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accuspark ignition , would like some thoughts.

Posted by rsswoods 
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russell woods
claremore,ok, USA   usa
i have changed my running points and condensor system with the accuspark electronic ignition sytem. i can only get a baby spark out of the plugs(yes i checked more than one.)ihave 12v to the coil,the coil has 3.8 ohms and i have ran through the trouble shooting guide a couple times and i still cant find anything that would cause such a weak spark. anyone have an idea to throw at me.anyone have any experience with these units.thanks, my tr6 is a 73 model(i'm running a non-ballast system in it)and its original color is british racing MALLARD BLUE green.

poolboy Avatar
Ken D
Sandy Hook, Mississippi, USA   usa
Are the plugs clean and what do have them gapped at ?

russell woods
claremore,ok, USA   usa
Ken, thanks for asking. i am up and running! finally.after many hours of frustration and dissapointments,here's what i did.i put the points back in.tried both coils that i have. i went with the heavy-duty lucas looks like it came out of a truck.i pulled out all the plugs,cleaned them,re-gapped and tested them each with different gaps until i have monster spark. some were .025 some took a little more. only #3 i didnt get a huge spark on. then i flooded the SU's with 'petrol'and it lit right up. so then i took the points out,,i refitted the accuspark pickup in the dizzy and restarted the 6. this time the carbs were puffing blue flames everytime i revved it up.advanced the timing a couple times and the popping went away. so now the old guy idled back down pretty smoothly and all is well.the next thing i am going to do is ditch those dern champion plugs and get some bosches. i am happy with the accuspark now. tomorrow,maybe put the seat in and take it for a spin.

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poolboy Avatar
Ken D
Sandy Hook, Mississippi, USA   usa
I really do like Champion RN12YC for pretty much stock engines. .025 with points and at least .030 with Hall effect ignitions.

Mike Dugger
Mt Juliet, USA   usa
Or NGK's, they worked for me. I keep two sets, one in a six hole block of wood on my bench for comparison purposes.

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