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best grease for steering rack?

Moss Motors
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Drash David Ashby
Burlington, NC, USA   USA
Dismantled my steering rack to inspect and clean out the old lumpy grease that had been sitting idle in it for 20+ years. All internal parts were in good shape so I reinstalled loading everything up with red "n" tacky grease. Now I'm thinking I may have used the wrong grease. It's all back together and shimmed to get the right tensions etc but when I rotate the pinion it's not what you would call a smooth glide. Kinda hard to describe but my best attempt would be to simply call it a little rough as though you can feel the teeth on the pinion and rack meshing as the pinion rotates but definitely not sloppy.
When I was loading it up with that red " n" grease it was sticking to everything but not creating much of a build up if you know what I mean. That's why after testing I'm thinking the grease is too light weight. I'm sure tons of people have re-greased their racks so wondering what the popular opinion is on the best stuff to use.

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CJD john durant
Southlake, Texas, USA   USA
Are you talking about an aftermarket rack and pinion, or the original steering box?

Southlake, TX

'55 TR2

Drash David Ashby
Burlington, NC, USA   USA
Ouch..Sorry, I inadvertently posted on the wrong question should have been in the TR4 forum..I'll re-post there but it's the original rack and on a '63 tr4.

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CFMTR3A Avatar
Tampa, FL, USA   USA
Moss Motors recommends Penrite Steering Lube #00. But at $20/500ml it is a bit pricey. There are also several recommendations for this product on the British Car Forum with comments about #00 grease. John Deere Corn Head Grease is mentioned as an alternative.

When I was researching the JD product, I found an alternative at Tractor Supply at $5/Qt (950ml)
A friend had some leftover Penrite and comparing the two I don't see any difference in thickness or appearance other than coloring. I haven't re-assembled my box yet (next weekend) but will be using the TSC.

cross-posted on TR4 Forum

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