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Earlier pis of interior tear down Floors are in r
Got a few good hours in over the weekend and even got the wife to help me on Sunaday (she asked if we could work on it)! Continued with the interior tear down, got the driver's seat, center console, bad carpets, and most of the dash out. Struggling a bit with getting the hazard light switch pulled from the dash though. The map light in the dash lower trim is also being a PITA. Bought the wife a new sewing maching, some foam, and vinyl, and she couldn't wait to use them on the interior bits. Made some progress in my engine bay as well. Got the manifolds removed (need to replace the exhaus...

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17th June 2017: Completing New Fuse box. No it's not crooked, the angle of the photo makes it look odd. 23rd June 2017: changed 3" long exterior wood screws for 3½" long exterior wood screws to hold wooden fuse box mountings together. Total cost of fuse box work $298.

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The base material is aluminium
My '76 2500 TC has had one owner and travelled 33,000 klms. Unfortunately late in it's life it was stored outside near the sea and has "rust worm" over much of the top surfaces. This and rust around the wheel arches meant a full rub down and prep for re-paint. I recently bought a rust free door and bonnet to cut down on work, The originals needed a lot of welding etc. While I was collecting these the chap offered a bunch of 2.5 PI wheel covers, all in pretty rough condition. After practising a process I set about stripping, polishing and painting the best ones. A lot of metal tapping to remov...

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1974 TR6
I had the motor in my 1974 TR6 rebuilt in 2015 to a high compression (9.5+) spec with Goodparts GP2 cam and roller rockers. The rebuild was done by Richard Good. I retained the original dual ZS carburetors, which I rebuilt. Richard helped me put together a 4 page work list that amounts to considerably more than the simple head work I originally contemplated. My TR6 had 128,000 miles at the time of motor re-build. My work list includes: Shave head and true block for 9.5 CR Mill head, three angle intake valve job Machine intake manifold for better flow. Clean up exhaust mani...


Speed log from my best lap time on Blackhawk Farms
During the lunch breaks over the race weekend I was able to take the Lil Spit on the track. Max speed of 70mph and passing only on the main straight. There were probably 20+ cars on the track of varying vintage. The Spitfire was a blast to drive, good acceleration, great handling in the turns. I was held up behind a AC Cobra through the turns, but he easily pulled away from me on the front straight where I was allowed to pass. I was a bit harder on the car while touring as I did shift several times from 3rd - 4th at 5500rpm. Oil is noticeably darker now. Check out the logging dat...


After the carb rebuild I knew I needed to take a look at the valve clearances and the engine timing. 7 out of 8 of the valves had no clearance and 1 was correct at 0.010" I set all the valve clearances to 0.010" and moved to engine timing. I have and electronic ignition so I first started with all vacuum capped on the carb and distributor and checked the timing at idle. Idle was high at 1000rpm and I just at or below 24* BTDC. I reconnected the vacuum line between the carb and the distributor, which brought the timing to about 12-14* BTDC. As I brought up the rpms the timing drifted ...


For some psychotic reason I decided to test the bypass valve. Idiot that I am, I tested it with a screwdriver, and proceeded to poke a nice hole in the diaphragm. Oops. So, a rebuild kit is on order. D'oh! That's OK, because I needed to replace a few more pieces that didn't come from SpitBits (caveat emptor), so I had to order a full rebuild kit from Rimmer Bros instead. (Also caveat emptor). Their full rebuild kit contains some additional brass pieces not included in any other rebuild kit I could find, so at least there's that. And while I was ordering from overseas I ...


Most of the interior torn out
Wife finally went away for a few days, and it gave me a chance to dive a bit further into the car. Couple of issues are bugging me. 1) Battery keeps dying - I have a bad high beam switch which I think is part of the issue, but I also think my hood might be shorting across the top of the battery. I need to look a bit more into that now that the battery is topped back up 2) Wiring Mess! - There's a bunch of wires all over the place that I need to go through and clean up. I've changed my plan a bit from a driving resoration to a bit more detailed tear down and rebuild. I really want to unde...


Distributor out it looks pretty crusty outside
Happy Father's day to those of us who are fathers, I hope you have all enjoyed your day today and got to do what YOU wanted to do today. I got all my good wishes from my kids and wife, and got to leisurely work on my car so it was a great day. I pulled the distributor out, it was pretty crusty on the inside and outside so I decided it needed a good cleaning. I disassembled everything, unfortunately I broke one of the screws that holds the vacuum advance housing to the distributor. Fortunately I had an extra from the multiple Spitfire distributors I have. Between a wire brush, Scotch Bri...


Getting the car up on stands so I can get the new
With the bonnet done, I had some time to work on the MGB. I got the new gear driven starter installed. Initially I worried that the battery connections were on the opposite side from the original as the battery feed cable wouldn't reach. I was able to create some slack by lossening the clamps that hold the cable and brake lines under the car. I slid the whole cable about an inch toward the front of the car. Still plenty for the battery connection and enough to reach the terminal lug. Starter installed, I dressed the wires with some spiral wrap and put the original plastic cover over ...


Propping the bonnet up so he can start stripping
I finished up the bonnet over the last couple of days. I cleaned up all the welds and gave them a couple of coats of primer. I finished that all up on Thursday evening. I spent Friday working on getting the MGB going. Today, my youngest son and I loaded the bonnet on the truck and I dropped it off with the painter. He has been distracted by life and work lately so hasn't made a lot of progress. He hopes to get back to it next week. It was good to see all the progress in person though.


IMG 0992
Changed Geraldine's gearbox fluid on 6/16/17. Found the the box was full prior to draining. Slight sheen on oil deemed normal. SOme filings on the drain plug magnet, also hoping to be normall


I started tearing down the first carburetor today. First, I did a preliminary cleaning - by scraping with a plastic scraper. Wow, a lot of gunk came off. Mostly oil, and some dirt, and some dirty oil and some oily dirt. Then I started the teardown proper. Unfortunately, neither manual that I have describes the exact model carburetor that is on The Beast (I think they're Stromberg CD 150s). As a result I had to "ad lib" the disassembly and just went top to bottom, right to left. In the end, though, I couldn't get the float bowl off. I really don't want to "pry" it off, as I've rea...


12th June 2017 More work on New Fuse Box 16th June 2017 More work on new Fuse Box 17th June 2017 Yup, you guessed it. More work on new fuse box!


IMG 9078
I have owned my 1973 Triumph Spitfire since 2011. It is in very good condition. Mileage 107000. DMV renewal payment 82.00 has been paid for 2017. Smog exempt. Insurance 187. a year. I am moving to a retirement home where transportation is provided.

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