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In the middle of a Triumph project, so I bought another car.

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JohnW63 John Williamson
Apple Valley, CA, USA   USA
The GT6 is taking a lot more money than I hoped , so the smart thing would be to keep our expenses down. So, being smart, I bought another project car. 1965 Volvo 544 Sport.

Here is what they look like:

Now, I get to find out what parts will be really hard to find, and no longer made for an old Volvo, like I'm learning with the GT6 ! The one thing going for this car is it will drive. The engine runs. It's close to rust free, and the body looks straight. After a little haggling, I got it for $1900.

Home of the 1969 GT6+ MK II resurrection project
and a sorry looking 1968 GT6+ parts car trying to stay whole.

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Tobyallen Avatar
Tobyallen Michael A
Maple Ridge, BC, Canada   CAN
My father owned ,I believe, a 1962 of this model. It was the factory performance version. I think they designated it as an “S”. He just loved that car. Used to race it on the weekends and haul family through the week. Very KOOL old cars. I think you did well on price! Congrats!

Cruiser Martin Carew
Temecula, Temecula, CA, USA   USA
Must be a Triumph guy thing, I gotta Volvo too, a '73 1800ES as for parts lots of availability ipd irollmotors vpauto

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IMG_4201 (2).JPG    48.7 KB
IMG_4201 (2).JPG

grubscrew Avatar
grubscrew grub screw
The suburbs of, Winfield, Maryland, USA   USA
I always liked the looks of that 544, and the 1800 grows on you.

1970 Spitfire Mk3
FDU 78359L
34/11 (Jasmine yellow/Black interior)

1962 Triumph TR3B
TCF 575L
Signal Red/Red interior

Jeff Clunn Avatar
Mount Dora, FL, USA   USA
I can so relate, be careful, thats how nothing ever gets finished and projects stall, gets hard to put things back together when you using your long term memory, that said I would of bought that in a heartbeat, cool car

so-i-tell-her-i-bought-another-car-and-she-27012604.jpg    51.6 KB

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