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Chassis Internal Protection
27th April 2017 Determined to do something, anything, to my Vitesse today, went into my garage and applied this stuff to the inside of my chassis, through the factpry access holes, and also some to my left hand. It seems like it will be VERY good inside the main rails, especially at the rear low points where they like to rust. After getting it on my hands and face, because I'm too damn stubborn to put on my chemical warfare gloves and mask, I tried to get this incredibly sticky stuff off, swarfega, no, washing up liquid, no, denatured alcohol aka Methylated Spirit, no, Acetone, more success...

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The TDA is a misleading prefix. It sounds like an MG, often confusing even the experiences Triumph expert. (hello Ray). Triumph started as early as Henry Ford, about 1905. I do not wish to recall history to much. This is a found car. I did not wish for it, long for it, or want one, until it came to me one day about 8 years ago. Today 4/24/17: I uncovered the car. It has been on the trailer covered with about 4 tarps and a tent since I got it. It is an it, not a woman or a girl or a guy. It is a car or an automobile, nothing else. I do not love IT. I simply respect it for what it is, an o...

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Made some healthy progress over the Ohio winter. The frame is basically complete at this stage short of a few last welds, grinding, and clean-up prior to paint. The upper and lower A-arms for all four corners are fabricated, the front Cobra brake parts are on the shelf as well as the SVO brakes for the rear and the four coil over shocks. A stock TR6 steering rack works perfectly for the new track width and the SN95 Mustang front spindles...bump steer is in check and the camber gain/loss worked out great. Plenty of adjustment in the inner suspension mounts to change angles, roll center, etc...

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"No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy." The plan tonight was to process some recent purchases and start to drill out the screws at the back of the starter yoke. I bought new starter bearings (bushings) and brushes, a whole new starter ("rebuildable", and a rare GT6 air cleaner cover. Strangely, the air cleaner cover still had original, dirty (!) air cleaners in it. I can't decide if should immediately chuck them or sell them on ebay to someone who collects the things. I did wind up processing the purchases, and finally made the "intro to The Beast" video I should've m...


CW s sender float next travel area
8.25" arm travel is too much, the image below shows how I figured where to set that arm for full tank, I need a 7.25" travel, with vapor room, and the station pump shuts off an inch below the top of the tank, so that's where I want the float to stop at, and the gas gauge to read the 4/4 position. This did work. The top 1/4 of the tank drops quicker than the quarter in the center, the bottom 1/4 dropped quicker too, but I had empty and full on the gauge. I learned about ohms, how the gauge reacted. I wanted the E to be E when the sender had 222 ohms, the 4/4 when the sender had 20 ohms. I moved...


image posted to spit gt6 216kb
Added a gallon or so of gasoline in the tank, to drive to the station. Took photos of the gas pump delivery at each gallon and gas gauge registering each of those gallons. I still have changes to make, test was almost perfect, but not quite. This image is the gas gauge positions as the tank fills up. Almost to the 4/4. I have a few things to learn yet, how these should work (another adventure). My 7.5 Gal tank took on almost 9 gallons? No, the station wasn't holding back, the book was posting Imperial measurement, read that on the forum too.


IMG 4865 wiring start
When filling up the gas tank, the pump nozzle would shut off, but my fuel gauge registered only 3/4 tank. Reading comments on the forum discussed gauge calibrations, electrical power stabilizer checks, changes mostly out of my understanding, and tool box items. I thought if mfg did their job then it must be the sender, that's where I looked for the problem. Never seen inside this tank, or the sender, how it worked (or didn't) is another adventure. My tank was almost empty, time to do it. I Removed electrical wires, and the sender after reading about the ring that turns releasing the plate. Pry...


My Bentley book didn't state valve clearance hot or cold, so I set the valve clearances to .010" cold. I ran the engine for several miles and returned, pulled the cover and checked the valve clearance hot with a feeler gauge. They were at .011" & .012". I thought I made a mistake setting the gap so I re-set them again cold. Increasing valve gap was against thermal expansion as I remembered it, but what I didn't know was some spitfires act opposite. The rocker pedestals might cause the valve clearance to get wider as they heat up. My valve's clearance was not dropping to .008" they went increas...


After much searching, I finally obtained an original Stanpart Radio Speaker box, from England, to match the radio bracket and period radio. Plans are to have the radio rebuilt with modern internals, so it looks completely original, get a modern high quality 2 way speaker inside the speaker box Then install them. I presently have an inexpensive pair of speakers in the footwells, which I will also replace with a much better high quality pair. A small company in England are producing fuse boxes for the Triumph Stag that take modern ATO/ATC blade fuses. My own fuse box holder was made...


100 2527
Pre 10- 25 - 14. My son, Cole, is nearing the legal driving age, and the time honored question "what will I drive" has left the theoretical, and become a real, practical question. I wont go into the months and months long debate that led to the choice, but - in the end, he decided on a round tail Spitfire. He wanted to "earn" the car with sweat equity, and learn a thing or 2 about cars in the process. I was leaning toward a 2004 Corolla - but my first car was a 1972 Spitfire Mk IV - that I earned with sweat equity and $300. The sweat equity was BECAUSE it was $300. So, I was (all to ea...


20170425 180735
The local FLAPS swapped my battery. It was less than 3 months old and already dead. Problem solved. Additionally, I have not been able to get either of my volt meters to operate beyond doing a simple continuity check so I was finally able to pick up a new one after monkeying around with these 2 for too long, (which included ordering fuses online as no one local carried them in stock-not even the shack!). I've been wondering if my alternator conversion was properly working. Putting out 14.5v at the battery terminals while running, so I must have done something right. Toyed with the carbs ...


IMG 2263
Mitch has been busy, I haven't but plan to be this weekend. The door and rear quarter panel are primed .


Finally got some time last night to look over the brakes (even had the wife invovled) she gave me an hour, so I didn't get any pics. Anyway, I got the front pads out and confirmed the calipers were working great (the retaining clips all broke from rust so that took longer than it should have) and I replaceed all the pins, clips, and plates on both sides. When I was pulling off the rear drums to inspect the wheel cylinders I had to use an impact screwdriver to ge the bolts out and the passenger side was very freely spinning. I ran out of time (stupid rusted bits, need to factor that in f...


Right rear quarter panel
The painter is back at it but sadly I am out of town so can't do much. He sent me so progress pictures of the right ear quarter panel and door. It is looking great so far.


My GT6+

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