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1963 Spitfire Mark 1 parts cross reference

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scarablover99 Paul Rapoza
Sagamore Beach, MA, USA   USA
Good morning I recently purchased a 63 Mark 1 but I would like to know what would be the best Spitfire (Mark 1, 2 or 3) to purchase as a parts car. For spare parts and linkages etc..... I haven't been luck enough to find a Mark 1 or 2 and there's a Mark 3 out there right now.
Thank you in advance for the help.

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Herald948 Avatar
Herald948 Andrew Mace
East Nassau, upstate NY, USA   USA
It depends on how "original" you wish to keep the car. If that's not a major concern, any "roundtail" Spitfire parts car will do.

scarablover99 Paul Rapoza
Sagamore Beach, MA, USA   USA
Thank you for replying. I just purchased the vehicle in December. The pevious owner made it an E.V. and when I made the purchase he gave me the option of keeping it an E.V. or back to the original engine. He put GT6 coils in the front to compensate for the extra weight of the batteries in the front of the car. I haven't really had an oppurtunity to start taking the car apart. He gave ma a spare tranny he had because he had to cut some of the input shaft and said to take the input shaft and give him the tranny back. So I could use springs but I can get those on-line. I'm more concerned with the carb linkages, clutch linkages and little stuff like that.
Here's a little quick story. I live in New England. When I first thought of buying one of these vehicles there was two (a Mark 1 and a Mark 2) of these on Craigslist for for under a grand running. They were Flintstone mobiles but they looked in good condition for the year and asking price. Now that I made the purchase I haven't seen anything close by at all. Today (Monday) there's a Mark 3 on Craigslist. I'd just take everything off of it and put the parts in stackable totes for future use. So that's why I asked for compatible vehicles.
I'd like to keep it original. And I have no plans what so ever of making a concours car. Just a driver. I picked up white powder coated 13" wheels off of eBay (Mark 4 wheels came with it). But that is another question, white wall tires.
I'll be doing a lot of reading.
I appreciate the help. There's lots of experience here and I'm going to suck as much information as I can.
Thanks again.

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brucejon Avatar
brucejon Gold Member Bruce Jones
Santa Cruz, CA, USA   USA
1960 Triumph TR3A
1963 Triumph TR3B "Tupperware TR3"
1969 Triumph Spitfire MkIII
1972 Triumph TR6
I hope you can find mk1 parts and can avoid tearing down a rebuildable mk3. There are sources of parts in the US and UK like

60 TR3A (red), 62 TR3B project, 72 TR6, 69 Mk3 Spitfire EU setup

spitfire50 Avatar
spitfire50 Paul Mugford
Rochester, N.H., USA   USA
Ideally you would find a Mk1 for parts. There are some differences between Mk1 and the later cars that could make life difficult. The earlier your Mk1 the more differences there will be. You also should remember that Mk3 Spitfires come in two distinct types: those with center instruments just as your Mk1 and others with the tach and speedo in front of the driver. The ones with the big instruments in front of the driver would be less useful as parts cars for you. The center dash cars probably are your best powertrain swap prospects. None will have as much zip as the electric conversion if it was done well.
All the best,

scarablover99 Paul Rapoza
Sagamore Beach, MA, USA   USA
Thanks again for the replies.
I haven't heard about the Spitfire Graveyard. I'll pull out my parts book and write some e-mails. Thank you very much for that one.
As far as that MK3 on Craigslist I asked him for pictures. We'll see what he or she does.
And again thank you for the information I didn't know that there was two different instrument configurations on a MK3. I'm going to refresh the little four. He told me it ran but while it's out it's getting done. The tranny and the diff ??????? Again we'll see if they whine.
There is a Mk1 close by on the Cape. Rust has deterioriated it pretty bad. He was asking a lot for the vehicle. I've tried to contact him again with no sucess. I'll keep trying someone will get tired of the calls and texts. We'll see.
I didn't see the car move under battery power but the previous owner did tell me the car had ZIP like you say! He was kind of disappointed that I didn't want to keep it an EV. But he understands. He's building a GT6. It looks god too!
I'm going to be doing a lot of reading here.
Thanks again I really appreciate the help.

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