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Two Oopsies

Hazen Wardle   USA — Posted on The Triumph Experience
Wednesday August 9, 2017 5:57 AM

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2017-08-10 12:26:53 # 44090
Comment by David P
I, too need a dual-cable choke. The PO snipped it...Also, most of the pics in your post didn't show up...
2017-08-11 10:19:32 # 44097
Comment by Hazen Wardle
Spitbits has them for about 50.Thanks for the tip on my post. I'll get it fixed
2017-08-11 10:23:17 # 44098
Comment by David P
Weird, I was looking and looking and didn't see that cable anywhere. Thanks for the lead.
2017-09-07 20:27:41 # 44467
Comment by David P
Found it, thanks!

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