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Eric O USA

Author: Eric O USA
Total 454 posts - Started on 2013-12-31

Using the Eezibleed setup
I got some time this afternoon. I bled the MGB brakes using the Gunson Eezibleed I borrowed from Jeff Strong. I started at the right rear (a lot of air), then to the left rear (some air), then the right front (no air) and lastly the left front (no air). When I put the new washer on the 3-way connection that was leaking before, I introduced some air in the system. I guess I didn't get all of the air out previously (used the pedal bleed method). This time the pedal is much firmer after I was done. The true test will be a little drive. The Eezibleed is a great set-up, thanks for lett...

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Author: Dan M USA
Total 25 posts - Started on 2016-04-06

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With the temperature rising I’m able to get in the shop for some rust repair time. Working on rear wheel arch and exterior body. The end of all the rust is in sight, if all goes well will have body soda blasted by mid February.

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Peter Evans Silver Member USA

Author: Peter Evans Silver Member USA
Total 24 posts - Started on 2014-02-01

2018 01 06 15 14 08
Okay so I have the Dash done instruments in and the wiring loom complete - I can now finalize the wiring behind and get it all tidied up and start fitting pedal and clutch brackets etc. Dash is solid English Walnut - I intend to build a center console to match but that is in design stage at the moment.

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Wayne Tate USA

Author: Wayne Tate USA
Total 23 posts - Started on 2016-09-22

If all else fails. Those switches work by a sliding quarter size copper washer, cut off square on two sides. A copper peg rides in the middle. The contacts have springs holding pressure on them. Over the years they tend to get gummed up. Don't know what your expertise is or what you are willing to try, so take this or leave it. Clean the floor out and put down a towel or sheet up the seat, tunnel and door area. Just in case you take things apart to quick and things go bong in the night. Unplug the battery. Mark the switch and housing with a magic ma ker, to make sure we have a put back...

Paul Stopp CAN

Author: Paul Stopp CAN
Total 24 posts - Started on 2016-10-09

Alum dead pedal cw cardboard template
With more left over scraps of the 1/8' alum sheet I set about the build of this foot rest. With a cardboard template trimmed to profile the inside of the rocker, cowl and floor. Also allowing sufficient clearance for my foot to operate fully the clutch pedal without fouling. Transferred the cardboard template profile to the alum sheet and cut it out with an alum thin blade zip cutter. The top of the foot plate was bent with a gentle curve towards the bulkhead. The angle of the foot plate was set to mimic the angle of the pedals accept up from the floor. With this projected line a u shaped br...

carl g CAN

Author: carl g CAN
Total 27 posts - Started on 2014-10-27

right back side of the engine flexplate visible
So as described, the TR7 had an LB8 GM 60 degree V6 in it; a 2.8 NA from a 1989 Camaro/Firebird with attendant WCT5 gearbox. After having a wee bit too much fun the 2.8 developed a somewhat enigmatic knock. OK no problem. Rod bearings were due and arent rocket science. But out of the corner of my eye I noticed my empty engine bay could now host a different GM 60 degree V6: An LX9. These non-VVT 3.5L V6s were in 2005ish GM products and make 200hp as opposed to the 2.8's 135hp. They also feature fun things like roller hardware, alloy heads and generally breathed better. They are also getting ...

Hazen Wardle USA

Author: Hazen Wardle USA
Total 280 posts - Started on 2011-11-17

but that's not really saying much... Got the new shafts from Joe and they look great. Got them all installed the other day and back on the car. Fired it up and noticed right away the rev's were only 1500 now, so that's a good sign.

Jim Dwyer CAN

Author: Jim Dwyer CAN
Total 42 posts - Started on 2014-05-05

Put the car in winter storage: Hard top removed and stored in the garage rafters washed the car, tires inflated to 40 psi, battery removed and placed in the house. Let the car dry out a couple of days in the garage and then put on the car cover. 83 011 miles on the odometer.

David P Silver Member USA

Author: David P Silver Member USA
Total 76 posts - Started on 2017-02-15

So now I'm once again shaving the yak that is The Beast. To see what's going on with my oil pressure (do I have any? dunno) I want to remove the distributor so I can prime the oil pump. But of course I can't remove the distributor. It's seized to the block... Last night I sprayed it all up with Kroil; hopefully sometime this century it will loosen up enough for me to be able to remove it. Stinks!

Leon Guyot USA

Author: Leon Guyot USA
Total 298 posts - Started on 2012-04-25

3rd October 2017: Replaced cheap old car rug from 1981, with pure virgin wool version made in Portland, Oregon. 6th October 2017: I've been a bit busy with important financial paperwork of late, but after much consideration and measuring, it has become increasingly apparent to me that I will not be able to fit the 3.25"/83mm long 1750 lumens each LED driving lamps on my Vitesse due to lack of space/room for adjustment, so I have ordered another pair which are 2.10"/53mm long & 1800 lumens each to install in their place. These use the same wiring harness. I will fit the longer ones on my dai...

Willy Grueber CAN

Author: Willy Grueber CAN
Total 35 posts - Started on 2016-04-15

20170928 132111
I have installed the Robbins top and it is going well. I need to let it relax or stretch to get some wrinkles out but fits real well around the all windows. I still need to install snaps on body and rear window locations and glue down the front edge once stretched. I like how it is turning out and the color is just right for the car in my mind anyhow!!!

