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TR6 Original Owners Thread

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DonCrum Don Crum/W
El Prado, NM, USA   USA
1975 TR6 purchased in 1975 at Overseas Motors in Dallas Tx. Loved the looks and still do.
Had the engine rebuilt in 2009, added duel exhaust and 5 speed Toyota Trans (still have original Trans)
Moved to NM, perfect place to enjoy the TR

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1975TR6.jpg    47.3 KB

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GreenTR4 Avatar
GreenTR4 Mike Quackenbush
Jacksonville, FL, USA   USA
1972 Triumph TR6 ~ For Sale ! ~
A lady named Kim brought to my shop a 1972 Triumph TR6 that her late husband purchased new when he went to the Air Force academy; He got transferred to Alabama and finally to Jacksonville Florida, The car has 66,222 original miles and is rust free other than one pea size at the edge of the trunk lid. It is a overdrive car and a time capsule. The car needs a new owner as she does not want the car and it is a perfect starting point for a restoration as it has sat in storage for 19 yrs and is fully documented. Let me know if anyone is interested

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Triumph G. I. Richard Wojnar
Jefferson Hills, Pa., USA   USA
Wow it is so great to post here! I got out of the Army in 68 and bought a brand new Jasmine Yellow 250. While in the Army and in Ethiopia, I went down to the seaport in Massawa Ethiopia with a buddy of mine as he bought a new green TR4 just off the boat from the U. K. I was always into American muscle cars but when I first drove the Triumph I found a new love for cars. Well when I was discharged I bought a new TR-250 in Jasmine Yellow. I had many other cars over the years but I as of last week I bought a restored white 250. I will be bringing it home this week as the weather has been rainy. I will be taking off the new Panasport wheels and tires and replacing them with a new set of wires and redline tires. My son will be the first one to drive the car and I will take it from there! I am finally able to buy back some of my old toys!

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davem Avatar
davem dave m
vancouver island, BC, Canada   CAN
i worked at the triumph dealer in the early seventies and they were selling tr6's at the time
-i could not believe these brand new cars had rust on them, right on the showroom floor ! and not just one of them !
-i guess it depended on which part of the boat they were on when shipped - in the hold or on deck
-i figured i would wait a while and see if there were any left in 20 years

wwt338j david c
leeds, UK   GBR
I can recommend a UK based firm for replacement wiring harnesses

They can make you an original wiring harness. They can also customise it according to your requirements. I have no financial interest in the company but am a satisfied customer. The first loom I bought from them was for a GT6 and I asked them to add cables for an electric fan which they did all wired up to the fuse box, the second loom was for a TR6 with a whole bunch of mods I wanted.


Hoodie Roy T
Niceville, FL, USA   USA
My wife bought a TR250 in 1968, her very first car. She bought it at Nick's Foreign Auto dealership in Quincy Massachusetts, which has long been closed. When we married we shipped the car with us to Italy and England and back to the states. She is the original owner and I have undertaken the DIY restoration as a retirement project starting with off the frame restoring. It is about 85 percent complete with an estimate of April completion. I will post a few pictures soon. It's number CD 600, with 72,000 original miles.

74tr6NY Gary Ganoung
Binghamton, NY, USA   USA
I bought my '74 TR6 brand new, in April "74, three months out of college with money borrowed from my dad. I bought it from Alan Buyer Volvo in Syracuse. Bought the car before "the ring" and we all know why that is. Drove a lime-green 1970 Camaro in college and traded it in for the TR. Drove it pretty much full time during graduate school years.

Car sat idle during the child raising years with an occasional start up to blow the mice out of the exhausts. When kids were gone did a repaint and started replacing worn, tired looking parts. Wife likes the car but won't ever admit it to me - she has encouraged me to keep it "for retirement" and here we are, the time is now.

I loved the cars design, the smelly oil fumes, the exhaust roar and the top down wind in the hair (what's left of it) feeling. Call it OCD but I have full documentation of all work done by myself or by others. It is rust free and essentially original.

What makes it easier for me is that I found a mechanic that has fully restored 3 TR6's in past years and seems to enjoy mine. I do some work myself but am limited in tools and lifts.
Really enjoy the questions I get from the younger generations who have never seen a car like it and want to know what it is.... though I could do without the "it's so cute" comments.

Pictures forthcoming.

last tr6 Ed S
Atascadero, Califonia, USA   USA
In 1966 I drove a 1955 Morgan which was less than reliable. Whenever I worked on it I found the problem was usually the fault of poor repair done before I bought the car. In 1974 I bought a new Tr6 vowing to never let anyone to put a wrench to it but me. To this day I have done all maintenance and improvements myself and it has never left me on the side of the road. The second picture is my Dad and I putting the top down the day I brought it home from the dealer. The last picture is current at Morro Rock in the Central Coast of California. I love my TR^!

