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  Rebuilding Ignition Switch On Late Spitfire — 2018-01-06
If all else fails. Those switches work by a sliding quarter size copper washer, cut off square on ...


  Installing The Rear End — 2017-12-31
All, lots of us have struggled with and in most cases won ageist the heavy lump that turns the wheel...
  Late Spitfire Radiator Fan Wiring — 2017-12-27
This is the wiring harness for the radiator fan. Some of the white wires supplied a couple of thing...
  Plan "A" On 10 Fuse Panel — 2017-12-12
Starting the 10 spade fuse box installation today. It will be going in the old position but I do ha...
  Upgraded Poly Bushings For Trunnion — 2017-12-03
Doing some experimenting with Energy Suspension Poly to replace the rear trunnion on the Spit6. I m...
  Installing The Heart — 2017-11-27
Today was a big event for the Spit6. It received it's heart and along with that all the drive train...
  Installing Drain Plug In Rearend. — 2017-09-16
I decided to do this under the car, as most will be in that situation. Mine was almost empty, as it...
  Dash Almost Finished. — 2017-03-19
I have most of the dash ready to install, that will be the easy part. Getting all the wiring where ...
  Making A New Dash — 2017-03-09
OK, you guys have officially shamed me into doing my dash. This is the start, as it's a '78 Spit6, ...


  More Gears Part 3 — 2016-12-06
The lay gear will come out now, the large thrust washer goes in the front and the small in the back,...
  Front Gear Parts, Part 2 — 2016-12-06
Moving to the front, the first synchronizer should have already fell out of the front off the hub. ...
  Tear Down Of Gearbox Part 1 — 2016-12-06
Will do this in several post. Did a tear down of the GT6 transmission today. Getting to the main s...
  Moved Grill Forward. — 2016-11-16
Here is the thread in the Spitfire Forum A little different look.
Rear Fender Seam Delete — 2016-10-27
  Trunk Or Boot Corner Rot. — 2016-10-12
The trunk lid was my last body work of any serious concern. Most of the corners on any rusty trunk...
  Brake Line Problem — 2016-10-10
A little plumbing in the brake department was necessary as the lines from the master to the PDWA val...
  GT6 Doors And Hardware — 2016-09-28
Got the body back on the frame today, setting on old sheets to protect from over spray. As I will b...
  Starter Cutout. — 2016-09-22
The starter on the GT6 engine is on the right side, so the cut out for the Spitfire doesn't do the t...
  Getting The Body In Shape. — 2016-09-22
Spitfire First off, not all of us have a big garage with a lift, so getting the car body up for rep...

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