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Scot1966 Avatar
Scot1966 Scot Bailey
Lebanon, CT, USA   USA
In reply to # 1585294 by Drjamesmetz

My mechanic friend is helping. Working with this wonderful man has been such a gift...he knows every trick in the book.


This part of your story speaks the loudest to me.
I have a friend at work who is a 74 year old Polish immigrant, and is truly a renaissance man. He has taught me more than any other human being I've known. As you say, it has been my gift knowing him, and learning from him over the years. To me experience is the best teacher, and there is nothing like learning from someone who has experience.
I am someone who is very rarely satisfied with anyone else's work, and unless I find someone that I can be sure is an expert in a particular area, and is something I need help with, I try it myself

Your story is inspiring, and good luck with your TR's second chance !


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Drjamesmetz Avatar
Drjamesmetz Silver Member Jim Metz
Columbus, OH, USA   USA

You are so right! I learned this from my Dad. He rebuilt a restaurant in the late 60s. It was a popular place and he purchased it from the original owner's greasy spoon...great hamburgers and fries and beer. Over two years he turned it into a beautiful place. Brought his tools home and told my mother it was finally done! Two weeks later, it burned to the ground. He was gone for one day and the electrician (used loosely) installed a romex electrical line and stretched it agains the exhaust fan from the kitchen....burned through and that was that. He tore it down and built a new one...totally to code!

I see you did a number on a '76...and you have a 3. Always wanted a TR GD 3! Both are great cars.

The TR has been the one constant of my life. I bought it the first year of dental school and now headed toward retirement. It has always been there in various states of repair....just like me.

Happy New Year,

skootch13 Avatar
skootch13 Aaron K
Cincinnati, OH, USA   USA
Do you have any pictures from back in the day of you and the 6? How about pictures of it now?

In reply to # 1585294 by Drjamesmetz First post....have not had time to read through all the great information!

My TR6 will soon be 50, born in December 1969. I purchased it new from Byers Imports here in Columbus, Oho. My wife and I were rearended the same day by a drunk. Poor repair job! 6 months later my uncle backed into the TR and did massive damage with his tank.

I did have tha car Ziebarted....which I believe has helped the car. (I would appreciate ideas on how to rerustproof the frame and tub.)

Early on I learned how to adjust the non-adjustable carburetors, changed to the S2 cam, and milled the head. I did this in the parking lot of my apartment building.

It went back with me to Europe in 1973 and came home again in 1976.

While in Germany, made a trip to Wales and stripped the fuel injection off a wreck and turned mine into PI. Quite a job! Problem was it never ran quite right...always smoked.

Had a cluch installed by a moron....and now I had two problems.

Got mad at it in the late 80s and sold it for $4,200...regretted it almost immediately...bought it back two years later for $6,200. It was a mess!!!

I was lucky....NOT....and found a terrible restorer, who promised the world and delivered a terrible job. I found him on the recommendation of a TR expert....this guy messed up his car too.

I got motivated the cluch fixed, they had missed the set point on the fly wheel.

My 16 year old son tore the rear end out popping the clutch. Found and awesome mechanic, who is now one of my best friends. He repaired it perfectly!

Found another bad restorer in the early 90s...Damn my luck. Was supposed to be a body off, and did not do it! The car looked good but was "lipstick on a pig"....hate saying that.

My mechanic friend started the repair process 3 years ago. The transmission was a problem since new that only got worse with time....besides I always wanted overdrive...and we bought a beautifully rebuild one.

So the little Jasmine yellow TR sat for 15 years in my friend's heated garage. A tire even exploded while on the lift (Michelin XAS of course).

Today is a good day...the totally detached body is coming off for frame repair. My mechanic friend is helping. Working with this wonderful man has been such a gift...he knows every trick in the book.

The TR has a ton of new parts from TRF (love this company...longtime customer), Moss, and Rimmer waiting to be reinstalled. I can only get PI parts from Rimmer, they have been great. Moss has been great too...they had a new right door!!! Amazing what is out there.

Cannot wait to drive this litte rocket. Paid $3,200 for not want to add up the cost of this new pile of parts! Oh well...Love my TR!

Oh, forgot, my friend fixed the smoking problem. It was a worn camshaft. I also bought a new PI metering unit, pump, distribution hoses, and injectors. The engine is tip top!