My Morgan 1968.jpg    57 KB
My Morgan 1968.jpg

New TR6 1.jpg    104.1 KB
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One Owner TR6 Bill Ledgewood
Fremont, CA, USA   USA
I bought mine new in 1970. I'm the only person to put a wrench on mine. Two clutches, both rear axles, brakes, tune ups, etc. I had mine when I was stationed at Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, NV for two years. The paint isn't too bad except for the hood and trunk. It's on my list along with three other autos.

sliproc Avatar
sliproc Kevin Quistberg E
Long Beach, CA, USA   USA

I love your license plate. I have a '74 Jensen-Healey, after having a number of people ask me if it was an MG I got a plate that reads "NOOMG"

last tr6 Ed S
Atascadero, Califonia, USA   USA
Kevin -

In the seventies there was a four-place Morgan in Long Beach with the license plate - NOT A MG.

sliproc Avatar
sliproc Kevin Quistberg E
Long Beach, CA, USA   USA
I knew I wasn't the only one who didn't like my car being mistaken for an MG because when I ordered my personalized plate my first choice ( NO MG ) was already taken. Apparently there are more of us out there than I thought. Elwood still gets the gold for creativity.

Nemo74 Avatar
Nemo74 Emile Bergeron
Falmouth, MA, USA   USA
I bought my first TR6 in 1974 from Picard Motors in Woonsocket, R.I at the suggestion of my then fiancee.
Traded in a Ford Pinto for a Carmine with Chestnut interior and OD. I had that car for three years and
loved it, but as I was getting married and needed to save some money I sold it to the man I was working for,
the car payments were $75.00/month, insurance was $130/month. The car was totaled 3 years later when
the son of the gent I sold it to ran it into a brick wall, no injuries but the car was dead.
My romance for that car lasted longer than my first marriage.

Fast forward 30 years, a second marriage, 3 children, rebuilding 2 130+ year old houses my wife hinted
that I needed a project, so I bought another '74 on EBay from a gent not far from where I lived. I drove it
in Boston rush hour traffic, talk about white knuckle driving ! I've since spent the last ten years making
it right, first with a rolling resto that included replacing rocker panels, floor boards, rear deck, B-posts,
repairing rotted rear inner wheel arches, repairing a hacked wiring harness, brakes, suspension....well
you get the idea. I took the car off the road three years ago due to frame issues. Time for a full body off
restoration to replace the trailing arm mounts and repair broken on the differential crossmember. While
doing these repairs I decided to update the engine and electrics. I had the engine bored +.020, shaved
the head to increase the CR to 8.9:1 installed hardened valve seats and a Goodparts GP2 cam installed
a Megasquirt fuel injection ECU and Ford EDIS-6 wasted spark ignition with a custom made port injection
manifold, all the wiring for the new electronics were incorporated into a rebuilt wiring harness. I also
updated the transmission to a Toyota 5 speed.

The car is now back on the road and has been driven almost daily. My wife doesn't ride in it too often as
it doesn't have air bags or cup holders, but my kids and grandchildren love it ! As long as my health
holds up I hope to continue enjoying this car.

Emile Bergeron

Falmouth, Massachusetts

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heraldvitesse Avatar
heraldvitesse Wayne McGill,
Oakville, ON, Canada   CAN
I purchased my Emerald Green TR-6 new on April 17th, 1973 from McMillan & Saunders Service Limited in Malton, Ontario. The dealership is long gone, but I still own the car, now more than 44 years later. It replaced a 1969 MGB that had plenty of problems right from the factory. The two main features that I wanted were the 6 cylinder engine and an overdrive transmission as I was doing a bi-weekly "commute" of over 200 miles while attending university. My late father and I actually argued about the purchase as we both worked for the Ford Motor Company and he wanted me to purchase a Mercury Comet GT (think Maverick), and told me I wouldn't have the Triumph in 2 years. I told him I would keep it for 10 years. Apparently we were both wrong. When he was in his eighties, I used to kid him that if he behaved himself, I would let him drive the TR-6. Another story involves my wife who after 20 years of marriage was taking our not quite old enough to drive son on an errand. My father asked her " Does Wayne know that you are driving his car?" Every time I drive the car it removes 20-30 years from my age. It is still the 1970's in my mind. The car is no garage queen and has circled Lake Ontario twice, Lake Erie and Georgian Bay. This past June My wife and I participated in a 2600 mile drive around Lake Superior and the TR-6 never missed a beat. It now has well over 100,000 miles with the "roll-over" happening several years ago.

IMG_2125.JPG    52.5 KB

TR-6 in 1973.jpg    89 KB
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original bill of sale TR-6.pdf    591 KB
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GAJ Graham J
Carlisle, ON, Canada   CAN

Bill of Sale- I always specify "no dealer decals" also.

How has she survived the Ontario winters?


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