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rsanford Raleigh Sanford
Millington, TN, USA   USA
Hello all. I have a question on my TR4A. It has a dual system but it appears (and I think someone told me at one point) that some or all was aftermarket. The pipes are surface rusted but solid but both resonators had a small rusted out area. Can I pretty much replace the resonators with some from a local auto parts place that fit or is there something else I need to take into consideration. Photo attached showing the resonator and the last pipe section and the one for the parts store. Info shown below. PS. What does expandable bushings mean? Thanks a lot for any input. Raleigh Sanford.

Walker Exhaust Resonator

Features & Benefits

Walker Glass Packs are designed with a heavy gauge aluminized steel shell and expandable bushings for durability and ease of use on custom applications.
Heavy-gauge aluminized steel shell provides corrosion resistance
Straight-through design for maximum flow and power
Expandable bushings for versatility with custom applications
Provides installers and DIY customers with economical performance and acoustics
Universal resonators may require modifications to complete installation

Part Number: 24441
Weight: 6.00lbs
Additional Contents: None
Exhaust Component Fitment: Universal
Item Grade: OEM Standard
Mount Type: Uses Factory Hangers
Resonator Body Length (in): 14
Resonator Color / Finish: Aluminized
Resonator Height (in): 3.5
Resonator Housing Material: Steel
Resonator Inlet Connection Type: Pipe
Resonator Inlet Diameter (in): 2
Resonator Inlet Diameter Designation: Inside Diameter
Resonator Outlet Connection Type: Pipe
Resonator Outlet Diameter (in): 2
Resonator Outlet Diameter Designation: Inside Diameter
Resonator Overall Length (in): 19
Resonator Shape: Round
Resonator Width (in): 3.5
Shipping Information: Overnight and Two Day shipping are not available for PO Box, APO/FPO/DPO or US Territory addresses.
This product may be shipped directly by the vendor to any eligible US addresses, excluding APO/FPO/DPO or US Territory addresses

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Desert TR Avatar
Desert TR Jim P
Albuquerque, NM, USA   USA

First, the "expandable bushing" is a fancy way to say they cut a slot in the pipe end so it can be pushed over a slightly larger pipe. It has to be sealed and clamped to prevent leaking. It's an after market method for trying to fit multiple existing systems.

Rather than trying to go though all the aftermarket "stuff" you've listed, let me go over the two standard systems originally fitted to the TR4A. The is a single muffler system and a dual muffler system. BTW, if you go to Victoria British they will tell you that the single muffler system is for the IRS and the dual is for the solid axle. This is completely wrong and has resulted in people buying the wrong system. VB has been informed of this, but we are talking about the Walmart of the British parts world. They simply don't give a damn that they are giving out wrong information.

The early TR4A (CT for solid axle or CTC for IRS) used a dual rear muffler system. This ran from CT (CTC) 50000 to CT(CTC) 70462. The system was then changed over to a single rear muffler (somewhat similar to the TR6) to save costs.

Most companies sell both full systems as well as individual components, such as the rear mufflers (the term resonators is typically used by American manufacturers). The hard part is finding components in mild steel. Most everything produced is in stainless steel. You can also get the Monza style (glass packs) if that is what you are interested in retaining. I've attached a link to The Roadster Factory pages that show the various systems and components. Moss and others carry similar systems. Local shops will be able to sell generic components, but you may have to modify mounts or hangers.


trjohnnie John Malinick
Mirror Lake, NH, USA   USA
Spend the money and replace the whole exhaust from the manifold back. You wont be happy with a hack job.

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malbaby Avatar
malbaby malcolm baker
kyabram, Australia   AUS a single system all the way.
Fit a 2 into 1 collecter onto the 4A dual exhaust manifold flange.

Desert TR Avatar
Desert TR Jim P
Albuquerque, NM, USA   USA

Sorry, but I disagree. The dual system costs more, but it has a better sound and much better flow.


rsanford Raleigh Sanford
Millington, TN, USA   USA
Thanks for the input.

DB67TR4A Dennis B
Hampton, GA, USA   USA
1967 Triumph TR4A "Red Car"
Call the Roadster Factory. They will fix you up with a complete system including the proper brackets, hangers and clamps. Their link is

aamatruda Avatar
aamatruda Andy Amatruda
Attleboro, MA, USA   USA
This seems to be the most recent discussion on exhausts so I'll jump in here with my questions. I have a later 4A IRS with the single rear muffler. I have used a SS exhaust system for over 10 years without any issue other than it has a rather flabby exhaust note. Originally I didn't think a dual muffler system would fit, but it appears I still have the brackets underneath and many folks have confirmed that the dual works with the IRS. I have seen SS systems from both Moss and TRF (and was sorry to hear about Charles passing), but they are about $800 each. I also checked Rimmer Brothers per someone's suggestion and found a SS system at about half the price, even with shipping. However the Rimmer Brother system does not include the up front resonator and I have concerns about how loud it is as well as the quality of the exhaust note.

I have heard the full resonator / dual muffler system and it does sound much nicer than what I have. Does anyone have the Rimmer Bros system installed? I would like to know if they are happy with it and can still car on a conversation with the top down.


Best Regards,

Andy Amatruda
1967 TR4-A IRS O/D

malbaby Avatar
malbaby malcolm baker
kyabram, Australia   AUS
Andy...I would go to your local exhaust mechanic/shop and have them fit a custom made SS system. I would be very surprised if that do not recommend a single system of the appropriate size.
That would be your most cost effective and practical option.

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TRroadster Don S
edmonton, AB, Canada   CAN
If you are still looking... Rimmer Bros has a sale on now. A complete stainless system (downpipe, primary muffler, y-pipe and two rear silencers) is only $395 USD. Shipping is reasonable. They sell quality systems.

rsanford Raleigh Sanford
Millington, TN, USA   USA
Thanks. When I click the link it shows a price of $473.00.

TRroadster Don S
edmonton, AB, Canada   CAN
So, I just had a chat with Charlie at Rimmer Bros. On the homepage, select the "save now" link in the Triumph sale box.
Then select the exhaust and choose the part from that list to get the 16% discount.

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit at 2019-02-07 03:49 PM by TRroadster.

ric350 Avatar
ric350 Jim Feeney
Holmdel, NJ, USA   USA
Check out the TR Shop as well.

BTW - they list their prices in pounds and including VAT. To remove the VAT charge, divide the price by 1.2, then convert to dollars. I believe their TR4a dual system (stainless) is about $300.


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