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New Members, Please Introduce Yourself!

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DerekM Avatar
DerekM Silver Member Derek McAllister
Toronto, ON, Canada   CAN
Yes I restored the interior because I had some floor and b-post repairs to do. The interior, while mostly original, was well worn and due for an update.

In reply to # 1534514 by Killick
In reply to # 1534308 by DerekM I’m partial to that colour combination

And a beautiful colour combination it is. Everything looks very much the same colour. Has it been freshened up?

Derek McAllister
Toronto, Ontario
1974 TR6 Sapphire Blue/Shadow Blue

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kyfree Kyler Freeman
Overton, NV, USA   USA
I acquired a 1964 TR4 yesterday and am eager to get started on the rebuild as soon as possible. I got it from my older brother who has had it for 15 without having done any work on it since completely disassembling it. My plans are to swap in a 1993 5.0 HO and manual transmission.
My hobbies include cars, running, camping, hiking, and spending time with my wife and son.

My cars list:
1954 Chevy 3100 5 window (traded in the family)
1971 Jaguar XJ6 with 350 sbc swap (I still have it, but it's rotted into the earth)
2012 Ford Fiesta (sold)
2012 Mustang v6 (sold)
2006 GT500 Mustang (sold)
2014 GT Mustang (current)
1964 Triumph TR4 with planned 5.0 ho swap (current)

allanb Avatar
allanb Allan Byrne
Tabua, Coimbra, Portugal   PRT
I know I have done a lot of yapping, but new member, yes?

Still haven't got my car yet, but have a '75 1500 lined up, fingers crossed.

We have a small bangalow in central Portugal and another in north eastern Thailand, the plan is to spend summers in Portugal, winters in Thailand, 6 months in each and we are in our second year of doing so.

In Thailand I am more into bikes, classic cars don't really work over there, there isn't really a scene and it is always too hot to work on them, I have a shed to tinker with my various motorbikes, fitting AirCon this year.

Portugal, I am just finishing my biggish garage here, ready for the car which will keep me busy sorting it and I can mail order parts from the UK. Any big parts, well I have to take my campervan to the UK each year for an MOT, so I can pick them up then.

Bought my first Spitfire age 19, a MK1, had it a few months and got rear ended into a crash barrier. Bought the car back and replaced the chassis £100..but ...a much bigger job than I thought.

Fancied something more modern so swapped it for a 1968 Mk3 white with wire wheels and did a lot of miles in that car, mostly fast, mainly back and forth to Denmark overland, fitted a new clutch on the roadside in Denmark, that was easier than I thought.

Anyway have had Spitfires for a total of about 4 years, but a long, long, long, long time ago, but still have my rose tinted specs on. We shall see........

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Jeffscar Avatar
Jeffscar Silver Member Jerome Sidley
Port Colborne, ON, Canada   CAN
1976 Triumph Spitfire "Jeff's Car"
Hello, I picked up a 1976 spitfire last week and have already had a lot of help here. The car belonged to my bosses brother, who died about 8 years ago when they went to clear out his house they found the spit. I was originally supposed to buy it 3 years ago but I don't think my boss was ready to give it up.
He had some rewiring done and had it repainted (I wish he hadn't) seats recovered and new carpet, the clutch rebuilt, and a new alternator. Then when he trusted I would take care of it. (i restore woodworking machines) he sold it to me at a price I could not refuse.
I have been picking away at a few small things to get it safetied and hope to do a really good overhaul over the winter.
Thanks for all the help so far.

Jeff was the previous owner

spitdrive.jpg    92.9 KB

spitside.jpg    67.7 KB
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Silent Matt Matt A
Wimer, OR, USA   USA
I've had my '69 GT6 for about 16 years now, and am just restarting the build. I'm currently installing a turbocharged GM 3800 with a T5 Trans. I'll try to keep my progress posted in the Spitfire & GT6 board. I'm a machinist by trade and enjoy the outdoors.
I have six kids and will hopefully be passing the car along to one of them someday.

stevejahr Steve Jahr
Grass Valley, CA, USA   USA
New owner of a '75 TR6. This is my third TR...

I towed my first '63 TR3A home in '77. It had the steel removable hardtop, no seats, a spare engine in the passenger side, a spare transmission in the driver side, and another spare transmission/overdrive in the trunk. Then there was the engine and transmission in the high school autoshop that had been pulled out due to a broken crankshaft. Spent a few months putting it all back together and redoing all the interior. After consuming both Lucas generators I got with the car in a few months I converted over to a Delco alternator and negative ground. Like too many teenager cars this one met a violent end and I sold it to somebody who needed an engine for a TR3 and got about what I paid for it.

I think I actually drove my second '65 TR4A home in '79 but I am not sure how? I recall tearing the engine apart to find at least one burnt valve and shattered piston rings which had worked themselves up the side of the piston. Rather an ugly situation. Dropped a TR3 engine into it and a TR6 IRS replaced the live axle in back. Replaced lots of U-joints and roasted the rear end due to lack of oil (bad seals...). The TR3 engine broke a crankshaft (a pattern here?) ending driving. Always wanted to do a frame off restoration on it but being a college student starving for time and money and a place to work on cars I had to sell it.

So here it is some many years later and I feel I have a bit of old and a bit of new.

The car has upgraded 16" rims, rear anti-roll bar, tube shock conversion, tube headers, and dual exhaust. That I know of... used classics always have a story to tell of PO's "improvements".

Have made my first order to Rimmer Bros for seals for all the drooling holes in the differential (a pattern here? :-)).
Have the Miata seats to recover and put in. That may well turn into a full interior redo... that saddle brown is calling me.
Really need to find an overdrive to put in it. I had overdrives in both my prior TRs and splitting that gap between 2nd and 3rd was as nice as the RPM drop in 4th/OD on the highway.
I can see upgrading to an aluminum radiator and electric fan in the future. That could trigger some significant electrical upgrade/rework (have done this before...).

Doug in Vegas Avatar
Doug in Vegas Douglas D
Las Vegas, NV, USA   USA
In reply to # 1288853 by MGB777

To think I was concerned dark green would blend into the background.

JohnJack1 John Jack
Boca Raton, FL, USA   USA
Hi to all, I am also new here. Nice to be here.

moonweasel Avatar
Wellington, New Zealand   NZL
Allow myself to introduce myself,
My credentials

After a quick sojourn of 12 years of overseas, I'm now finally back in the same country as my babies, and now looking to get them roadworthy again.

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