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Bell housing

Posted by tymnmony 
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tymnmony Avatar
Victor Fleishman
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada   can
When I removed the bell housing I do not recall seeing a rubber oil seal? I know I need a gasket to be placed between the gear box and the bell housing. Looked it up on Rimmers and wondering if the metal piece inside the bell housing is in fact the seal??

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Herald948 Avatar
Andrew Mace
East Nassau, upstate NY, USA   usa
Yes, that's the seal. But don't forget the copper washer on the bottom bolt holding the bellhousing to the gearbox!

spitfire50 Avatar
Paul Mugford
Rochester, N.H., USA   usa
If you have a gearbox with the early version of that seal it works in conjunction with the screw thread on the input shaft to return the oil to the transmission when things are turning. There is a small clearance between the shaft and the seal, and when stationary if the oil level reaches that seal it will leak. This sometimes occurs when the car is parked headed downhill steeply.
Later versions of the seal have a rubber lip seal installed in a recess in the rear face of the seal.
Best of luck,

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