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The Pub - Off Topic

The Pub: TRExp's new "Off Topic" Forum

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Skye Webmaster Skye Nott
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A member recently pointed out that there's nowhere on The Triumph Experience to discuss "Off Topic" (non Triumph) subjects, anything from travel, other kinds of vehicles, home & garage, gardening, fishing, or any other kind of hobby.

So to fix this, I've expanded the description of The Pub forum to include "off topic" discussions. I hope this provides a space to discuss lots of interesting topics and get to know each other outside of just the Triumph hobby.

Of course, The Pub will also continue to be the place where new members can introduce themselves (or in the model specific sub-forums if they choose).

Please note as per the Forum Rules, civil discussion is required at all times. That means no personal attacks, insults, racism, sexism, or any other -isms you can think of. There are a great variety of people from all parts of the world and walks of life that visit this website. I'm not trying to be the PC police, but some level of common decency is required.

The second rule is no politics. I've tried many, many times on other websites to moderate political discussion but it's always a disaster, ending up in bad feelings & screaming matches between a few entrenched viewpoints, ruining the community for everyone else. In the end, politics adds nothing of value to a website about Triumph sportscars, so I'm going to just disallow it from the beginning. If you want to talk politics, there are many many many other places to do so. Try the comments section of any particular news website if you want to get into "flame wars".

If you're new to the website, or haven't read the Forum Rules lately, they are posted at the top of every forum:,7082

Skye Nott

Webmaster, The Triumph Experience

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