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Triumph Mayflower

Posted by TVRPAUL 
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Paul Robilotti
Englishtown, NJ, USA   usa
Hi guys

Tonight my wife told me she was speaking to her sister in PA and that in the garage of the house she bought is a Triumph Mayflower, anybody have anything to say about this car, I am clueless

Thx Paul

baldbadger Avatar
John Hobart
waimate, New Zealand   nzl
Awful ugly little car, with a stupid name, never seemed to catch on over here though you used to see a few on the road, was made in the style of sharp corners, some used to call it the poor mans Rolls Royce
Regards John

triumph mayflower side.gif    43.4 KB
triumph mayflower side.gif

tr-mayflower.jpg    18.7 KB
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col Avatar
colin renshall
liverpool, UK   gbr
Hi Paul
As I can recall the mayflower was built with alluminium panels ie hood doors trunk. Yes they are a bit of an ugly car but quite rare.I suppose if you did decide to do something with it You would have a conversation piece I think it had a 1500 side valve engine but im not absolutely sure, why not go have a look at it then decide. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am sure there is someone out there that would give it a good home

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britsnspits Avatar
Michael Stoliker
Bethlehem, PA, USA   usa
1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "The Phoenix"
1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Lucky"
I saw one for sale recently in PA where the P.O. had removed the roof and doors and tried to turn the thing into a Woody. Then the painted the rest of the car the ugliest shade of Robin's Egg blue you've ever seen.

It was a real train wreck and I think the owner was trying to sell it as the basis for building a custom rat-rod with a chevy engine.


Andrew Mace
East Nassau, upstate NY, USA   usa
Mayflowers were all steel -- no aluminum -- and, notably, they're more or less a "unibody" car. And yes, they did have a sidevalve engine with a displacement of 1247cc and an alloy head.

Michael, did you happen to get any photos of that would-be woody? I'd love to see them. Sounds so bad it just might be cool.

Mayflower trivia: In Australia, Standard's subsidiary built about 50 Mayflower "Utes" (pickups). VERY COOL!

britsnspits Avatar
Michael Stoliker
Bethlehem, PA, USA   usa
1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "The Phoenix"
1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Lucky"
Nope, sorry. The owner either sold it or pulled it off Craigslist before I could get the pictures.

britsnspits Avatar
Michael Stoliker
Bethlehem, PA, USA   usa
1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "The Phoenix"
1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Lucky"
Oops, my mistake...it was an Austin Princess, not a Triumph Mayflower. Nearly as ugly, and made more so by the owner.


Wanda F
Mokena, USA   usa
This is a cousin to the Triumph Renown. We have two.

69MkIII Avatar
Darrell C
Richmond, USA   usa
1968 Triumph Spitfire MkIII "Spitwad"
1968 Volvo Amazon (122) "Rollsie"
That car is completely great - to me.
I've seen a few tiny cars that were british like this. One had a teeny carburettor on this engine that was like a tractor. I almost bought it. It was a specialty vehicle.

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DavidMGA1600 Avatar
David Lake
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia   aus
1935 CycleKart Great Britain
1960 MG MGA "Dads Car"
1961 Ferrari GT4 2+2 "Team Ferrari"
The Mayflower looks like a little toy car, It would be a bit of fun (for the fun of it)

What condition is the car which was in the garage.


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Terry Button
Boronia, Victoria, Australia   aus
Hi Paul, If the car was any good, I hope you grabbed it. They are getting quite rare now and, although they were small and under-powered, they were a great little runabout. They were the little brother to the Triumph Renown. The cars were known as the 'Razor Edge Saloons' because of the sharp edges. The larger Renown was the one known as 'The poor mans Rolls-Royce', not the Mayflower, because it had a superficial resemblance to a R.R. of the period. I hope the car survived as original and wasn't chopped about. Terry

County Guy Avatar
Lockie owens
Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada   can
The Mayflower was my first car back in '64. It was a 1953 dark blue over 'baby' blue. I drove it for about 4 summers and loved it. Each fall, the head gasket would go and I would put the car away on 3 cyl and replace the head gasket in the spring before the new driving season. This was in Toronto. I bought the car from a friend's British father and promised to look after it. I didn't realize at the time that the flat aluminium head needed to be planed to stop the gasket problem. It was all original when I had it and loved the 'new car' vinyl smell when we all got in to take a trip to the beach. It still had original tires which almost cost the car its life when I tried to stop going down a hill with wet pavement. I had 3 people in the car. Traffic was stopped at the bottom. When I hit the brakes, the car seemed to speed up. The only thing that saved us was a strip of 'roughed' pavement about 6 feet behind the car in front of us. Stopped us in our tracks. Anyway, I failed in my promise to 'look after' the car. When a rear wheel bearing got too bad to drive on and the car was picking parking tickets, I succumbed to my mother's admonishments and allowed her to call the wrecker. Sigh!!. Oh, well. Now that I am old enough to appreciate what I had, I regret very much letting the car go. I hope the wreckers didn't do the nasty to it since it really didn't need much to repair. From time to time I look for them on the sale sites but without luck.

So, the lesson learned. Find some cheap storage and put that old thing away until it regains your respect at some later date.

Oh. Unfortunately, I only have one pic of that car parked under the drive through at Casa Loma in Toronto. And, I seem to have misplaced that old fuzzy pic.

Wright Edward
Durham, Toronto, Canada   can
Hello from Durham, Ontario! I don't think your wife will like it. It is absolutely ugly. My recommendations: if you want to buy a cheap car choose from used kia cars. According to latest surveys it the most popular brand among women. If you are interested check some options on this site.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 2014-04-24 09:21 AM by Edward Wright.

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