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Seat belt refirbish

Posted by pip 
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pip Avatar
Phil Cleobury
Londonderry, New Hampshire, USA   usa
Hi I have some seat belts that I need refurbished for my MG and Spit
Any advice on which vendors could do this?
Where I can buy webbing and techniques to stitch them together?
The main problem is the MG has the clip on belt (rear of the cockpit)and I sont think anyone make a direct replacement!

britsnspits Avatar
Michael Stoliker
Bethlehem, PA, USA   usa
1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "The Phoenix"
1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Lucky"

New Spitfire belts can be had almost anywhere, but stay away from Victoria British. They sell a one size fits all belt set that doesn't fit all.

For the MG belts you might do better to ask around on the MG Experience forum. There must be specialists that the many members on those forums have found.


kmclemore Avatar
Kevin M
Ambler, Pennsylvania, USA   usa
1949 Triumph Renown "Monty"
1952 MG TD MkII
1967 Morris Minor Traveller "Maurice"
1967 Sunbeam Alpine "The Bunseam"
1990 Mazda MX-5 NA "The Pocket Rocket"   → more
Perhaps a bit late, but i just saw your posting. is the place to go... they will restore virtually any seat belt and have a good reputation, or so I am told. (Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with them.)

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