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Brett E Brett Evans
Columbus, Ohio, USA   USA
1973 Triumph TR6 "Scarlet Harlot"
Brad Penn 20W-50

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TRoutMac Avatar
TRoutMac Pete Chadwell
Bend, Oregon, USA   USA
I've been using Mobil 1 15W50 in my TR6 for 28 years. I rebuilt the engine and ran it for the break-in period on 30wt. conventional, but switched to Mobil 1 at 1000 miles. Obviously, I can't see ANY reason not to use synthetic.

Tote Tony M
Kingston, Ontario, Canada   CAN
I use Mobil 1 15W-50, I'm happy and the six is too (change it once a year before storing for the winter). I use Mobil 1 in my other 3 cars and Amsoil in my diesel tractor. I put synthetic fluids in everything that holds and uses oil (gear boxes, diff's, power steering, axles, transmissions and small engines...all Amsoil).

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gtener Avatar
gtener Greg Tener
Langley, BC, Canada   CAN
Brad Penn 20/50 here also. No problems.

edfmay Edwin May
Loveland, Colorado, USA   USA
I listened to the experts and went with Brad Penn 20/50. It has the highest concentration of zink and sulphur for our flat tappet engines.
This is what the Roadster Factory recommends.

A. Bradley Aaron Bradley
Erwin, TN, USA   USA
1969 Jaguar E-Type 2+2 "The Jag"
1975 Triumph TR6 "The TR"
Redline 10w-60 here.

Patrick67 Avatar
Patrick67 Pat L
farfaraway, Qu├ębec, Canada   CAN
Valvoline VR1 20/50 ZDDP already in it....


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Tonyfixit Avatar
Tonyfixit Tony M
Duncan, British Columbia, Canada   CAN
There is a very good article in the Library on this site on this very subject, written by a man knowledgeable AND with credentials.

I became interested in lubricants 20 odd years ago and took it upon myself to learn a little about engine and transmission lubricants. I thought I would have the subject 'nailed' in a week. But, Decades later I now know enough to know how little I know!

Motor oil is a complex suject!!

Yet people STILL rely on the expertise of people like the 'the guy behind the counter' at Autozone, a sales pitch to buy a boutique brand sold by a parts suppier or what their father always used to use 40 years ago.

ZDDP is a buzz word when oil is talked about in classic car circles these days.
Most people do not know what it is, or how it works within a formulation. But the Government wants it reduced, So some people think more of it must be better!
Snake oil manufacturers (that need not meet any certification ) sell a formulation of it as an additive, presumably to people who would arbitrarily just add a teaspoon of salt to a chefs stew, not caring that it has already been seasoned to perfection.

In a formulation ZDDP is Cheap! If it was beneficial to use the maximum allowed amount* manufacturers would do so. However, just like a chef's soup, a formulation does not depend on one component or ingredient.

*the maximum allowed depends on the classification of oil, Passenger car, or Heavy Duty

gbtr6 Perry Rondou
Titletown, Wisconsin, USA   USA
Second the Shell Rotella T4. I talked to an engineer at She'll and it not only has a high zinc content, it also is high in phosphates, good detergent properties, and also resists moisture. I have had great success with it. After break in that is.


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okanagan tr8 Avatar
okanagan tr8 Gary Stoutenburg
Kelowna, Canada   CAN
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