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1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500

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Posted on: Monday November 19, 2012

Half Done

16-Nov-12 Tub half way. 800 grit, now starting on front half, then to 1200 grit on the whole tub. Checking with Eastwood for paint code 19 which is Pure White. Seeing if they have a match for it.

Oct. 1 2012

Posted on: Monday October 1, 2012

IMG 1146

Just starting the rebuild of putting things back together. Will be working on the body next. Will try to get it started in the next month or two to see if everything works, before painting the body and putting back on. Used Eastwood Extreme Chassis black primer and paint for the body. Still have the seats to redo.


Posted on: Wednesday January 11, 2012

IMG 0721

The stage that I'm at at this time. Getting stuff torn down. First time have ever gone this far on a car, so should be interesting. Cleaned all the carpet and refurbished dash, arm rest, top and painted other parts, water pump housing, thermostat housing, and etc. Working on heater at this time.

Aug 15th In Garage

Posted on: Tuesday January 10, 2012

IMG 0347

Will probable only be posting pictures and maybe a few comments as I go along. I think it is in pretty good shape, hardly any rust at all.

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