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Been working on my GT6 since the day I bought it back in 95. The PO I saved it from claimed it was 'paint ready'-we've all heard that in one form another! Lots of rust, bondo, and rust. Did I mention rust?
I drove it for 2 years while it rusted further and I collected funds to buy needed body panels.
Back then I purchased floors, rockers, and a battery tray, but never got much chance to actually work on it.
Now 17 years later and a donor tub I am up to my ears in work. I always say 'One of these days I'll drive it again' and I really am getting closer. Much of the work I have put into the car has happened since 2009.
Rusted out floor pans, rockers, heelboard, trunk floor, quarter panels...the usual. But also needing replacement were the lower firewall sections, the firewall shelf, rear valance, rear emblem panel, upper and lower A-pillars, dash frame, outer wheel wells, and the lower corners of the windshield frame. Yeah, pretty much the whole tub. Maybe I shoulda used it as a parts car?

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Rear Bumpers

Posted on: Wednesday August 3, 2016

Didn't accomplish as much this past week as I would have liked, but here you go. I dug out my rear bumpers, which I had stored fully assembled--thank goodness. With my "organizational skills" I'd be lucky to find all the hardware otherwise. You'd think I'd learn. First item of business, I disassembled them and chased all of the threads with PBblaster and a tap, as well as the mounting points in the boot.

More Upholstery

Posted on: Thursday August 11, 2016

Since I work nights I frequently need to stay up all night at least one night a week after days off to get back on schedule. Fortunately my mom was ok with me hanging out at her place all night so I could play with the sewing machine. I had some time to play with it yesterday afternooon, getting the feel for the vinyl and the machine--sorta. It's really touchy. The pedal has a very wide range of motion, but the control band is very narrow and easy to get it going too fast too quickly. I'll ge...

Passenger QP Prep

Posted on: Friday August 12, 2016

With the loose hinge taken care of I can now focus on the QP and get the door gaps set so I can complete the work on the passenger side door. I discovered the QP protruded just a little too much beyond the welding flange at the rear, so I needed to add a little metal.

More Upholstery-Pt II

Posted on: Thursday August 18, 2016

Abby decided to try her hand at measuring. All she had to say was "Seven!"

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