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ShortBulge Brian LeBlanc
Falls Church, Virginia, USA   USA
...looking at a J Type Overdrive

- car not running/moving etc

- any spot checks to see if there's any chance of it actually working ?

- figure a core is worth...$400 ??

- probably a previous post that covers this ..somewhere

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Tonyfixit Avatar
Tonyfixit Tony M
Duncan, British Columbia, Canada   CAN
I can't think of a way of testing it other than spining it.

You could remove the filter and see what is in it. You could power the solenoid to see if it goes click.

Difficult to put a value on it. Do you feel lucky?

M. Pied Lourd Pied Lourd
Ontario, Canada   CAN
Others may argue ( and that's fine cool smiley ), but I usually don't see many things too wrong with the OD unit itself...they are pretty robust. The gearbox on the other hand, often may needs work with syncros/top hat bushings etc.

If you are very very lucky, $400 is a steal for an OD box in unknown condition ( if it is complete and not missing switches/solenoide etc. etc.) I think you are more likely to find them in the $1000-1500 range ....


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ShortBulge Brian LeBlanc
Falls Church, Virginia, USA   USA
Wow...$1k for Un-known condition!

Atl TR6 Avatar
Atl TR6 Bruce W
Braselton, Georgia, USA   USA
In reply to # 1495810 by ShortBulge Wow...$1k for Un-known condition!

That's a true statement............
My 74 came w/o an OD. One lucky day, a couple of years back, I saw someone post they were giving away their OD transmission..... as they were moving and didn't want to transport it. They had done the Toyota conversion.
They lived 40 minutes away and I made it there in 30 minutes! Their car was a 74 also.....only 200 vin #s apart from the OD was a perfect match.

When I took the transmission into the local British shop, they offered me $1000 for it asis. I declined. I opted for them to xfr the OD to my standard transmission that they had rebuilt only a year or so prior.

While the OD transmission was still cost me $700-900 in labor to remove parts from one transmission and xfr to another. The main shafts are different and require dismantling gearbox. I had provided the rebuild kit and a new clutch. The OD clutch alone was $200 after exchange from Rimmers. I ended up putting over a grand into the free OD. I'd do it again. Makes a huge difference in the driving experience.

1974 base TR6 Emerald Green "Emmy"
(with J-O/D added)

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glcaines Avatar
glcaines Silver Member Gary Caines
Hiawassee, Georgia, USA   USA
What does the current owner of the overdrive unit say? Did he say it was a working takeout? For $400.00 I would buy it regardless.

Current: 1973 TR6 W/Overdrive

1963 TR3B W/Overdrive
1962 TR3A
1961 TR3A
1960 TR3A
1960 TR3A

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