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Lost a Fantasy Football Bet...

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Lost a Fantasy Football Bet...
  This topic is about my 1973 Triumph TR6
TR7 Spider James S
Denver, CO, USA   USA
The title is self explanatory.... Anyways, I have to meet my friends in Vail in two weeks in my 73 TR6 with Skiis. Thankfully I have a luggage rack to carry the skiis, yet not the Amco Ski Rack - I'll improvise. However, lets talk tires... should I search for a set of studded snow tires or get snow chains? Anyone ever trek the mountains in snow with their LBC?

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grubscrew Avatar
grubscrew grub screw
The suburbs of, Winfield, Maryland, USA   USA
Not in the mountains, but years ago when it was my daily driver, I would run chains on my Spitfire in the snow!

1970 Spitfire Mk3
FDU 78359L
34/11 (Jasmine yellow/Black interior)

1962 Triumph TR3B
TCF 575L
Signal Red/Red interior

Genoa Bay Eric W
Genoa Bay, BC, Canada   CAN
Yup, these used to be our daily drivers all year round. Amazing there are so many left!
In the 80’s winters my 6 had studded snows on the rear. Grip on normal road surfaces was interesting!
One Christmas we were due to visit my sister in Napa, so we drove to Vancouver airport for our flight. Well, all flights cancelled due to fog. Oh well, carry on to Seattle, but same situation. So on to Portland, same again. So at 10 o’clock at night we (youngsters) just thought it natural at that point to drive through the night to CA. No problem at that age, but I do remember crawling into a sleeping bag in the passenger seat while the GF was heading over Grants Pass. Relieved we had the studded snows at that point.
A few days later in Napa, pulled in for gas, and this is really true... the kid alerted us that we had a load of nails in our tires!

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TR3driver Randall Y
Confusion, Los Angeles, USA   USA
Does a TR3 count? Long time ago, but I've driven through several winters.

Most of the time, you're going to be on cleared roads; where you shouldn't use chains or studs. (Hard on tires, road, car and driver.) My suggestion would be regular snow tires, and chains to install when needed. Skinny tires actually work better in the snow.

You might want to practice putting them on, though.

56 TR3 TS13571L Once and future daily driver
71 Stag LE1473L awaiting engine rebuild
7? Stag awaiting gearbox rebuild

Rover827 Avatar
Rover827 Rich Truett
Berkley, MI, USA   USA
1979 Triumph TR7 "Haggis"
1981 Triumph TR8
1982 Triumph TR8
I would not risk life or car.
These things are awful in the snow.
It's just not worth it.

dsixnero Avatar
dsixnero Dan Colanero
Westville, NJ, USA   USA
James, it's true, back in the day we drove our cars in the snow. I never had special tires but I had a clutch and knew how to use it in the snow. It was a time when people would stop and push your car if you were stuck.

Zip960 Avatar
Zip960 Zip S
Panhandle, FL, USA   USA
IMO, TR6 may not be the ideal car to go skiing ⛷ in. Get a full size car maybe SUV. Enjoy the trip—stress free. Save the Six for the spring and drives through the mountains. I remember driving to skiing spots in Ogden UT area in the summer and the hills were tough to go up without snow! No matter what you decide have a good time!

havfam George Haversang
Montville NJ, USA   USA
Back in the day I used a 6 for a daily driver. It was the worst car in the snow I have ever driven. Lets just say I would never drive one in the snow now. I cannot imagine running chains on one either. I remember getting pushed in 1/2" on snow.

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