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Rear Radius Arm

David P   Silver Member USA — Posted on The Triumph Experience
Sunday May 6, 2018 8:21 PM

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2018-05-07 12:24:26 # 50034
Comment by Wayne Tate
Eric, go behind the seats on the shelf and there are two bolts that hole the bracket in place. Take a few turns off both and it should free the bracket up to get the bolt out.Wayne
2018-05-07 12:33:36 # 50035
Comment by David P
Yes all the bolts are out on the shelf side but the arm is stuck - it can't rotate down due to interference with the underside of the heelboard itself. I'll try to take a picture under there.(And please call me David :-)
2018-05-07 16:31:37 # 50041
Comment by Wayne Tate
Sorry David, was just helping a buddy named Eric get his TR4A ready for summer. The engine needed help 5 years ago and I told him this is the last year I'll help get it on the road without a rebuild over the winter.On your trailing arm. You may have to take the vertical link off, that would be a pain, but just three bolts, top, trunnion and shock. Wayne
2018-05-11 00:55:29 # 50122
Comment by Hazen Wardle
The 'nuts' on the inside of the tub are part of the bracket and won't come off. Like Wayne said, you need to remove the bolts from the other side.
2018-05-11 06:49:09 # 50123
Comment by David P
Except the nuts did come off and I got the bolt out of the arm but it's still interfering with the heelboard flange
2018-05-11 17:07:41 # 50140
Comment by Hazen Wardle
Yes. I should have specified more clearly. I watched your YouTube video. I was meaning the nut looking things once you get the real ones off.

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