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TR6 Tech Forum

What did you do with your TR6 today?

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Uberxy Avatar
Uberxy Steve Fox
Va, Charlottesville, USA   USA
Installed RG trailing arm brackets so I can adjust camber. My first time removing trailing arms; time consuming but not rocket science. All 12 TA studs cooperated fully.

73 TR6
86 930

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Rocko Todd Grisier
Archbold, OH, USA   USA
I am finally beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. I'm not sure how this site works but I'm trying to respond to "Toot" who posted a question regarding a bluetooth radio. I have purchased one and have it installed in my glovebox. Don't ask me how to set it up, I called my 35 year-old son to come home, program or whatever you have to do and I can now link to it with little effort. When I was mapping out my project, I knew I wanted something more up to date than the original radio, which was long since gone. I took my dash support to my local welding shop and had them fill in the aluminum hole from the radio. I then covered the dash support with leather. It offers a clean look. The radio I chose is a two channel design, because I only put two speakers, in the kidney pads. Here is link to the "radio" I am using.

Toot Avatar
Toot John T
Northbrook, IL, USA   USA
Thank you for your very helpful response. My 37 year old son is an electrical engineer by training and would be a great resource for me, but is 700 miles away. Your unit is perfect for what I need, but a little pricey. Might get a JBL Bluetooth speaker and call it a day... $100. Need vintage British Leyland radio to fill hole...

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DeepSix Avatar
DeepSix Silver Member Paul Vovk
Omaha, NE, USA   USA
1974 Triumph TR6 "DeepSix"
Maybe this ( if you just want material bluetoothed from your phone, or something else from Parts Express. Or, just install a <$100 Bluetooth automotive stereo in the glove box. There are lots available under $100. Note that in either case, the existing radio (if exists) would not be used.

islamoradamoon Avatar
islamoradamoon Patrick Fox
Titusville, FL, USA   USA
I installed this radio ( in my 1970 TR-6 and it fits well in the existing space with a faceplate that duplicates the original radio! Has bluetooth as well as a USB connector that I use to connect to my playlist on my flash drive. Great product and provides four channel output for speakers mounted behind the seats.

donrissa Avatar
donrissa Don G
Coventry, RI, USA   USA
1974 Triumph TR6 "Elsie"
Not on my TR6 but for it. With limited work space in my garage I built a table that will fit over the rolling tub ( still on old frame ) so I can prep new frame for media and finish. Will have center 4' covered with plywood.

1974 TR6

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IMG_2276 (2).JPG    50.3 KB
IMG_2276 (2).JPG

DanteGC7 Avatar
DanteGC7 Dante C
Los Angeles, CA, USA   USA
1974 Triumph TR6 "TRSexy"
so good!

donrissa Avatar
donrissa Don G
Coventry, RI, USA   USA
1974 Triumph TR6 "Elsie"
Told you I have no room smiling smiley. I can move most of the stuff on the sides out of the way to work at table.

1974 TR6

IMG_2278.JPG    42 KB

j007 Avatar
j007 Joseph M
Madison, OH, USA   USA
Broke in my cam today on my fresh rebuilt, everything went as planned, now to do the fine tuning.

73 Triumph TR6

cam brake in 4.jpg    56.8 KB
cam brake in 4.jpg

cam brake in 5.jpg    68.3 KB
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dcarguytr3 Doug Lindberg
Colorado Springs, CO, USA   USA
Hi everybody, first post to this topic. I picked up a TR6 from the desert wilds of Arizona and sure enough the desert mice had eaten some wiring but, worst of all, ate through the oil line to the gauge. So I want to ask here,hoping someone has experience, what's the best way to get at the gauge to get the new line attached? (And the old line off) Do you ,can you,pull the wood dash panel out far enough to get at it? Or what? Thanks in advance!

image.jpeg    24.4 KB

Genoa Bay Eric W
Genoa Bay, BC, Canada   CAN
Doug, bit of a fiddle but you can get to the back of the oil gauge through the ash tray aperture.
Use a ss braided line from Ted at TS Imported Automotive and position the supplied shrink wrap where any wires could be worn by the braid. With Ted’s kit you don’t need the leather washer per original.
Or, if those rodents have damaged wiring at the back of the dash you may as well pull it, but you will remove the speedo and rev counter first and maybe a clip at the back of the headlamp switch.

cmdavisiii Avatar
cmdavisiii Cosby Davis
Winston Salem, NC, USA   USA
I had to replace my oil line this last year due to age deterioration. You can get to the back of the oil gauge thru the ash tray, but I also had to take the glove box out in order to position the line. It does take patience lining up the fine threads on the line. Good luck.

40200BC1-8764-4833-9779-AEF05EB06D4D.jpeg    41 KB

dcarguytr3 Doug Lindberg
Colorado Springs, CO, USA   USA
Thanks, Eric and Cosby. Luckily da mice got to the wiring and oil line in the engine bay. Wiring was relatively easy to fix. Going at the oil line today so I can get her going! cool smiley

gr8britt Avatar
gr8britt Andrew Blood
Grimsby, ON, Canada   CAN
Finally got my Radiator re-cored in a bid to get the engine to run a little cooler.
Just waiting on the Cylinder Head which is being reworked including a 0.030" skim.


2019-01-23 20.25.43.jpg    33 KB
2019-01-23 20.25.43.jpg

2019-01-23 20.26.23.jpg    37.7 KB
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tennee9899 Russell Crouch
Brentwood, TN, USA   USA
I bought it. Just bought a 1971 TR6 should be delivered next week. Looking forward to tinkering on it with my 2 youngest sons and getting it into good shape over the next few months. Any suggestions about where to find parts, help, info, etc is appraciated.

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