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Painting is done !

Refinished the dash with walnut burl, it looks great. Body was separated from the frame and placed on the rotisserie. Floors, sills, fenders, A and B-posts are done. Frame/jig on the rotisserie worked out great, nothing moved or twisted. Cleaning up welds on the bottom side now. Frame has been treated with internal frame coat, Now painted with AG111 MasterSeries frame paint kit. O/D transmission rebuilt. Motor run and test of the overdrive transmission completed.
Lots of progress being made....

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Warming Up

Posted on: Friday January 19, 2018

Well only slightly, it got up to around 38degF today, so I gave the daily driver a bath at the car wash, but the garage floor was still pretty cold. So didn't get much done. I went around all corners of the car and made sure all the brake fittings were tight (found several loose still). I also made sure all the cotter pins were in place (two missing). With that done, I should be ready to fill and bleed the brakes and clutch.

Got To The Bottom Of My Muffler Alignment Problem

Posted on: Wednesday January 17, 2018

This is a picture of a 80 1500 for sale in the U

I presented my problem to the greater TriumphExp group and got various responses, but never one from a U.K. or Rest Of World Spitfire owner. A link to the thread is here:,1507839 After, more googling, I found my answer: The Euro version of the frame/chassis doesn't have any of the extensions rearward from the differential, much like the GT-6. I did some searching and found several pictures of a 1980 1500 for sale in the U.K. Fortunately th...

Finishing Up The Weber Carb

Posted on: Friday January 12, 2018

New idle jets going in

The carb parts showed up this week so I was able to finish assembling the Weber carb this evening. The kit included a new gasket for the choke assembly so I pulled the housing apart and installed it. I then mounted the new power valve and jets with new o-rings. The new power valve holds a vacuum like it should now. I then mounted the needle valve and float and checked the height (41mm for the metal floats). Using a new gasket, I tried to mount the top of the carb, but found I installed on...

A Good Day With The Spitfire

Posted on: Friday January 12, 2018

Brake lines routed and ready Still need to make t

I got some time to work on the Spitfire today. The temperature was 60deg today, but a cold front rolled through with rotten weather and it is now down to 14deg! Quite a change in a short time. I finished up the brake line routing, everything is now ready to tighten up. I still need to make a bracket that will hold the unions and provide a standoff mount too the clutch line. I also finished running the fuel line in the engine bay. I then completed the assembly of the front brakes, moun...

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