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1972/1972 GT6 MK3 Rear disk brake upgrade

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Ron Avery Avatar
Ron Avery Ron A
Oxnard, CA, USA   USA
I am currently restoring a 1972 GT6, I am doing some suspension and engine mods/updates. With an eye toward more performance . Does any one know of a kit,or a person that has come up with rear disk brakes?

1972 GT 6 MK 3
1980 TR 8
1965 E-Type Jaguar
2016 Aston Martin Vantage GT
Oxnard, CA

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clshore Carter Shore
Beverly Hills, FL, USA   USA
It's not terribly complicated, since there are so many donor rear disc brakes available nowdays.
The big hurdle is selecting calipers having mechanical parking brake capability.
Disk rotors nowdays commonly just slip over the wheel studs, rather than being fixed to the axles/hubs.
But you must select disks from a 4 lug vehicle, and have the GT6 stud holes drilled to fit the 3.75" pattern.
Mounting the calipers to the hub will require a custom bracket, but there's not much of a challenge,
hub pattern on one side, caliper pattern on the other, offset to place the disk centered in the caliper.
They must of course be strong enough to not deflect under the bending loads from the caliper.

Depending on the caliper mechanism, you must fangle the proper routing of the handbrake cables.
A dual adjustable master cylinder setup handles the front/rear brake balance issue, and looks really, really good.
Just buy one from Tilton, AP, Willwood, or Coleman, don't bother trying to build one from scratch.

Good luck!

Gt6s Avatar
Gt6s Laurence Cochrane
Newtownards, UK   GBR
1972 Triumph GT6 MkIII "2600 EFI"
1973 Triumph GT6 MkIII "2500"
1976 Triumph Spitfire "Sixfire 2500"
Very simply just move to the UK where you can EASILY get your grubby mits on MGF discs and callipers the discs which use our stud PCD. Simples !


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