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Choke cable to carb lever - what hold the wire in place?

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sequelxke Stu Wallack
Simsbury, CT, USA   USA
Need some guidance please.

Have installed a new choke cable into the arm that clamps the spiral in place. I have a new long pin with a threaded end on one end and a hole for a cotter pin on the other. The nut that came with the pin doesn't come close to pinching the choke cable wire. Am I missing a washer or just have things assembled incorrectly?.

Appreciate the help

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CJD john durant
Southlake, TX, USA   USA
I don't know if this is showing what you need or not...

Southlake, TX

'55 TR2

TR3driver Randall Y
Confusion, Los Angeles, USA   USA
There should be a hole through the threaded end, next to the flange, so the nut can pinch the inner cable when it is inserted through the hole. No washer needed.

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CJD john durant
Southlake, TX, USA   USA

sequelxke Stu Wallack
Simsbury, CT, USA   USA
Problem solved - the pin I bought was made incorrectly. Finally found a picture of the correct part on the SU spares website. On my pin, the hole for the wire was not on the thread side of the flange, but was on the main body of the pin. Now everything makes sense. I will drill a new hole and complain to the supplier. Thanks for the help.

sequelxke Stu Wallack
Simsbury, CT, USA   USA
This is the 371-330 choke pin from the supplier. It would need a washer to pinch the choke cable wire. The supplier tells me that this is correct and that the offerings from Rimmer Bros, Legacy and others are incorrect. Is there a car out there with an original part? Thanks

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IMG_2709 (002).JPG    16.3 KB
IMG_2709 (002).JPG

Jacad Avatar
Jacad Gold Member Barry Shefner
Montreal, QC, Canada   CAN
1959 Triumph TR3A "Loose Wheels"
1976 Triumph TR6 "The Tweetster"

This is the part of my own carb along with the measurements which I took. I believe that the part is original.
The shaft diameter is .245 on the threaded end and .174 on the smooth end. length of threaded end from shoulder is .318 and .740 on the smooth end however it probably should be longer (maybe 1"winking smiley as I recall that the shaft had snapped at the hole and I re-drilled a new hole closer to the shoulde. The hole on the threaded side though which you would pass your cable appears to be approx .100" in Dia. The nut and washer are SS and not original.

From the looks of it, yours is a coarse thread and it is not threaded all the way to the shoulder so you may have to use a thicker washer to squeeze the cable. Also the hole looks larger in diameter and perhaps the smooth end of the shaft has a larger diameter as well or it could just be my tired eyessmiling smiley

FYI, this is the part that the S.U. Carb company shows for the type H carb. They manufacture all the original parts for the SU carbs and sell them to the local suppliers. You can either find it at one of the US suppliers oir order direct from them in the UK

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