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IMG 0690
Today I finished installing the new top on our 1961 TR3A. This pretty much completes her rebuild. In 1974 my wife and I bought Trixie from a farmer in Nebraska for $1,100.00 and fixed her up for the first time. She was white with a black interior and had a completely overhauled motor with new pistons and sleeves. We often used her as a daily driver and second car. Over the years her body rusted and she became mechanically unsound. So in March of 2017 we took her to Dave Porter down in Albuquerque and had her mechanicals renewed. In addition Dave works with Jim Gryniuk, a world class body man, ...

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new plate
Finally received my new plate for Trixie, hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Love the new Chili license plate!

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So looks like an almost new cam and lifters. Unfortunately its a mild one out a 2L. I'm hoping the the one in the current engine is more suitable and serviceable as I'm doing this on a budget. Even the the oil pump looks brand new so I'm going to take a punt and leave the bearings etc alone.

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Coming apart
They were dirty and the U-joints clunked a bit, so I took them apart, cleaned and painted them, and replaced the joints.


Extra spacing washer on the bonnet pivot
I got a couple of hours this evening for the Spitfire. I finished testing and identifying the light bulbs in the center dash piece. There are a couple of odd ones I'm going to have to search for. I added a washer between the bushing and bracket on the bonnet hinge, it is now distorting less when I tighten it down. I also adjusted the metal in the bottom of the driver's side wheel well, there was just a little interference with the firewall preventing the bonnet from coming back toward the scuttle. I installed the driver's side drag link pivot and loosely attached it. I tested ...


Have major rust on the lower valance so that one gets a replacement part from BV. I had ideas of learning to weld for this but then decided that having a friend do it was ok, then I was told it would be wise to pay someone professional to do it...I agreed lol. When we got the car we accepted that standard license plate from the DMV office until the 74SPTFRE tag could come in. The leftover tag turned out to be a perfect cover for the rusted hole and adds a little humor to the car in a special spot lol. Like the floor pan, some epoxy, silicone & bondo and all fixed.


At this point in time I am the proud owner of two TR250's. One I have owned for 35 years and the other for 2 weeks. After owning MG for over 10 years back in the 80's I moved up to Triumph and never went back. The styling and extra hp were very welcome and have been very enjoyable over the past 35 years. I bought my first TR250 by default when the owner needed to dump a very warm out car. I got him down to 300.00 but after paying 50.00 i went back to pay him the balance and found he had left town. Since then I have had the car restored every ten years so now it is fully original TRG. Th...


Bonnet is on looking like a Spitfire again
I had a great Father's Day! I hope all of the dads and granddads also did too . I got a chance to drive the MGB to a local car show in Newfane. Mostly American muscle cars there though, nice to look at and my MGB stood out as the worst in show . There was a nice Spitfire a VW bug and an '63 Avanti (I always liked them). Seeing all the great paint jobs and chrome gave me motivation to make progress on the Spitfire so headed home. Since I cut the hole out for the oil pressure/temperature gauge in the dash, the turn signal indicator needed a new home. I found there was enough room ...


Lined up so on to wiring things
I got some time to work on the car today, after cutting grass and moving things. The last of the car stuff is out of the old house now. I replaced the spade connectors for the washer switch with larger ones and hooked it up. I visited the local hardware store and found spacers for the heater controls and screws for the heater water valve assembly. I installed the controls and the heater valve. I checked the fit of the center dash piece to make sure it still lined up. I then worked the wiring for the center dash piece. I need to get to the heater fan connections figured out. I ho...


IMG 20180616 173511
All good at 0.19mm/7.5 thou Using my shonky floatometer The engine is mounted sideways on the stand with HT bolts (from the excellent Namricks in Hove) Cam chain looks good, some wear to the tensioner. Next up is to pull the front plate and sump off


IMG 20180616 114434
So I have a spit 6 (no arguments...that's what I call it) with a 2.5l from a 2500tc Burning more and more oil to the point where I might as well put an AGA badge on the back and re-register as a diesel. Had a head (219016) rebuild so the bottom end needs sorting. Since a set of pistons alone is knocking on 500 quid I didn't fancy the rebore option so i took a punt on a second hand engine for 100quid plus another 170 for a hoist, leveller and stand. The replacement engine appears to be rebored out to .020 with little use after that with good compression. Now it's up on the stand I'l...


Mounting everything in the main dash section
My new and used parts order from Team Triumph came this week. I scored on many parts including rubber for mounting lights, relays, heater valves, trim pieces, lights, etc. I sorted through them and dropped some of the parts in Evaporust. I still need a right side rubber piece for the side running light. I started to wire up the dash today too. I mounted the instruments, warning light sockets, hazard switch and dimmer on the main part of the dash. I hung the assembly from the metal part of the dash and started hooking things up. I got most of the connections made, but found the spades on...


my new body tools arrived this week. (the marbles were photobombing the slapping file)


The front edge of my hood had about 3/4 inch of play in it. I bought new hinges from The Roadster Factory. replacing the hinges was relatively easy, but get the hood realigned was difficult and took me about a week and a half of playing with it and adjusting.


The dash is going to look awesome
I got a couple of hours this evening. I picked up the painted boot hinges from Mitch. He had forgotten them when we did the car and painted them later. I finally had time to stop off and pick them up. I also got the rest of the can of paint so I can touch up a couple of the chips that I've caused. The steering parts and bracket washer bottle bracket were done soaking in Evaporust, so I got a couple of coats of paint on them. I also soaked one of the running light sockets to see how well they would clean up, it turned out nice too. So I dropped the other three in for a good soak. I...

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