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I've had my 1960 TR3 since 1969. MY wife Marianne and I dated in this car and she married me anyway! In that time, I've made a few modifications to it. Some of you may know it as "The Blue Meanie", the TR3 with the tilt up hood, Brooklands windscreens and covered back "seat". In addition, I write a monthly column for Autobooks magazine called "Road Trippin'" and have put several of the columns into a book of the same name. It's available through my website or Amazon. On top of that, I've been the head disorganizer of an annual replacement drive for the old No Frills Iron Bottom. For details, email me.

Personal Vehicle Registry

1960 Triumph TR3A Blue W white Stripe Steve McCarthy

1960 Triumph TR3A
"The Blue Meanie"

1 Vehicles -- Total mileage: 16,777,215 mi (27,000,310 km) -- Average age: 1960

Member Journal – Road Trippin' With Steve McCarthy

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The Road Uncorked Wrap Up

Posted on: Friday April 11, 2014

From the top of Camino Cielo

Road Trippin’ with Steve McCarthy Well, the dust has settled, the brakes have cooled, the radiators have stopped steaming and another successful Drive has ended. And what a drive it was. To close it all out, I thought a few random observations would be in order. First, the food. Oh. My, God. Did we eat. And eat. And EAT! First stop was in Buellton at (of course) Pea Soup Anderson’s. Never a bad idea. Their soup is hearty, the salads are fresh and are perfect for a mid-day nosh when y...

Day Three San Miguel

Posted on: Tuesday April 1, 2014

Vegetarians need not apply

Road Trippin’ with Steve McCarthy Day Three of our Further Adventures Along the Central Coast will involve the usual eclectic nature of California backroads and the best damn steak you’ve ever had! Yes, folks, that means Jocko’s in Nipomo. It’s not really that far away, so you can sleep in, get a small breakfast (save room for STEAK!) and take a leisurely pace. I’ve talked about Jocko’s before, but it bears repeating. The place has been there since 1898 or so, Jocko sold boo...

Road Trippin’ With Steve McCarthy-San Miguel, Day 2

Posted on: Thursday March 6, 2014

Well, it’s March. Already. That means we have to get serious about Road Trips. Last month, we detailed Day One of a return to the Central Coast of California, Let’s look at Day Two this month. I purposely made Day Two a shorter one. This will give you a chance to make plenty of stops along the way. Stops you say? For what? Well, WINERIES for one! The Central Coast has begun to seriously rival the Napa Valley as a serious wine growing region. The wineries produce the usual suspects (Cab...

Road Trippin'-San Miguel And The CA Coast

Posted on: Saturday February 1, 2014

The best roads are the ones where they don t paint

Road Trippin’ with Steve McCarthy In California, we are blessed with some of the best backroads driving in the world. The variety is endless. Long tire-shedding desert roads to see just HOW fast she’ll go, tight, twisty mountain roads for the handling freaks, and some of the most gorgeous and varied scenery imaginable. Constant Reader will know that in particular, we have a fondness for the Central Coastal area. The number of drives we’ve chronicled here may seem obsessive, but, there...

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