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TR6 Jan 14
The car starts right away but is has a small problem. The rear carb sounds like it is sneezing and hesitates with a poff of smoke when you rev the engine. Is it starving for gas and I need to adjust the float level? or is there something else I need to be doing? Joseph

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Before the Shelving
I finally made a deal for the additional floor space I wanted. Spent about 8 hours over two days cleaning out years of debris accumulation from the previous/current occupier. Between 6 large cleanup bags of trash, 1 1/2 pickup truck loads of cardboard, stacking a small forest of dunnage wood and consolidating product I now have enough room to work on the donor frame and have the Herald side by side. Last week I bought two cheap engine stands to use as a makeshift rotisserie. I sketched up some mounting brackets and had a shop fab them up. Its far from ideal but it puts the frame at a co...

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IMG 6159
It's been hard to get the time to work on this. Seems like something is always coming up. But over the last month or so, I have slowly but surely been able to complete little tasks that are starting to add up. In my last post, I spoke about having most if not all the components to rebuild the front suspension. But the original parts needed to be cleaned, sand blasted, primed, and painted. So that is the work that I have been doing lately. I also needed one piece welded. While I weld, my welder has been acting up, so my neighbor was kind enough to do it for me. So that's where I sit at ...

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Found a seller on eBay that has some rubber seal that worked great for sealing the rear license plate illumination plinth to the tub. Can't find the stuff from any of the usual triumph vendors, if they even have diagrams show it. It just slid right into the gap, so I may need to make a littl...


The new dash pieces cut out
I had some time to work the dash today. I got a new can of West Systems hardener and a dispensing pump. The the pump on the resin also started to act up and not deliver a consistent stream. So I disassembled it and cleaned it completely with alcohol. That did the trick and I have a working set now ready to start lamination. I have been working on filling all the nicks in each dash piece. I got some DAP Plastic Wood, that worked much better. The finish is nice and smooth now. I traced the pieces on the new ply that I got for the 2nd dash and cut all three pieces out. I wanted...


Bought a used wood dash and installed new veneer on it. The warning lights are led lamps I found on line.


IMG 0251
Added upper shirt and fabbed removable lower shirt with weld nuts. Will attach the next time the frame is upside down. Added 3 driveshaft loops including the front with a removable bottom. Finalized and primed the drivers side header....


Recreating the ruined bolt tube from steel stock
I have the frame and suspension all pulled to bits. I did some welding to fix up and strengthen the frame, and I'm priming it with MasterSeries Silver. Meanwhile I'm thoroughly disassembling the suspension, getting most of it powdercoated, and replacing the bits that wear out.


IMG 0106
Battery box installed today.


Got the patterns made up for the second set and ve
I made some progress today on the preparation of the dash. I got a set of patterns cut out so I can make another dash. I found some birch ply that I can use for it. I think I will make one so I have one with the walnut burl and the other with camphor burl to see how they turn out. I also got some MDF that I will use to laminate the parts in my vacuum bag setup. I found my West System Epoxy, but sadly the hardener dispenser doesn't work, so I will have to get another. I offered up the left and right pieces to the metal dash still on the body to make sure I drilled the new instrumen...


DSC00016 640x480
Well in 2014 most of my work was done on the engine. It is now complete and I fired it up back in December 2014, ran well on first startup. Tuned it a bit and then ordered dual DCOE 40s. Got the Webers, removed the SUs and fired up the engine again......how sweet it is! Removed the engine and put aside. Repaired the transmission and put it aside. January 2015: Now I am working on the body parts. I have one floor panel done about 90%. Will be replacing the rockers and rear fenders next (one side at a time). Slow going, just doing a little at a time and not rushing it! Well ...


Sun, 7 Jan 2017. Last Friday I drove all day to Fayettville, Ga to see my long time best friend, Kevin Dempsey. He has a treasure trove of cars and parts for TR7's. He's been in a 25 (or more) year endeavor to restore what now amounts to about 6 cars. He has 2 Rover SD1s, a TR8, a TR7 Sprint, a TR7 Coupe body shell, and several Chrysler/Dodge oddities he's also enamored with. I digress....the reason for my trip was to pick up a replacement engine for my newly acquired project, a silver 1980 TR7 DHC. Although it does run, it has engine issues, and since I had a better than good knowledg...


Well I've completely stripped my car and is now removed from the chassis , I've welded a rolling rottiserie and placed it on the tub


One sheet of the walnut will do the dash
I admit to my many sins and likes (like cars) I include wood and special wood with unique grain and scent as one of them--yes, I am a wood nut. I stopped by a local wood veneer shop today on my way home from work and found a little bit of heaven. The place is Certainly Wood in East Aurora NY (https://www.certainlywood.com ). I spoke with Greg Engle there, he was extremely helpful and patient. I was looking for walnut burl so he took me out to the warehouse where they had stacks and stacks of every veneer you could imagine. He showed me some very fine dark walnut that was exactly what I...


I pulled the York 210 Compressor off the build car to install on the rebuilt engine. I look like the loser in a cat fight. I checked the solenoid and it works. I additionally broke down all of the attachment parts and cleaned/painted them. The compressor clutch needed a new bearing and I traced that down and ordered one. I have a question to an eBay store for a rebuilt York 210, but I want to make sure the replacement compressor is R134 compatible. More to follow. I found that the compressor was rebuild for either R12 or R134. I've also found new clutch assembly as I ...

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