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Triumph TR4 Parts for Sale NEW and Used [Los Angeles, USA]

Moss Motors
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IrishLA ryan O
Los Angeles, USA   USA
Hey everyone!

Finishing up a very large Triumph TR4 restoration and I have some parts available for purchase. I've not really got to organizing everything but I thought I'd put it out there now and come back with photos and things later.

I'm located in Los Angeles, and can ship most items. The transmission and new body panels, I'd rather hope to sell locally, because sending is a big pain in the arse.

So what do I have? See posts for pictures and more detailed descriptions... if prices or pictures aren't uploaded check back Saturday night, 01-07-16.

NEW: Floor Pans from Moss :: $200 per floor or $350 for both. (R/H and L/H) SOLD!
NEW: Rocker Panels from Moss:: $150 for both L/H and R/H or $85 each. SOLD!
NEW: Inner Sill Panels:: $30 each or $60 for both L/H and R/HSOLD!
NEW: Lower Front Valance from Moss: $95
NEW: Alternator Conversion kit from Moss:: $200 SOLD!
NEW: Electric fan conversion kit from moss:: $100SOLD
NEW: Black TR4 Carpet Set from Victoria British:: $150 SOLD
NEW: beautiful RED lap belts with TR Logo: $85 for the pair SOLD
NEW: TR4 Tourist Trophy polished stainless steel Exhaust Pipe without muffler: $90

USED: Zenith Stromberg Carburators, linkage, and manifold. Good working order when removed $199SOLD
USED: TR4 Transmission; Worked when removed from car for 5-speed. SOLD
USED: Mystery OverDrive Unit:: (D-type it appears) SOLD
USED: TR4 Spoke Wirewheels w/ tires. Needs tires replaced. (2)72 spoke, (2) 48 spoke (1) 60 spoke $25/each tire : SOLD
USED: TR4 Doors w/ hardware (have extra set) $100/each (pictures soon)
USED: TR4 Seats in bad condition plus extra seat frames: $40 for everythingSOLD
USED: TR4 Gas Tank: $50 (spare used tank given to me when I bought the car. pictures soon)

UPDATE: Nov '17:

Only items left at DISCOUNT:
Gas Tank: $40 (pickup preferred)
Lower Front Valance from Moss: $75
Stainless Steel Exhaust pipe (just the one part, not the end/muffler): $50
Only one door remaining: Passenger door; $75 has window and mechanics but hard to work and in as-in condition.


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IrishLA ryan O
Los Angeles, USA   USA
Here are some photographs and additional information on these items:

First is what has gotten the most attention.

Overdrive Unit: No idea what overdrive unit this is. Was given to me with a ton of random parts when I bought my car. I never bothered to look into this. Did some research tonight and it looks to be a type D, which might be for Spits and not TR4? No idea how this works, as I'm not a mechanic. Thus, I don't know the condition of this unit. It was given to me with many other random parts from the person I bought my car from years ago. I wish I would have asked more questions at the time.

Here are pictures. Help me identify it. It's for sale, although I don't know what a fair price would be. I suppose the unknown condition of it is an unfortunate variable. Looks like there is a small cover or panel missing.

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IrishLA ryan O
Los Angeles, USA   USA
Next up!

Zenith Stromberg CD 175 Carburetors, linkage and manifold. These carburetors were working fantastic in my car at time of removal. They were recently overhauled and I drove with them for about a year before my restoration. I'd totally have them put back into my restored car but I sprung for the Moss supercharger kit! vroooooom! So here is your chance for some really good condition carbs!

Asking $250 for the whole thing. I think that is a good price considering the quality and recent overhaul. Comes with linkage and manifold.

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IrishLA ryan O
Los Angeles, USA   USA

Third up is a 12" Hayden Rapid Cool Electric Fan bought from Moss Motors

Retails for $160, but this unused, brand new fan can be had for $100. Has the instructions, wiring, and all the other hardware bits that come in the box. Please see pictures for those bits and bobs.

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IrishLA ryan O
Los Angeles, USA   USA
Here are some multiple body panels I have and didn't have to use. I bought them because I knew my car restoration would need them. When the paint came off the rust was everywhere and bondo'd by a PO, so I found a better donor body tub which did not need these panels.

I have inner rocker sills, outer rocker panels, lower front valance, and floor pans.

The floor pans I do not have pictures of. They are big, heavy, and in a large box. They were purchased from Moss and are as legit as it comes. They cost me $290 each. Moss ONLY sells the ones for TR4a, so I think the only difference is one less mounting hole in the back and no hole for E-brake, I guess you have to custom fabricate? I'm not sure because I never got to that stage, but it's the only new floor pans they sell for TR4 regardless. Just wanted to point that out. See more on their website. I will sell these for $200/floor or $350 for both.

Sill Inner Panel L/H and R/H Each was $60, $120 total. I'll sell these for $30 each or $60 for both. From Moss motors and part #855-230 and #855-220

The outer rocker panels were $130 each, with oversize shipping charge from Moss. In total, they were both $300 with shipping. I'll sell them for $150 for both, or $85/each.

The lower front valance is from Moss as well. Part number 855-100 . It cost me $138 and it can be yours for $95.

IrishLA ryan O
Los Angeles, USA   USA
Alternator Conversion Kit!

