as good a time as any to get it all mocked up. I stripped away all the carpet, old foam and contact cement. The one side is narrower than the other. ...


1976 Spitfire 1500
Good day fellow Triumph owners. Allow me to first give you a bit of history. When I was a very young lad in the mid 60s there was a triumph (model unknown) parked on blocks in an empty lot a few doors down from my house. All I know about it is the owner purchased it new and raced it often. His intent was to restore it but he died before he got around to it. I assume it was a late 50s and that's all I can tell you about it. I have some very vivid memories of my brother and I spending hours in that car playing race car. Since then I have always dreamed of owning a Triumph but it...


Sorry for the lack of updates. Recently, I refinished (painted & rebuilt) the brake pedal assembly and the accelerator pedal assembly. I got a new brake light switch (sadly it was not an exact fit but I fabricobbled it together) as well. Just last night I installed the new brake MC and connected it to the pedal. All three pedals are in (although the clutch MC and brake MC are not connected to any plumbing yet!) I've also started my welding cart build. I'm about 1/2 done - both shelves are built (basically, two rectangles, lol) and the uprights are all measured. Next up in that build: wel...


Installed new 3 point inertia seat belts. Much safer than the original two pointers.


Only when you move do you truly find how much crap you have accumulated. I've proved that adage once again with this move. Two dumpster loads of landfill are gone and I still have a garage full of unsorted 'stuff' at the new house. But the old house is now on the market and only car related stuff left there is in the shed, allowing me a little extra time to move it while the house shows. Nothing new to report except the new wiring harness from Autosparks has arrived, it looks great. I also have a new, still in the box Robbins Everflex biscuit colored soft top, purchase from a local rest...


Got Blkbry back to St. Louis.... knowing she would start easily when cold.... and give us fits when warmed up.... Finally got under the hood to look around - and found a Weber 32/36 DGEV with the swan neck intake.... HUH?? What's up with that? Lots of research followed... Lots and lots and lots..... Turns out the Weber conversion is very, very popular - reviled by some - loved by others..... Hey - it is what is .. and I've got one..... First order of business with an unknown.... rebuild it!! Easy job - reminiscent of the old Holly types that I was very familiar with.......


IMG 0456
As is typical of Spits.... the overall stance looks like a plane waiting for take-off.... and the driver's side is lower than passenger (love that swing spring)... Time to fix it, once and for all.... Rear: After going through the archives extensively, I decided to go with the Corvette air shocks recommended by so many.... Found them at a local FLAPs, in stock, for around $70..... Brought them to the shop where I removed the upper bushing to replace with the factory bushing. Lots of recommendations on "how to get them out"..... but found easiest way was to cut through the ai...


Installed new 3 point inertia seatbelts. Much safer than the original two pointers.


my first ownership of tr is the made in october 1974. through years I read that the cogniscenti , purists, dont like the black rubber overriders bumper front and rear... i never thought it was a big deal, I think they look fine. impaling the soft sides of other cars, can't be al bad. Largely we are in a different age, anyone who can find the ignition can get a driver licebse and wreak wiles on others. I see such dipshit driving, on road, in the parking lot.... people thinking the car will take care of things... and self drivers are here, must be true. Tr with or without overriders l...


1971 LE 965 U Stag
I don’t know why I’m drawn to British cars. Perhaps it was that I grew up in Britain’s oldest colony and there were plenty on offer, Morris’, Triumphs, Jaguar’s and Rovers around. I coveted the Spitfire. There was a fellow that lived around the corner who had Spitfire 4. It seemed to crouch there at the curb ready to spring forward unimaginable speed. Those little cars came from a stable with a strong performance pedigree, the TR3 and TR4 cars were recognizable in all the big races. Britain seem to have the secret ingredient: Jags, Aston Martin’s Triumph’s and MG’s. These were ...


The car now has new lower inner quarter panel pieces, new outer wheel houses and the new quarter panels installed. The car is back at the house, winter intervened, so little attention paid to it .For the spring/summer, will attach the new outer rockers, then add the paint ready doors and trunk lid, then start prepping for paint. On the bright side, I will be done with auto body classes in May, and can devote some evenings to the work! Will add some pictures shortly. Goal is to put the car on the road in 2019, finished paint or not.


Today the Spits has been sold and will be going to a new home! It was a lot of fun putting it back together and finally having it run right was a real exciting feeling. In the end it was just not the right car for me so I'm sure the new owners will have all the fun they can handle in this classic car. To "the Bear"!

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