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I am planning to upgrade my alternator to a 60 amp unit. Of course the original was a 30 amp and my car (1972) came with an ammeter. I didn't want to use a volts gauge so I decided to see what I could do with the original ammeter. This is the 60 amp ammeter I started with. This is what the insides of the 60 amp ammeter looks like after I got it out of its case. You can see the black ...

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102 1198 2
I have included the photo of the thermostat piece that would not fit in my last post. In my first post I said that I thought I was the only one to buy one of these bell housings. What led me to believe that were the Clutch, flywheel and starter instructions that came with it. The instructions were a photocopy of some handwritten notes from a spiral bound notebook. The spiral spring copied beautifully. No specific instructions were there, only three "suggestions". Two of the three suggestions would not physically work because a Rabbit flywheel isn't large enough in diameter to reach the star...

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Suspension pieces on the rack
This weekend was a little short of available time to work on the Herald. I moved the frame out of the way to set up a rack to hold all the suspension pieces that had been cleaned up a media blasted over the past week. Two coats of epoxy primer on Saturday and two finish coats on Sunday. I was able to get the rear spring apart so the individual leafs could be prepped for primer. The smaller pieces were soaked in evaporust and cleaned up very well. I was going to media blast them but they look so good that I just wiped them down with pre- painting prep and painted those as well. The ou...


20161230 184157
Just popped in to see the progress on the body work. Being a newbie to this process, I was only somewhat prepared for the overages! Body mounts, sills, battery box, doors and the fixing continues. After returning home, I asked my hubby to take off the windshield frame from our parts car so I could change it out on the restore as it was discovered that the bottom section was rotted out due to a seal leak. So, that's what New Years Eve looked like for us!


Dec 3 2016 blasting day
My body guy took advantage of the nice weather and had most of the car blasted.


Nov 16 2016 before photo
Finally stripped down and sent to the body shop to spend the winter getting all prettied up!


The weather is colder again, so spent the time on Saturday getting the basement cleaned up and organized for the next series of tasks. I also got some of the same done in the garage. Today I wet sanded the glossy coat with 1000 then 2000 grit paper, then wiped it clean with a slightly damp microfiber cloth and left it to dry. I then got four more coats of glossy on and will let that harden. No useful pics, nothing new to show. Little bits of progress.


I bought a new 3 point seat belt to replace the god awful universal one that the PO installed. The one that was installed had a 5 inch cable that dug into my ribs and that puts the belt above my stomach. Unwearable and unsafe. All of the bolts went into threaded ports on the body, which was awesome. The console one came out easily, as did the upper harness mount point and the retract bolt. The outboard body mount one was really hard to remove (on both sides). Eye bolts replace the lap points, with carabiner clip. We installed it backwards at first, but the the clips made it easy ...


Got most of the electric installed in my garage this weekend. Previously, there was only one sad 60-watt bulb and two outlets, both already taken by the garage door openers! Now, I have two banks of overhead LEDs (only in the "Triumph bay", not in the other one, mind you), and what I think is 100-amp service to the garage. There's a new circuit breaker box with 5 independent 20-amp circuits (not all installed yet.) Only a week to go until I actually HAVE the car!


Looks like I've got another issue to wade through in the somewhat near future. Need to get new shafts. My carbs do not have any identification tags, and digging through the info at spitbits all Nigel shows is year/comm# ranges, nothing by carb model. Haven't dug through any other suppliers yet. I've got a pile of CD150 carbs also. Perhaps now is as good a time as any to refurbish a set of those, if I can find all the needed bits. Anyway, I had some help adjusting my carbs today. Got the idle down to maybe 12 or 1300 but it stumbles when rev...


TR6 Jan 14
Let's see I bought the TR6 in 2008 thinking it would be done real quick, this is 9 years later. Moved to multiple cities, divorced/married/divorced,changed jobs but never abandoned the project. I can say I am getting very close to finishing the car. I have just being finishing up all of the mechanical work, everything in this car had to be rebuilt. The front end was totally rebuilt and including the brake system.I am almost finished with the mechanical work to go back to finishing the bodywork to get the car painted. 2015 Mini-Cooper Volcano Orange is very similar to the original color ...


Winter took a respite today, so I went back to my list of open items. The drivers side headlamp seems to have been broken by a misalignment of the bonnet to the fender, and cracked in two at the adjustment points. It comes black, and I primed it with rustoleum red, and then glossy maroon that is pretty close to the paint. It did not come with hardware, and I foolishy assumed I could reuse the existing bits. I forgot about the PO's history here. The old stud bolts had been grinded off, and drilled out. It appears that PO couldn't reseat the assembly with the light in the case, so he...


It finally stopped raining and the sun was coming
The weather has been fantastic this last week. Today I saw 73degF, official temp was 71 and that beat the previous record by 4 deg, amazing. I took advantage of that and took care of some things in the garage. I wanted to get the body cleaned off, so I rolled the frame outside and parked it in the sun for after the morning rain stopped, nice to see it outside. I pulled the body (still on the rotisserie) out and gave it a good spray down with the pressure washer. I got rid of a lot of grime that I hadn't cleaned before and a lot of caked on grease. I also pulled the bonnet out and did t...


Rear power center
When collecting parts from a salvage yard at the early stages of my build, I new I would need fuses and relays, as my car at that time did not have any. All original wiring was either missing or trashed on the car. So I had to find a use for this little 4 fuse and 2 relay module that I had picked up, (might have been from a Jeep), I cannot actually remember exactly what it came from. Anyway decided to mount it in the rear quarter section of the car to run the electric fuel pump and the heated rear window, at present there are two spare fuse sections,but both relays have been used.

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