I am going to love my brand new TR for a second time!


1972 Sapphire Blue TR6

1959 (Registered '60) TR3 TS61635 L

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One Owner TR6 Bill Ledgewood
Fremont, CA, USA   USA
Came back from South East Asia, during the Vietnam War and was expecting to purchase a new 240Z. I only had a couple of weeks to arrive at my next duty station and I sold my 64 Impala SS just before I left for overseas. I wanted the 6 cylinder, so I went to Hayward Auto Imports, in Hayward, CA. They had a few, but the white one had spokes, but and OD. I really didn't want white so I chose the Brunt Sienna with out the OD. I still have it, but my next duty station was Nellis AFB, Las Vegas NV. 120 degree heat played havoc with the brown car and the black convertible top. Not to mention the below freezing, 10 degrees, temps in the winter time. I had a TR3 and TR4, so I was familiar with the ins and outs of the TR's. I was disappointed that the clutch went out after only about a year. When I reinstalled a new one, I was that the mechanical linkage was not adjusted correctly. Didn't have any issues for another 6 or 7 years. The paint took a beating while down in Vegas. Looking to get a repaint and interior hopefully this year. It's been sitting since I have a couple of German sport cars. Keep the faith, still one of my favorite cars I've ever owned. I'll sell them all, but keep the TR!

Drjamesmetz Avatar
Drjamesmetz Silver Member Jim Metz
Columbus, OH, USA   USA
I will post some recent pictures....have to dig the old ones out of a box somewhere.

I bought the TR new when I was 23 and now, I am 71....long time. I know I have some good pictures of when I was in the Army, stationed in Germany...and of course the TR had to go as well!

As I reflect back on all of those years, the TR has been the one constant. That is along with my profession and now that phase of my life is changing....there is the TR! Crazy isn't it, the attachments we have for machines.

When I sit in it, I remember so much....both of my kids rode in it as a baby. Now they are 40 and 43. I think the best memory in the TR is in Germany. The duty station was Hohenfels Training Area, and I was the dentist. Hohenfels was Rommel's training area before and during WW II....40,000 acres of mud! You thought the war was still going on with the artillery shells going off...rockets, helicopters....but the tanks were the best! Many days they were on the road...ever try to pass a tank? They take up a lot of the road! The size of the TR helped!

The best thing was that the turns on the road had to be cobble stones to keep the tanks from tearing them up. There was this downhill series of 3 tight "S" turns that was all cobble....I drifted the TR every day going and coming home from work. Sometimes it was dry, but much of the time it seemed to rain...."black ice" and visible ice was always a problem in the winter, and I saw many cars off the road on the S's! Care had to be taken during the winters or you would be one of them. Germans did not use salt on their roads...probably saved my frame. German winters are long....gets cold in late fall and warms up in early spring....during that time was always ice and snow. The TR actually goes well in the snow with new tires, if you are careful. So, "drifting the TR" was always a possibility....and I took full advantage. The other fun part was this long hill with a long sweeping curve at the was a bit hairy in winter because of the curve and you had to be going 35 MPH or you could not get up the hill. Keeping the TR out of the ditch or worse was a real had to be on the edge of losing it or you would not make it up the hill. Fun, real fun...actually thought of taking the TR back to Germany just play around again on that road, but I would probably lose it. I practiced every day on the 15 Km drive.

Germany was fun for me....being in the military, I had more time than when I was in private practice. So, what did I do...tore the TR apart down to basics and had it repainted!!! Miracle of miracles....the house we rented had a grease pit in the garage!!! That is where I added the that was a job. There was a slight design flaw in the grease pit…if you wanted to close the garage door. I had to get down in the pit and have my wife pull the car completely into the garage….so, I was down there until she wanted to let me out! I started taking a sandwich and a couple of beers with me into the pit. The floor of the pit was dirt, so the other was not a problem.

I actually considered buying a new frame for the TR but mine is good after the trailing arm section is repaired....having a new TR with all the parts available today is a possibility.

Happy New Year,

IMG_9657.JPG    62 KB

mgdvtm1 Avatar
mgdvtm1 Donna V
Patchogue, NY, USA   USA
Love this car have the same same color orig owner

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