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With the temperature rising I’m able to get in the shop for some rust repair time. Working on rear wheel arch and exterior body. The end of all the rust is in sight, if all goes well will have body soda blasted by mid February.

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Well only slightly, it got up to around 38degF today, so I gave the daily driver a bath at the car wash, but the garage floor was still pretty cold. So didn't get much done. I went around all corners of the car and made sure all the brake fittings were tight (found several loose still). I also made sure all the cotter pins were in place (two missing). With that done, I should be ready to fill and bleed the brakes and clutch.

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This is a picture of a 80 1500 for sale in the U
I presented my problem to the greater TriumphExp group and got various responses, but never one from a U.K. or Rest Of World Spitfire owner. A link to the thread is here:,1507839 After, more googling, I found my answer: The Euro version of the frame/chassis doesn't have any of the extensions rearward from the differential, much like the GT-6. I did some searching and found several pictures of a 1980 1500 for sale in the U.K. Fortunately they provided some detailed pictures of the area of the muffler mount. Without the frame member the mu...

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New idle jets going in
The carb parts showed up this week so I was able to finish assembling the Weber carb this evening. The kit included a new gasket for the choke assembly so I pulled the housing apart and installed it. I then mounted the new power valve and jets with new o-rings. The new power valve holds a vacuum like it should now. I then mounted the needle valve and float and checked the height (41mm for the metal floats). Using a new gasket, I tried to mount the top of the carb, but found I installed one of the levers from the choke assembly 180 deg out. I turned it around and then finished up assemb...


Brake lines routed and ready Still need to make t
I got some time to work on the Spitfire today. The temperature was 60deg today, but a cold front rolled through with rotten weather and it is now down to 14deg! Quite a change in a short time. I finished up the brake line routing, everything is now ready to tighten up. I still need to make a bracket that will hold the unions and provide a standoff mount too the clutch line. I also finished running the fuel line in the engine bay. I then completed the assembly of the front brakes, mounting the discs to the hubs, then put the hubs back on the axles. I snugged the nut up and the hub t...


VIVA ENGINE BAY December 20th 2017 Framed
Hello to all my readers..." A Happy New Year to Everyone " This item is a compilation of my Best Car in my Fleet... it Celebrated its 40th Birthday on January 1st , 2018. It guzzled Two gallons of Morrison's finest Petrol.... and Started purring beautifully.... after a few days of titivating it up, and service inspections were performed.... this is its history in pictures and information enclosed for your inquisitive pleasures.... so enjoy this nostalgic trip everybody. " Its the Way I tell my Stories "


Starting to put Razza back together and now I am in trouble. My external drive took a crap and I lost all my pics... Tried to recover for the last couple days and no good. Had one of my computer savvy people try and no good. The digital footprint is gone... Now I have to trust the good ole manual and pictures I find online.. Remember to back up your photo's in a good spot!!!


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Okay so I have the Dash done instruments in and the wiring loom complete - I can now finalize the wiring behind and get it all tidied up and start fitting pedal and clutch brackets etc. Dash is solid English Walnut - I intend to build a center console to match but that is in design stage at the moment.


If all else fails. Those switches work by a sliding quarter size copper washer, cut off square on two sides. A copper peg rides in the middle. The contacts have springs holding pressure on them. Over the years they tend to get gummed up. Don't know what your expertise is or what you are willing to try, so take this or leave it. Clean the floor out and put down a towel or sheet up the seat, tunnel and door area. Just in case you take things apart to quick and things go bong in the night. Unplug the battery. Mark the switch and housing with a magic ma ker, to make sure we have a put back...


It has been a long while since I've posted because it has been a long road traveled. Due to shoulder surgery, back fusion and a motorcycle accident, I haven't spent any quality time with my "girl" Sangria. Just cleaned the garage, sorted all the parts, created a Action Plan and have started MY engine to get motivated to "get er done". Because the garage heater wasn't installed before the Michigan freeze hit us, it will be awhile before the wrenches are dusted off and the work begins. Motivation is not easy to find lately. But easy has never been my style.


Getting the primary throttle shaft in
I got some additional inside time today as it's getting colder and it is impossible to get anything reasonable done out in the garage right now. I continued the reassembly of the carb. I screwed in the butterflies, but I still need to stake the screws so they can't back out. I pulled parts out of the Evaporust and finished cleaning off the remaining corrosion with scotchbrite and started mounting the levers on the primary and secondary throttle shafts. The wire rings helped getting everything back on with little fuss and in the right order. I gave the shafts and levers a little oil for ...


Testing the power valve and found it would not hol
It was just too cold yesterday, I tried to force myself out to work on the Spitfire, but after removing more snow from the roof, I was just too cold. So I took advantage of some inside work and disassembled the MGB Weber carb. I found a couple of how-tos online, so followed them and got the whole thing apart. I took lots of pictures and stored some of the critical parts in a sheet of paper marked with their locations. Something I found when I did the SU parts was to tie the levers , washers and nuts that are removed with a loop of wire. That helps when dipping them for rust removal and ...


If you have been watching this journal you will know that my shop electrical has been woefully inadequate for my needs. The last couple of months have been big steps in getting my shop prepared. Some work has been done on the TR6 so... First the electrical service is complete. A new 100 amp subpanel installed and 8 new outlets and 4 new lights installed. 2 220 outlets and dedicated welding and compressor circuits. Speaking of Compressors. I purchased a new Ingersoll Rand 60 Gallon 5 HP Two Stage Compressor. It is now installed. Also, I purchased a media blasting cabinet. I don't have an...


I have finished moving to Morton WA. I had to build a 30X36 foot finished shop. TR is in the shop and about ready to start working on it.


December 2012 Before yikes
Happy New Year to all! Still mighty cold here . It will be getting colder too. I got 3 of the 5 lines in place (clutch and front brakes). Since I'm eliminating the PDWA and replaced it with two unions, I need to make a bracket to hold the unions in place and provide a standoff location for the clamp that holds the clutch line. I had brought up some old pictures from when I disassembled this area, they provided valuable jogs to my memory so I can get this installation right. Amazing how it looked then vs now (night and day). If I can stand the cold I will try to get the other t...

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