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New Secure Web Server Is Online

Skye Nott   Webmaster CAN — Posted on The Triumph Experience
Thursday February 22, 2018 3:06 PM

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Rated 10 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
2018-02-22 18:57:59 # 48632
Comment by Bryan Lever
Thank you!I know what kind of effort is involved - and I'm sure I speak for all here when I say we appreciate your hard work!
2018-02-22 19:05:06 # 48633
Comment by Skye Nott
It's definitely not the most relaxing way to rebuild your server architecture when everything is down All in all though, it seems to have gone pretty smoothly and the new setup should be VERY reliable. Thanks for the encouragement!
2018-02-22 19:05:32 # 48634
Comment by Eric Russell
Thanks for all the work you put into providing us this web forum.
2018-02-22 19:06:57 # 48635
Comment by Marc F.
Nice to be back up and running but you may indeed have a few bugs to work out. I just tried to post a new thread but it failed.....
2018-02-22 19:22:11 # 48636
Comment by Joseph Baba
2018-02-22 19:33:56 # 48637
Comment by Skye Nott
Posting in the forums should be fixed now. If you have any further problems, please scroll to the bottom of any page and click "Website problem? Send us a message" to open a support ticket. I've also added a list of "known issues" that I'm actively working on at the top of this journal post.
2018-02-22 19:33:59 # 48638
Comment by Steven Hanegan
THANK YOU Skye! Your efforts and skills are very much appreciated.
2018-02-22 19:35:45 # 48639
Comment by Peter Gilvarry
Rating: 10/10
Thank you Skye
2018-02-22 19:39:25 # 48640
Comment by Ahmed EL Abasiry
Many thanks Skye. Truly appreciated -D
2018-02-22 19:41:38 # 48641
Comment by Will Ring
Skye how about a VMware cluster of two Physical severs, and you will never lose a web front end ever again...I am an expert in this technology and would be willing to build the environment for you.
2018-02-22 19:41:39 # 48642
Comment by Mike Brand
Good Job Skye!! ...A DASD Box I was working on went much for N+1 redundancy. Took the entire IRS Tax Filing System down...on 15 April. S#it Happens!"No data was lost"..That is the Golden Phrase. Your efforts are certainly appreciated my many, you can be assured.
2018-02-22 19:53:21 # 48643
Comment by P.J. Lenihan
thanks Skye, I hope we can meet up again one day as we did in Corvallis a few years ago.pj
2018-02-22 20:04:44 # 48644
Rating: 10/10
Thank you for everything you do, Skye... its very much appreciated!!!
2018-02-22 20:11:17 # 48645
Comment by Chris Fisher
Thanks so much, Skye. Your service and dedication is truly remarkable!
2018-02-22 20:19:27 # 48646
Comment by Hap Waldrop
Thanks Skye.
2018-02-22 20:47:11 # 48648
Comment by Brett Evans
Thanks so much for your hard work!!!!!!!
2018-02-22 21:43:38 # 48649
Comment by Douglas Gaither
I think I'm addicted to this site. Thanks for your hard work!!
2018-02-22 21:46:46 # 48650
Comment by Everett Thompson
Good to see things back and running. Appreciate all your hard work.
2018-02-22 21:57:13 # 48651
Comment by Marcus Tetzlaff
Skye,Were would we be with out you and your hard work.......Thank you for all that you do..
2018-02-22 21:59:25 # 48652
Comment by Joe Otero
Awesome.. glad we're back online.. Thanks Skye! Maybe the outage was a blessing in that the realized upgrades took less time then perhaps a planned effort... Much more stress for sure!!!Thanks again... very appreciative!CheersJoe O
2018-02-22 22:09:21 # 48653
Comment by Mike G.
Skye, your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated!
2018-02-23 02:06:50 # 48659
Comment by Rob Zucca
Thanks Skye. Now get some sleep!
2018-02-23 02:07:58 # 48660
Comment by Rhys Nolan
Thanks Skye, you provide a whole lot of entertainment.
2018-02-23 05:45:53 # 48663
Comment by Thomas McLeod
Thanks, thanks, thanks! Good thing it wasn't a Lotus!Tom McLeod
2018-02-23 08:42:13 # 48666
Comment by Andy Lincoln
Rating: 10/10
Thank you Skye, I really appreciate all your hard work. MGexp is a great resource!
2018-02-23 10:44:48 # 48667
Comment by William M
Thank you Skye! Much appreciated!
2018-02-23 12:50:06 # 48671
Comment by Giovanni Delicio
Vielen Dank ! Mille Grazie ! Merci beaucoup ! Thanks a lot !You did a great Job !Gio
2018-02-23 13:41:08 # 48674
Comment by Dave H.
Skye, thank you so much. You - and the site - are tops!Dave
2018-02-23 13:54:22 # 48675
Comment by David Bassett
Thanks for the update. I was worried a PM to a buyer of my parts had gone missing. In the time it took for you to fix the site, he received the goods and was already installing. Thumbs up.
2018-02-23 14:04:27 # 48676
Comment by Mike S
Thanks Skye. Realizing what you've put in I became a gold member! I've gotten at least that much in tech support by being a free member. Keep up the good work.
2018-02-23 18:56:30 # 48677
Comment by Bob B
Thanks for making this site happen.
2018-02-23 18:59:08 # 48678
Comment by Bob B
Thanks for making this site happen.
2018-02-23 22:40:13 # 48689
Comment by Karin B
Thank you !
2018-02-24 00:22:46 # 48692
Comment by John Mills
Thanks for your dedication to this site, and our love for these cars!
2018-02-24 02:25:57 # 48693
Comment by Chris Howells
Way down here in the Antipodes Barrie (MGB567) and I were both lost. Resorted to using the phone to talk....chuckles. Well done Skye, and it's good to see all the comments and know that it is not a thanklesss task.
2018-02-24 09:45:06 # 48699
Comment by Steven Stockham
Definitely a BIG Thank You! I didn't realize how badly I needed my daily "MG fix" until the site wasn't available! Great to hear of all the improvements too!
2018-02-28 19:52:59 # 48789
Comment by Ryan H
Awesome that you HTTPS'd the site!
2018-03-05 13:14:46 # 48867
Comment by Ole S
Can you add a category for Factory Five Racing vehicles?

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