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Pin Stripes on a TR4

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Bloomfield, MI, USA   USA
I'm considering adding a red pinstripe, on the side, front to back on my '63 OEW TR4. What do you folks think? Any pics of TRs with pinstripes? Double, or single... (I posted earlier about adding a TR250 stripe but decided against that).

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IMG_1841.jpg    64.2 KB

POW Peter Wirth
HEBRON, NH - New Hampshire, USA   USA
I think, same as before, your most excellently clean of lines/stripes TR4 can not be improved upon with said lines or stripes. She does not need any tarting up to become more attractive. Of course this is my opinion, and opinions are what you are asking about... So now let the "your car, your rules" comments commence. - Pete

Geko Avatar
Geko Stef SG
Kuala Lumpur, WP, Malaysia   MYS
My opinion is that the hood of the 4 is enough of a phallic representation without the need of adding the prominent veins to it to assert its virility. It's a psy saying so it's worth what it's worth.

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davetalbert Dave Talbert
Fort Wayne, IN, USA   USA
My initial reaction (as was posted on the other thread) was that nothing will make it look better to me. But knowing that one might be committed to some kind of highlighting, I've decided to google image all kinds of TR4 racing stripe/pinstripe/detailing options to offer a considered opinion. And I have, indeed, seen some interesting and cool variations. The ones I've liked best have been vertical racing stripes, either wide down the center, or narrower down the driver's side, though it sounds like you've decided on the subtler impact of pinstriping. Interestingly enough, I've seen very few examples of side pinstriping on TR4s. Lots on TR6s, which would presumably have similar effects. And I could envision a stripe running just back to above the door handles - like the strips that trail the fender lamps on a TR4a - looking decent, as well.

But I have to be honest - I just can't see myself preferring anything to what I'm looking at. Seriously … I've just spent the better part of 45 minutes looking at tons of TR4s, trying to come up with an opinion that might be considered helpful. If the old girl just needs something to freshen her up in your eyes, by all means, go for it. I'm sure that whatever you do, you're going to have one beautiful TR4. But, then, you already do.

Whatever you do - if anything - make sure to post an updated image. I won't say "I liked it better before", I promise. grinning smiley

M. Pied Lourd Pied Lourd
Newmarket, ON, Canada   CAN
1973 Triumph TR6 "Pearl"
How about redlines instead?


1959 TR3A
1960 TR3A
1962 TR4
1968 TR250
1973 TR6
1981 TR8
1981 Alfa Spider Veloce

davetalbert Dave Talbert
Fort Wayne, IN, USA   USA
sampattr250 Avatar
sampattr250 Sam P
Harwinton, CT, USA   USA

I have a customer who showed me a picture of his mgb this weekend when he saw my spitfire parked out in lot. White walls and a white top. Very sharp.

Again it’s his car. Stunning as it is. A good pin stripe guy may be able to do a rendering for some inspiration. I would definitely go with a subtle approach.


1968 TR250
1972 MK IV Spitfire

GulfTR4 Avatar
GulfTR4 Greg T
St Paul, MN, USA   USA
Go for it. If its not a low mile car do what you want.


DSCN1084.JPG    77.2 KB

Tommys4 Platinum Member Thomas G
Ojai, Calif., USA   USA
The stripes on my car............

P1010006 (1).JPG    33.7 KB
P1010006 (1).JPG

oldbagpipe Avatar
oldbagpipe Alec Buchan
Bellingham, WA, USA   USA
1962 Triumph TR4 "Blue Caboose"
1966 Triumph TR4A
1967 Triumph TR4A
1968 Triumph TR250 "The 'Project"
I've been thinking about removing the stripes from my car....but it won't be the same..

Image1.jpg    34.6 KB

twomanytriumphs Avatar
twomanytriumphs Gold Member Kyle Darby
Kelso, WA, USA   USA
1965 Triumph TR4 "My Baby"
1966 Triumph 2000 MkI "Bessie"
1970 Triumph GT6+ (MkII) "The Princess"
1977 MG MGB
When I put minilites on my TR4 in 2000 I decided it needed to be broken up a bit. I’ve got a single silver pin stripe running down the bodyline and stopped a few inches shy of the front fender. Can’t really see it but accents the body line just fine. I’ve thought about pulling it but never did. A local guy has convinced me to wet sand the car to see what it does so the stripe will go at that time. Kyle.

DD7E748A-7D99-45D4-9C96-0E2E31EF345A.jpeg    80.3 KB

Sadare Scott A
Missoula, MT, USA   USA
I think the car I beautiful as is. I do think the white wheels make it look very monochrome, and it could use some pop. However, i’d Prefer to see the wheel color changed, or redline tires. But my #1 choice would be silver painted wire wheels......if the budget will handle it. A good buffing to bring the paint shine up would also improve her looks, and should be done before you stripe it regardless.

Bloomfield, MI, USA   USA
Thanks everyone for your feedback. While I have an itch to add a bit of color to the exterior, I'm hesitant. Here's a pic of a TR6 with red pinstripe and redlines similar to what I was considering. But seems more appropriate on a TR6 than a TR4

White tr6 w Red Pinstripes.jpg    69 KB
White tr6 w Red Pinstripes.jpg

rod-h Avatar
rod-h Silver Member Rodney Hamilton
Lago Vista, TX, USA   USA
I’m thinkin’ flames...

I’ve never seen a TR4 with a way over the top (but tasteful) flame job. winking smiley


The older I get the more cynical I become, but, I can't keep up.

sampattr250 Avatar
sampattr250 Sam P
Harwinton, CT, USA   USA
I think your pin stripe will look fine.

If not red lines and wire wheels are always a nice touch.

if not there is always "real fire" drinking smiley


1968 TR250
1972 MK IV Spitfire

1298685_orig.jpg    66 KB

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