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grubscrew Avatar
grubscrew grub screw
The suburbs of, Winfield, Maryland, USA   USA
In reply to # 1485763 by GAJ Wayne,

Bill of Sale- I always specify "no dealer decals

And it's interesting that original dealer badges, license plate frames, key fobs and the like are now sought after!

1970 Spitfire Mk3
FDU 78359L
34/11 (Jasmine yellow/Black interior)

1962 Triumph TR3B
TCF 575L
Signal Red/Red interior

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heraldvitesse Avatar
heraldvitesse Wayne McGill,
Oakville, ON, Canada   CAN
The car was used year round until 1980 and despite having hand built aluminum inner fenders in the rear and being "Ziebarted" every year there was some rust in the lower front fenders and rocker panels which was repaired with new metal being brazed in and then the car was "oil sprayed" every fall until 2005. Now some 32 years old, my wife told be the car was looking tatered and that I needed to do something about it. Sometimes I hear her the first time she speaks! A full frame off restoration ensued and rust was found around the entire bottom 6 inches of the car as well as the left front suspension turret on the frame and both the upper and lower cruciform plates. I learned what I believe divorced fathers go through: I made monthly payments and had visitation rights! After 44 years of ownership, It still wins awards (2nd place yesterday at British Car Day) where more than 1000 British cars gathered. To see more information check out: and there is a link to British Car Day.

GAJ Graham J
Carlisle, ON, Canada   CAN
Thanks for the response, I was hoping to go to the show but did not make it.

Derek posted a video of the show in the "what did you do with your TR6" thread, your car may be in it.

I work in Oakville, maybe I will see you one day.

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AlexDade Alex Dade
Bay Village, OH, USA   USA
I purchased my 74 TR6 in September 1974 from Wallace Imports on Camelback Road in Pheonix, AZ. I was a lieutenant in the Air Force at the time and I'd been looking for a sports car for months. A good friend purchased a Porsche 914, but that seemed more Volkswagen that Porsche to me. Another came up with a slick looking Datson 240Z, but I was determined I wanted an open car. I looked at the MGB, but for some reason just couldn't warm up to it. The Fiat 2000 Spider looked sexy and fast, but the seating position was very strange and uncomfortable and I wanted more raw power. I finally settled on the TR6. It had a larger engine than any of the others, and just seemed to me exactly what a real sports car should be, so my roommate and I went to Wallace Imports one Saturday. He purchased a white Spitfire and I picked out the most beautiful carmine red TR6 I'd ever seen. We rat raced the cars all the way back to our apartment, terrorizing most of central Arizona. The first three pictures attached are 1) the car the day of purchase 2) the interior that day and 3) my roommate and me with the cars.

My wife-to-be and I went on our first date in the car in November '75 and in April we took her on our honeymoon to Page, AZ. During the drive from Phoenix to Page I decided to see how fast the car would go on the long, straight roads. At just over 85 (the car has factory overdrive) I noticed that the car started to respond sluggishly to the wheel and, being a pilot I realized that aerodynamically the front end was being lifted. This concerned me a bit and I've never gotten the car to anywhere near that speed again. My brand new wife never realized anything.

Fast forward almost 44 years, and "The TR" (we actually have license plates saying that) is still the queen of the garage. She's had a total face lift with every surface refinished and she'd the proud owner of several show trophies. She's been with us through eight moves, twenty years in the Air Force and twenty two in business, two daughters and two grandchildren and she's literally part of the family.

The fourth picture is the engine room today. I drive the car routinely, but during snowy or wet weather she's in our heated garage under a cover. She'll go on forever. She's completely dead stock except for a few things - the dash is much shinier and slick than original, she sports a Nardi steering wheel my wife gave me 30 years ago, she's got a walnut shift knob and -- gulp -- just last year I tired of getting oil all over the garage floor and converted to a spin-on oil filter.

Beauty Shot.jpg    30.3 KB
Beauty Shot.jpg

First Day Interior.jpg    38.1 KB
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First Day.jpg    33.1 KB
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Engine Room.JPG    54.8 KB
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sliproc Avatar
sliproc Kevin Quistberg E
Long Beach, CA, USA   USA

I'm surprised to hear about your front end lifting at speed. A buddy of mine purchased a '74 new also and I don't remember him having a similar problem, and he drove that thing fast. If that was a problem with the production TR-6 I'm sure there's got to be a fix for it since it was raced so extensively by both the factory and privateers(Paul Newman being one) in the '60s and '70s and I would assume they had to go faster than 85mph to win races which they did.

AlexDade Alex Dade
Bay Village, OH, USA   USA
I'm sure you're right, Kevin. I was probably being way overcautious -- after all I had my bride of just several hours with me. I know that as speed increases there has to be a build-up of pressure under the front end, and that has to reduce the reaction of the steering to some minor degree, and the stock chin spoiler can't be very effective. I expected the steering to get more and more sensitive as speed increased, but the opposite happened, and I found that off-putting.

Doubledroptop Avatar
Doubledroptop David Freet
Chandler, AZ, USA   USA
1971 Triumph TR6 "White Ghost"
I think it is so cool that some of you had the foresight to take pictures of your brand new cars. Not only the top side but all sides, top, bottom, engine compartment, interior and trunk area. Then to have the resolve to keep it thru all of lifes ups and downs. I envy those individuals as I was not smart enough to do that. It is so helpful to those of us that did not have that fortitude and or foresight to do so. Then we regret selling our first new car and have to buy a replacement many years later. When it comes to restoration and or survivor vehicles I always try to rely on you original owners and keepers for information. I feel you are a much better source of information then any book or expert when it comes time to verify originality of any vehicle.

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