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TR250 Stripes on a '63 TR4??

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Bloomfield, MI, USA   USA
I have a nice '63 TR4, old english white, over red interior, white dash, steel wheels with hub caps (at the moment). I've always liked the bonnet stripes on the TR250.

Would it be sacrilegious to put a bonnet stripe on a lowly TR4?
Also, what color stripe would you suggest? I'm thinking maybe silver... or???

(I know, "It's your car, do what you want", but I'm interested in the thoughts of the greater semi-informed...)

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F1000RACER Avatar
F1000RACER Platinum Member Gary H
Alpine, CA, USA   USA
I see nothing wrong with putting the TR250 stripe on the front of a TR4. Its been done many times before, you aren't the first.


Perdido Avatar
Perdido Gold Member Rut Rutledge
Tuscaloosa, AL, USA   USA
I say go for it! I think I would go to a sign company and have a vinyl set made up just for grins.

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Vila Avatar
Vila Robert Beers
Mechanicsburg, PA, USA   USA
1933 Chevrolet Master "The 33"
1962 Triumph TR4 "The TR4"
1964 Vespa VNB 125 "The Old Vespa"
1984 BMW 633CSi "The 633"    & more
It is your car to do what you want, go for it.

Since the car is white with a red interior, my choice would be a red stripe and if you have a choice of shades of red I would get as close as possible to the interior color.

I would not consider the TR4 lowly, since it has the honor of being the first of a new generation.


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tirnipgreen Avatar
tirnipgreen Silver Member Ryals Cheek
Ellijay, GA, USA   USA
1965 Triumph TR4 "YANG"
Guess I beg to differ. The car looks great and "bling" was not the "4's" forte. I love it the way it is...MTC (my two cents)

TR4EVER Avatar
TR4EVER James R Sullivan
Tuckasegee, NC, USA   USA
1962 Triumph TR4 "Trouble"
1967 Triumph TR4A
I agree with Sir Rut. Always take off easily. I hope you all have a great weekend.
Randy in the COLD boonies of western North Carolina.

olivier31 Avatar
olivier31 Olivier VIDAL
MURET, France   FRA
I agree with the 2 previous views

Tr4 is not TR250, and trying to do "as the same" could be clumsiness ?

Tr4 is pure, clear, perhaps to be let pure

In France, we always say that "taste and colors never have to be discussed", but immediately after, we always make a lot of phonetic jokes around this sentence (impossible to translate, unfortunately winking smiley )

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mgruber921 Avatar
mgruber921 Marvin Gruber
Florence, AL, USA   USA
Your car, do what you want. As another suggestion, how about the wide racing stripe down the hood and trunk.I've always like that. Vintage racers have it.

ShortBulge Avatar
ShortBulge Silver Member Brian LeBlanc
Falls Church, VA, USA   USA
...B a turn-off for me...

Geko Avatar
Geko Stef SG
Kuala Lumpur, WP, Malaysia   MYS
try adhesive stripes first there's enough choice

sampattr250 Avatar
sampattr250 Sam P
Harwinton, CT, USA   USA
Have you thought about red pin stripes?


1968 TR250
1972 MK IV Spitfire

tirnipgreen Avatar
tirnipgreen Silver Member Ryals Cheek
Ellijay, GA, USA   USA
1965 Triumph TR4 "YANG"
I DO (famous last words) like Marvin's longitudinal (?) suggestion. Offset the "power bulge" with a stripe on the driver's side. Get a white hat with the stripe over the top for continuity...! Still a huge commitment...MTC

olivier31 Avatar
olivier31 Olivier VIDAL
MURET, France   FRA
In french "taste" sounds very close to "sewer" and "color" close to "grass-snake" so let you imagine how numerous jokes we can do around it, specially when we want to say both we agree with the free choice of the other person, and in fact we don't really like it ...

malbaby Avatar
malbaby malcolm baker
kyabram, Australia   AUS
IF....a big IF..I was to add some color to a car, I would stripe it length ways.

YankeeTR5 Dan M
Seattle, WA, USA   USA
Black stripe....shaped like the 250. Use the 3m tape they use on the old Boss302 so its black during day reflective at night. Maybe check out old pics of Group44 cars. They raced white w/black accents. The 250in a print ad I have shows white car with two black stripes just on the front fender (like on the 250 but just on the front drivers fender). Two hashes. Subtle, but not. After painting the TR5 (white) I'm planning on some type of stripe for the front.
Personally, I have never liked the lengthwise stripe. Although many of the 250's that went to France got lengthwise stripes from old pics I've seen. TR's are generally narrow cars and the long stripe seems to highlight the narrow-ness.

Anyway, there's my 2 cents.

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