Stuart Siegler Silver Member USA

Author: Stuart Siegler Silver Member USA
Total 35 posts - Started on 2016-06-19

After the Weber conversion, I developed a pretty bad oil leak that I had read was due to the Weber's not handling the crankcase pressure. Dunno Its not from the dipstick (where others have indicated), but from the crankcase spinner, and what I believe is the seal and oil catcher on the timing chain. Ordered the kit and a couple of hoses and we'll see

Dave Cutter Silver Member USA

Author: Dave Cutter Silver Member USA
Total 22 posts - Started on 2017-05-01

Hold on
The Pacific NW Porsche Club of America put on a great session on Sunday. Angus performed admirably and we all learned a bit about our cars and ourselves!

Gregg Pederson USA

Author: Gregg Pederson USA
Total 40 posts - Started on 2013-07-01

20161125 094529
I had to modify the frame, tunnel and exhaust. I had to remove the front muffler and make clearance under the new trans mount. The exhaust is 2", I used a piece of 2 1/2" tube that I "oval-ized" to clears the mount. The exhaust is a bit louder and I may replace the rear "glass-packs" with "turbo" style mufflers.

Anthony Kurilla USA

Author: Anthony Kurilla USA
Total 45 posts - Started on 2012-04-04

New hood installed by a local upholstery shop looks fantastic. Wiggles lost power again and looks be the sediment in the fuel tank. Finally pulled the tank and cleaned it out real well by filtering the fuel repeatedly and swishing it around in the tank. Painted the tank and ordered some new parts for the gasket around the fuel filler neck and a new neck. Once I get those parts back in I can get some new snaps on the tonneau cover and maybe pull the carb to check the float level per my colortune guide for mixture adjustment.

Matthew Taylor Silver Member USA

Author: Matthew Taylor Silver Member USA
Total 26 posts - Started on 2015-02-02

Cutting the outside
Cole's job was to cut the old rubber off the old wheel, and get the rim cleaned up. He did some cutting alright. And got a reminder about the knife rule - always cut away from your self. We are calling him "Leftey" for the next little bit... After 2 hexagons were cut, and glued together, I made 3 cuts with the router. Outside, the grove in the center, and the inside. Next, I cut the relieves for the rim to sit flush - on both the top and bottom. I used a 3/8 round over bit to soften the edges. It still didn't fit my hand "just right", so I took some strong 100, ripped it into strips, ...

Jamie Richardson CAN

Author: Jamie Richardson CAN
Total 52 posts - Started on 2011-02-20

Trans cover mount plate with nutserts and studs
Just a few mods and parts getting cleaned up.

Doug Johns USA

Author: Doug Johns USA
Total 25 posts - Started on 2012-10-05

Arrival of the spring and shocks
A rear spring install on a Spitfire is really a simple process; after installing the centering pin in the lower leaf, install the spring box and plate from the original spring, insert into the car. Using the studs removed from the original spring, reinstall the same studs through the spring box and into the top of the differential, and then insert the 7/16” bolts through the vertical links and spring bushings. Torque to specs and you’re done. Funny how things rarely go as planned. After getting the spring box mounted on the spring and installing the spring into my Spit, I went to put...

Steve McCarthy USA

Author: Steve McCarthy USA
Total 48 posts - Started on 2010-12-08

581960 10201208619394644 597854118 n
Road Trippin’ with Steve McCarthy What’s two hours worth? Lot’s of answers to that. Time with a newborn? Priceless. At the higher minimum wage that people are screaming for? About $30. Before taxes. On a Road Trip? It’s the difference between a mind stultifying endless slog up the I-5 and the FAR more pleasant cruise up the 101. Two whole freakin’ hours longer. That’s it. It’s the difference between eating McKing Jr. and a Bison Burger in Atascadero. It’s the difference between a Denny’s pancake and waffles at the Worker Bee in Carpinteria. It’s the difference between ...

Dave B Silver Member CAN

Author: Dave B Silver Member CAN
Total 33 posts - Started on 2011-12-22

first attemp
Well even though some think its risky to have wood visors incase of an accident I think if I wipe out in my spitty I have bigger things to worry about. My old visors are completly wrotten so made some of oak. I re used the old brackets cutting off the outer rod just keeping the mounting and pivot part of the frame. I used a die grinder to put a slice up the new oak part then glued and slipped the flat part of the bracket into the crack.

Eric dit Meo CAN

Author: Eric dit Meo CAN
Total 36 posts - Started on 2011-06-02

Some other pic of the work made on the rear....

Geoff Kearley CAN

Author: Geoff Kearley CAN
Total 23 posts - Started on 2010-09-19

Well. It's been a week, or two. The weather has been great and the TR7 has been performing perfectly. Well, really good. The top comes down and stows away easily. The car starts first try, every time. And, all you naysayers, it is a TR7. The clutch ran dry and needed refilling and bleeding. The carbs ran low on oil and needed to be topped up. I checked these in March but should have checked them again as I have been using the car quite a lot lately. I haven't checked the differential or gearbox and, based on recent experience, guess I should soon. Those things are hard to do on an ...

Marcos Rodriguez USA

Author: Marcos Rodriguez USA
Total 24 posts - Started on 2011-03-27

Finale view with wheel mounted

Loren Welch USA

Author: Loren Welch USA
Total 24 posts - Started on 2009-07-04

Air tunnel 66pc
I fabricated an air tunnel to force air up into my lay-down radiator.

Greg Deyo USA

Author: Greg Deyo USA
Total 55 posts - Started on 2007-10-17

I have always wanted to go to a Minnesota Triumph Sports Car Club meeting, but it meets at Fort Snelling's Officer's Club, and when I was unemployed last summer I couldn't afford the drive. Now I work five miles away and decided to go. They meet the second Thursday of the month. The meeting itself was boring, conducted as it was by classic rules, but I met some interesting people. It seems that almost everyone who drives a Spitfire is an insanely tall or large person. I thought I was big at 6'2" and 250 lbs., but I was average or even on the small side compared to most of these guys! After the...

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