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Removed the tail lights, trim, bumper and started sanding down a bit more. Found some rust inside the bumper so will have to take care of that. On a walk around of raza, I looked under the bonnet and I did not like the half brown and black from whenever it happened. So I decided to pull it and will start cleaning it up when the rest of the body is done. Had a good look at the radiator and I am not sure how it is hooked up as there is a control module on the side. I need to get more info on that, unless anyone who reads the journal knows anything about it... would be appreciated.

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Up on jackstands and getting the wheels off and ac
I got quite abit of time today. I installed the front running/turn signal lights and dressed the wiring. I jacked the car up and put it on stands. I pulled the wheels off and took them and the spare to my local car shop and had them take the tires off. They are all rotten so I wasn't able to get a spare out of them so it looks like I'll be ordering 5 tires. I am going to try to sand blast the rims and paint them before I have new tires mounted. I disassembled the front axles. It looks like the bearings are still good, but the rotors and pads will need to be replaced. The calipers...

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I set out today with the intention of getting my car licensed. Thankfully the DOT is literally right across the street, but I didn't get that far. I've had troubles with my turn signals, primarily that of the right ones, and not flashing or even turning on. It's not the flasher, because the left side works on the flasher clicks. So, I removed the cowls from around the steering column and loosened the switch. With the repairs I recently made I was hoping it would be something simple... Not so. See the culprit? Not gonna be able to fix it without removing it.

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Started welding the passenger side QP on but ran out of gas. No pics, sorry. They're just boring plug welds anyway. Finished up the work on my armrest. I was ready to glue the cover to the housing when I realized my car never had a boot on the e-brake handle, and I don't recall seeing them on any Mk1's--not that I have ever looked. I recovered one many years ago using that nasty cheap automotive carpet, and even then, no boot. So I got to asking around and got some pics. In the mean time I was searching through my spares looking for the parts for my front parking lamps (Lucas L594 clear b...


stripped and prepped the floor of the passenger side for paint. Used up the last of my POR-15. I've only got the foot-well of the passenger side left, so I'll likely go another route. POR-15


I'm in the middle of rebuilding my carbs and wanted to also refinish the accelerator bracket. But unfortunately the top screw holding it into the intake manifold was not coming out. So I bought a shake-n-break which all the kids say is the cat's meow, and tried it out today. Check out the results here: (Spoiler: not good...)


got much much closer this week. First of all, this is how it looked back in 2011. This is what I uncovered years prior due to a rear-end accident. In fact, it looks much better at this point as I had done a lot of reshaping in an attempt to keep from having to cut out any metal.


Strapped Abby and her carseat into my truck and headed off to swap out my empty gas bottle, only to realize halfway there I left the bottle at home. >_< Anyway, I finally got the major metalwork on the back end wrapped up. Needs some finishing, but everything lines up fairly well. Just need to grind the welds smooth. Not sure if I will try my hand at leading or just use some aluminum (aluminium?) filler my paint supply guy told me about. Lead finishing is a little expensive.


I think Abby did more on my car this week than I did. While I worked on a side project she busied herself. First off she discovered the holes for the tail lamp wires and decided to poke small items through.


The cowl around the steering column is back on
I got a few hours this evening. Since everything seems to be working well, I finished off the ignition switch and torqued the security bolts to the point where the ends broke off, it is now very solid. I also replaced the plastic cowl around the wires and switches. It looks much cleaner. I dressed some of the hanging wires below the dash. The inertial switch still needs to be replaced, I probably will put the new one in the same spot so the wires with the jumper are still hanging free. I also got behind the radio delete plate and removed all of the hanging wires and dressed the ones ...


Started sanding again and removed the front bumper, partial lights and the headlamp mounts. Couldn't get to the headlights otherwise as they are a little bent. When I removed the grill, it came out in several pieces. Looks like the pervious owners tried to hide that it was broken. Gathered up all the parts and have it back together with a coat of black paint. Doesn't look too bad. If it doesn't hold together, will try to find one. This weekend will probably pull off the quarter and front valance to sand down and clean up. I have a lot of blocking to do when I am done. There are more d...


Case vent line run
I got some time this evening to work the MGB more. I installed the breather to the air filter and a new alternator belt. The DPO had been running too small of a belt as there was no way to release the tension. I'm not sure how he got it on in the first place. I had to cut the old one off. I purchased a belt that was 1" longer and it fit perfectly with the adjustment half way out on the bar. I also reconnected the sense line to the alternator. I ran and dressed the remaining fuel lines from the tank to the pump and dressed the one to the tank with the original clamp. I had soaked th...


You may recall from an earlier post I was testing the quality of the El-dorado style carpet. The following was a floor mat I made for my van, just to see how it would hold up with frequent use. The front-side, with a few bits where the carpet balled up.


I recorded a video and it disappeared. Ugh.


New air filter installed it has a fitting for the
I got some time this afternoon to work on the MGB. I installed the air filter I got from, it fits perfectly and has a vent for the breather. I got the vent catch tank plumbed but left the line to the tank long until the tank is in. I installed the fuel pump and mounted the banjo fittings. I ran fuel line for the pump outlet and clamped that in place. I attached the small breather hose and clipped the ground wire on. I ran the inlet line and checked that it was long enough to reach the tank outlet. I installed the 4 isolation strips on the top of the tank (pr...

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