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Dash paint Color code

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bteichgraber Avatar
bteichgraber Brian Teichgraber
Tsawwassen, BC, Canada   CAN
My question is
What is the white paint code for the metal dash - I’m thinking of having the dash and glove box door powder coated white. I went into a powder coating shop and I was amazed how many varieties of white there are.

On another not my dash glove box has a tab on the side that doesn’t allow the door to close properly .

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Geo Hahn Avatar
Mt Lemmon, AZ, USA   USA
I believe the colour is Spa White - same color STC used on the road wheels on the late TR4s.

White is a dubious choice for a wheel nevertheless I have the original set being powder coated at this very moment.

The color I went with was just called 'white' but so were the other 12 or so shades of white - sorry I do not have the number of the selection.

I took a sample that was painted in Krylon 'Ivory' as I thought that was close and picked something that was a good match. I went with a 90% gloss in the hope that would clean up (brake dust, etc) easier than a satin - not sure what gloss was on the original dashes.

Reddragon Avatar
Reddragon Dale M
Chesapeake, VA, USA   USA
1963 Triumph TR4 "Road Runner"
1974 Triumph TR6 "Tweety"

I have a 1963 Tr 4, my dash does not have that bracket. It does have a smaller one that is for the control arm for the cowl lid.

Could this bracket have been added some where along the line by a PO for some reason?


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Fictioneer Avatar
Fictioneer Doug Hirt
Colorado Springs, CO, USA   USA
That's a TR4A dash. You'll have to remove the tab, which attached the wood cubby lid support bracket, in order for the steel cubby lid to work. You will need to modify a few other parts for the dash to work in a TR4, but it's all simple stuff.

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Vila Avatar
Vila Robert Beers
Mechanicsburg, PA, USA   USA
1933 Chevrolet Master "The 33"
1962 Triumph TR4 "The TR4"
1964 Vespa VNB 125 "The Old Vespa"
1984 BMW 633CSi "The 633"    & more
Spa White. Original PPG code is 8335.

I got the Acrylic Lacquer Spa White for my TR4 dash from TCP Global and it was an exact match to the original including color match and finish. Not that super shiny fake plastic look of some of the more modern paints.

On the website, click on the type of paint you are interested in and click Update Information and it would give you information specific to that type of paint.


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olivier31 Avatar
olivier31 Olivier VIDAL
MURET, France   FRA
Brian, if you trust Bill PIGGOTT, there is two kinds of white for TR4'S dashboards:

Spa white until car number CT 21267 in 1963, then New White (code 19, I presume ?).

Mine is CT 23407, october 1963, and I tried New White which seem to be very good

Geo Hahn Avatar
Mt Lemmon, AZ, USA   USA
In reply to # 1584289 by bteichgraber ...I’m thinking of having the dash and glove box door powder coated white. I went into a powder coating shop and I was amazed how many varieties of white there are...

I got my wheels back and the powder coat I selected was a very good match to the colour they had originally (I think they were Spa White from the factory).

I used WH492 (RAL9010) - it is called Pure White but it is really an off-white, not stark white like a refrigerator.

1147cc Avatar
1147cc Silver Member Douglas Hansen
Westminster, SC, USA   USA
you can tell that is a later dash fitted with the door center as it has the holes for screws to hold the wood.
so the box door would have been the outer wood and not the level to the metal dash wood door etc...

Douglas Hansen
New Parts; Engine Rebuilds; Sheet Metal work and Advice.

tirnipgreen Avatar
tirnipgreen Silver Member Ryals Cheek
Ellijay, GA, USA   USA
1965 Triumph TR4 "YANG"
I was under the impression that the painted dashboards were ALL Spa White, even after New White was being used for the bodies...

Triumph6432 Avatar
Triumph6432 David Sippel
Bronte, NSW, Australia   AUS
Hi Brian

The glove box matter originates from the metal dash panel being from the later wood facia models for two reasons - firstly the glove box protrusion that you point out and secondly note the shape around the steering column is diamond and not a half circle at the top. I purchased my car from the US as a wooden facia model and found a metal glove box at a swap meet and later picked up a RHD metal facia from a UK boot sale. I removed the bracket from the glove box before having this painted and only noted the steering column variation when the completed car was parked beside another TR4.

If I had realised prior to painting I would have modified the opening around the steering column to match originality of the white (Spa) facia cars. Hindsight et al..

BOUP2711.JPG    57.9 KB

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