Bought from Moss. Everything new in box, never used or even attempted to install. It wasn't used in my car because when I decided to get the Moss Supercharger kit later in the restoration, I had already bought this one and the Supercharger kit comes with one of these too, so I ended up with two.

Retails for $320.... this can be yours for $199.

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IrishLA ryan O
Los Angeles, USA   USA
Seat Belts

I bought these beautiful lap belts off of ebay. They are a perfect Red and have the Triumph logo via well placed adhesive metal decals. I was going to install in my car, but opted for three point belts instead. There were never installed nor used. Mounting hardware is included, obviously. smiling smiley

I believe they were $60/each, so $120 total when I purchased. They can both be yours for $85. Won't sell individually, sorry!

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IrishLA ryan O
Los Angeles, USA   USA
Stainless Steel High Polished Tourist Trophy Exhaust pipe.

My mechanic decided to go with a different performance manifold header, so he is connecting my Tourist Trophy muffler with a new pipe to bridge the two pieces. Thus I no longer need this part of the exhaust system.

Not sure who needs this part on it's own, but because I'd love to recoup some of the money and would hate to throw it out, I'm going to offer this on it's own.

The whole exhaust system is $380, but mind you this is just for the manifold to muffler pipe, not the muffler. I'll let this go for $90.

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IrishLA ryan O
Los Angeles, USA   USA
Black Carpet Kit

I bought the 9-9503-BL "CARPET KIT-BLACK-DELUXE" from Victoria British, in February 2016.

It's been sitting in a box in my garage ever since. See the link to this exact product in their catalog here:

It's the 9-9503-BL, which is listed as being for a regular TR4 from 61-65.

List price on the website looks to be $259.95 before tax (if applicable) and shipping.

I'm looking to sell it for $150 + shipping (if applicable).... I live near Hollywood, CA.

I'm selling because I change my mind on color and am now going brown.

Here are some pictures. Didn't take it all out of the box because I didn't want to get it dirty and etc. Just flipped through it. Some pieces have the under padding. Foot area seems to have a vinyl or leather (not sure) piece for foot wear, etc. Look at the link above and it's all what comes with that.

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bltriumph Steve Choquette
Erin, ON, Canada   CAN
please send me a tel# and I will call you thanks in advance

IrishLA ryan O
Los Angeles, USA   USA

When I bought my car, I was given these 'extra' doors. As I have mentioned many times, the PO dumped all his spare parts on me, so this was never even used in my car previously or now. Looks like two TR4 doors, because the lock is integrated in the door handle and the catch looks like TR4 catch. Please double check though because TR6 and 250 doors look soooo similar.

The doors themselves are in rather decent condition body wise. Only one very slight dent, otherwise completely straight and solid. Mechanically, both windows roll up but with difficulty. One is very stiff and requires some *umph*, while the other, the window has gotten a little loose and doesn't sit completely fixed, so as you roll the window up you kinda have to wiggle the glass so it falls into the correct position, otherwise it rolls up and starts going crooked as it comes up.

Either way, seems like all the necessary mechanical bits are in there and working. Would require disassembly, cleaning and reassembly, but I have no doubts from what I have seen that you could refurbish a nice fully working door from these. Feel free to ask questions or take a look. Asking for $100 each.

L/H Door: This is the one that is sticky but rolls up fine. Slightest dent in middle top of door but hardly visible even to the eye.

R/H Door: Rolls up difficult but glass needs to be held straight otherwise it goes crooked. Needs to be secured again, but glass is in good shape with exception to a little paint on the edge and couple two-inch scratches in the center bottom, only visibly when window is completely rolled up.

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IrishLA ryan O
Los Angeles, USA   USA


Classic 4-speed transmission that came out of my 1964 TR4. Was working when it was removed. No issues to report from memory, but I would definitely suggest a cleaning and inspection before installing in another car. I am giving this up for a 5-speed conversion kit. Any questions let me know. Make an offer on this, because I have no idea what it's worth honestly.

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IrishLA ryan O
Los Angeles, USA   USA
Gas tank!

Another 'extra' part given to me by PO when I bought my car. Never had to install this or need it. Trying to get rid of it now. Looks like a TR4 gas tank. Seems really clean. A tiny bit of surface rust at the top around the opening, and a little on the bottom, but you can see there is a picture of the inside and it looks rather clean. Not sure what the 'cheeto' looking thing in the corner is, haha. Honestly, I never looked closely at it until this morning when I took photos of it and it is in better condition than I assumed it would be. Asking $50 for the thing.

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IrishLA ryan O
Los Angeles, USA   USA

Wire wheels.

Five available but in different styles. Will upload more pictures soon.

Two 72 spoke wheels, two 48 spoke wheels, and one 60 spoke wheel available. All have 165 tires and came from TR4.

For my restoration, I got new tires and new chrome 72 spoke wire wheels, so I no longer need these. There was nothing wrong with them when they came off my car. The tires are definitely worn and would need new replacements. The wheels themselves seem fine and I never had a problem. Selling for $25/each.

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IrishLA ryan O
Los Angeles, USA   USA
Seat Frames:


For what it's worth, salvage seats. I have two with bad condition upholstery and two extra seat frames. The frames are probably all that has any value in regards to all four seats. $40 for everything, which is $10/frame/seat. Seat upholstery and padding are in bad condition.

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