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Spitfire & GT6 Forum

What did you do to your Spitfire or GT6 today?

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stever70 Avatar
stever70 Steve Rice
Atascadero, CA, USA   USA
1972 Triumph Spitfire MkIV "Legal Go Cart"
Always learning someting new. The previous owner couldnt get the heater fan to work, so his solution was to cut the ground wire, put a clip on the end and attach it to the frame when needed eye popping smiley

Pulled the dash apart (and with a little help from some previous posts HERE), figured out how the switch is suppose to work, got it cleaned up, and now it works bitchin'

Tore apart the air compressor for the air horn, got it working and re-installed, now I have a horn...yeahhhhh
Put in the center arm rest. Not bad for 3 hours, not Im gonna go for a spin smileys with beer

I love my little "go-cart" drinking smiley

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carChips Avatar
carChips Victor Harnish
Kelowna, BC, Canada   CAN
1933 MG Magnette
1973 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Chip"
1989 GMC Sierra 1500 "Bush Truck"
Yeah, Yeash, I looked at mine. I'll look at it some more tomorrow, maybe get some of that wiring taken care of.

'S all for now

imajr32 Avatar
imajr32 Jamie Richardson
Brighton, ON, Canada   CAN
Installed brace for rollbar-but left the roof bows at school so cant test fit.
Installed trunk latch and ran cable to actuate through passengers side rocker to dash.
Painted corner valance brackets.
Cut and tacked up exhaust splitter at diff
Sorted extra spit parts-sale coming up soon
Converted single bulb rear light to daul bulb.

Not a bad day overall with tomorrow cleared off for a full work day.

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spitlist Avatar
spitlist Joe Curry
Sahuarita, Sahuarita, AZ, USA   USA
Helped my son replace all the critical bits to get his Mk2 Windshield washers to work and fixed the fuel gauge light.

bobhaven Avatar
bobhaven Bobby Haven
Brunswick, GA, USA   USA
1979 Triumph 1500 "Junebug"
replaced the manifold gasket. to the mechanically inclined, I'm sure this is not a big deal- but to me, a huge victory. Pretty straight-forward, but when it came to the 2 bolts under the manifold, I'm sure there is some Triumph engineer who designed this nightmare looking down on me (or up?) and laughing his ass off. All I know is, I got it on, and no parts left over!

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rhitee93 Avatar
rhitee93 Brian Dougherty
Pulled the radiator and water pump. Now I am fighting the "You might as well" temptations.

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radiator removed.jpg    75 KB
radiator removed.jpg

jayco01 Avatar
jayco01 Jay Krigbaum
vancouver, WA, USA   USA
going thru the cut and weld learning curve

012.JPG    57.8 KB

007.JPG    52.3 KB
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Spit1 Mike G
NZ, Waitakere, New Zealand   NZL
I drove mine, a real treat. The weather is coming right at last.

Spitnut64 Avatar
Spitnut64 Gold Member John Mills
Milwaukee, WI, USA   USA
1970 Triumph Spitfire MkIII "Sarah Jane"
A small feat, I know, but I picked-up a replacement for the missing rubber piece that goes around the horn push. Otherwise, am currently separated from my car by 2000 miles, so I can't do much more. sad smiley

rhodyspit75 Avatar
rhodyspit75 Ernie Connor
Cumberland, RI, USA   USA
Took my wife and picked up our Christmas tree with it. 63 degrees and top down.

1975 Triumph Spitfire

grubscrew Avatar
grubscrew grub screw
The suburbs of, Winfield, Maryland, USA   USA
Ernie, that merits a photo!

1970 Spitfire Mk3
FDU 78359L
34/11 (Jasmine yellow/Black interior)

1962 Triumph TR3B
TCF 575L
Signal Red/Red interior

Dickie B Avatar
Dickie B Dickie Brewer
Clover, SC, USA   USA
1973 Triumph Spitfire MkIV "Rose"
1982 Chevrolet Corvette "Buddy"
1991 BMW 850i "Rocket"
2005 Nissan Frontier V6 "NIZMO"
Finally finished the body work.
Sprayed two coats of "heavy" primer, with a 320 wet sanding after each coat.
Third and last coat of primer was a "thinned" coat, followed by 400 grit wet sanding.
Wiped and blew it dry.
Sprayed all the jams and under the bonnet, trunk lid, and inside the doors with color.
Got 2 coats on the body, corner valences and eyeballs before i ran out of paint.

Realllly glad i took the time to do the body work right, cause i am pleased with the results.
Not bad for a driveway spray job.

carChips Avatar
carChips Victor Harnish
Kelowna, BC, Canada   CAN
1933 MG Magnette
1973 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Chip"
1989 GMC Sierra 1500 "Bush Truck"
Dickie, are you using base coat, clear coat?

'S all for now

bikesnrovers Avatar
bikesnrovers Tad Hylkema
Driftless, Wisconsin, USA   USA
1969 Triumph GT6+ (MkII) "None, Yet"
I took the manifolds off of the lump - found that the PO "forgot" to reinstall the lower studs. Found the petcock for draining the block is made out of brass, so I polished it up, and blogged about it. Joined this forum.

britsnspits Avatar
britsnspits Michael Stoliker
Bethlehem, PA, USA   USA
1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "The Phoenix"
1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Lucky"
I picked up the parts I took to the powder coater 5 weeks ago. I wish I'd asked for gloss black on the brake and clutch pedals instead of satin, because I got flat black instead. The gas pedal assembly looks much nicer in silver, but it is rather flat looking too.

The biggest disappointment is the boot lid. I asked for that to be sand blasted and sprayed with sandable primer. I expected some lacy metal in some spots, but I didn't expect the ripples. The whole top of the boot lid has waves running the width of the metal. It had some patches of surface rust, but I didn't think it would be thin enough to warp the way it did. I'll try hammering it out, but this may require a new skin (or another trip to the junkyard.

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