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1978 Triumph 1500 Inca Yellow Anthony Kurilla

1978 Triumph 1500

1996 Ford Ranger Pickup

2 Vehicles — Total mileage: 215,088 mi (346,151 km) — Average age: 1987
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Carb Rebuild

Posted on: Friday March 13, 2015

Sending off to have my carb completely redone. Also having a heat shield sent back with the rebuild to help with vapor lock during the summer. I will most likely get an electric temp controlled fan to help as well since it does hit over 100 several days a year.

New Radiator!

Posted on: Friday March 13, 2015

Purchased a new champion aluminum radiator and installed it. The lower hose seems to fit better now as an added bonus.

New Distributor....attempted

Posted on: Friday August 9, 2013

I tried to mount the new dizzy I have had siting in the garage for ABOUT 3 MONTHS! First time I have tried putting one in so it was a learning experience. I ended up finding out m battery was toast in the process as the new dizzy would not seat and wore the battery completely down. At least the battery should not give out soon now. I put the old dizzy back on and re-timed the engine. I got yellow touch-up paint and marked the timing gashes on the pulley so it was easier to see. That he...

Wheel Bearing Re-check

Posted on: Friday June 28, 2013

When I hit 40-50 mph I get a shimmy in the front end sometimes. I thought my bearing repack may have been a bit loose so I removed the wheels and re-checked the gap on the nut and it seems good but when I shook the hub I noticed a little play on one side. Looks like a front-end rebuild kit for the suspension is in order so that will go on my to-do list. I still need to rebuild my hood frame and mount the new hood as well. Everything in time.

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