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Hathaway/Hunter TR6-based kit cars

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Mail From: Jamie & Cheri Palmer <(email redacted)>

Saw the recent thread on the Hathaway on eBay and had to chime in. I've
been in love with this body shape for a long time now (remember, beauty
is in the eye of the beholder for those who don't feel the same way...)
and have actually tried to purchase the molds twice. They are for sale
again, currently located in Germany...if anyone's interested I'll pass
them the necessary info. I've tried to make a business case for buying
them and using some other, more recent chassis, but the hood is too
narrow for a V-6 (I was thinking mini-pickup), and I don't think a 4
would sell well. Anyway, if anyone knows of an unloved Hathaway or
Hunter kit, preferably not started on, please let me know.

Back to lurk mode...

Jamie Palmer
Raleigh, NC
72 TR6

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