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Door restraint, finally.

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trrdster Avatar
trrdster Wayne Tate
Spencer, NC, USA   USA
A friend had his TR4A professionally done years ago and it took months to get it safe to drive. Regular nuts on wire wheels, parts missing out of the rear brake adjusters, on and on.
His passenger door never shut and each time I started toward it, he said the door seals were to large and the restorer said it will take a while for it to compress.
I let it go.
I was over there today to put a top on the Spit6 we finished up last year and he wanted black instead of the tan on there now. As I walked by the 4A I asked why the door was still ajar. This has been going on for years and he just put up with it. After checking it out, I pulled the seals off, no different, now the latch was way out but the door restraint was hitting on the inside with a heavy shim on the female side. After a shim here and a shim there things were not getting better.
I took it off and it was frozen solid. Used a big screwdriver and to hammer it down. Once I got it moving, cleaned with carb cleaner and some light oil, now springs back as it should.
Seal installed after adjusting door even with fender, we now have a solid door.
Don't forget to oil the door restraint.

1970 TR6
2000 Jaguar XK8
1949 Triumph Roadster 2000
1978 Spitfire (rust victim)
1971 GT6 (tarp covered for 12 years, rusted inside out)
1980 Spitfire (getting all the good GT6 parts, all poly suspension and Spax shocks)

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trjohnnie John Malinick
Mirror Lake, NH, USA   USA
Professionally done? It might be wise to stay away from hacks like that.

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