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End float, rebuild and thrust washers

Posted by nuckandcup 
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nuckandcup Avatar
Clark ~
California, USA   usa
Ok, so I'm tearing down the 1296 that came out of my 72 MkIV...it's an early version(FK16***HE)....And my question is in regards to checking end float/ordering new TWs.

If I check it now, will that measurement change? And can I just order the proper sizes now to get within the necessary tolerances.

Thanks for any info.

Carter Shore
Beverly Hills, FL, USA   usa
If the crank surfaces that the TW bears upon are in good shape (flat and smooth), you can simply fit new stock ones, in oversize.
If the surfaces are not flat and smooth, you will just tear up the new TW, wearing through the thin layer of bearing material,
and into the steel underneath.
The crank surfaces can be ground flat, but you will likely not find stock TW that will give required end float.
You can order the solid bronze TW in required thickness.

But you wont know any of this until you check current endfloat, an then inspect current TW and crank surfaces.

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