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Eric O USA

The weather is colder again, so spent the time on Saturday getting the basement cleaned up and organized for the next series of tasks. I also got some of the same done in the garage. Today I wet sanded the glossy coat with 1000 then 2000 grit paper, then wiped it clean with a slightly damp microfiber cloth and left it to dry. I then got four more coats of glossy on and will let that harden. No useful pics, nothing new to show. Little bits of progress.

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Hazen Wardle USA

Looks like I've got another issue to wade through in the somewhat near future. Need to get new shafts. My carbs do not have any identification tags, and digging through the info at spitbits all Nigel shows is year/comm# ranges, nothing by carb model. Haven't dug through any other suppliers yet. I've got a pile of CD150 carbs also. Perhaps now is as good a time as any to refurbish a set of those, if I can find all the needed bits. Anyway, I had some help adjusting my carbs today. Got the idle down to maybe 12 or 1300 but it stumbles when rev...

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Stuart Siegler Silver Member USA

I bought a new 3 point seat belt to replace the god awful universal one that the PO installed. The one that was installed had a 5 inch cable that dug into my ribs and that puts the belt above my stomach. Unwearable and unsafe. All of the bolts went into threaded ports on the body, which was awesome. The console one came out easily, as did the upper harness mount point and the retract bolt. The outboard body mount one was really hard to remove (on both sides). Eye bolts replace the lap points, with carabiner clip. We installed it backwards at first, but the the clips made it easy ...

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Larry Gray Silver Member USA

20170102 203816 1
Well, as the weather has started to turn cold I've purchased a propane heater and started the interior. I stripped the seats, straightened support bows. I purchased new seat bottom and back foam, and seat bottom glands. After grinding the rust, and old paint and adhesive, I painted the seat frames and rails. When I unpacked the seat foam, I found that the little furry creature I've shared my plastic garage with has decided he/she needed foam for its nest. No I need to repair the foam (the little bugger better watch out for may hammer). I'm making new wooden sections to replac...

Gregg Pederson USA

20161125 094529
I had to modify the frame, tunnel and exhaust. I had to remove the front muffler and make clearance under the new trans mount. The exhaust is 2", I used a piece of 2 1/2" tube that I "oval-ized" to clears the mount. The exhaust is a bit louder and I may replace the rear "glass-packs" with "turbo" style mufflers.

Willy Grueber CAN

Rear package area looks nice from a far
Well I thought this part of the rebuild would go somewhat quick and with no to little on the issue side! Well not so. I cant believe how frustrating it was to cover the wheel wells with vinyl, not sure there is an easy way. I got them in but they maybe coming out later as it isn't beautiful. Carpet pieces seem to be short on every piece, now they did come from VB so no surprise I'm told. May need a stretcher for these but we will wait and see if they relax more after installation. Heal toe carpet glued only at the top so access to bolts for rear alignment is available still. Sill carpet instal...

Leon Guyot USA

7th January 2016
January 2016, The Vintage Triumph Register of the USA selected one of my photos of my Vitesse to use as the header picture on their facebook group page. An Hono(u)r indeed! May 2016, A New privately produced book about the Triumph Herald on my Vitesse. June 2016, I found a much better rendition of the British Union Flag in the local Army/Navy store, which I attached to magnetic backing and replaced the less than accurate copy which has been on there for quite a number of years now, 4th August 2016, I finally found a little time to get back to my car. I removed the new grub screw fro...

carl g CAN

Engine with EFI in mid integration
Having established that the engine would run without smoke, or steam, and to running temperature (with a known-good CTS and gauge tested with a kettle), it was time to think about driving the car. I fitted all the suspension and brake bits, again with a good clean and paint. Using the Camaro clutch master and slave plus a custom fabbed bracket, line and pedal I was able to get command to the clutch. Since I had rebuilt the clutch, flywheel, rear seal, driveshaft and gearbox I had some trepidation so I put the back end on stands, started it, tentatively engaged first and let the clutch o...

Ken Prentice CAN

hardtop stand1
Just purchased a hard top for the TR and got a smoking' good deal. Top is in great shape with only one small ding (to be fixed when repainted), all new rubber, spare rubber for the side glass, all original glass with no marks, new headliner, original and new hardware. Storage was always a big negative for me in purchasing a hard top until I came across this one at a great price - couldn't turn it down. In searching the net, I found a couple of pic's of a rack that was made for and modelled mine after it. Just used some scape lumber for the frame with a plywood bottom on w...

Jim Dwyer CAN

Charged up the battery, installed it, started the car and drove it around the block.

Anthony Kurilla USA

New hood installed by a local upholstery shop looks fantastic. Wiggles lost power again and looks be the sediment in the fuel tank. Finally pulled the tank and cleaned it out real well by filtering the fuel repeatedly and swishing it around in the tank. Painted the tank and ordered some new parts for the gasket around the fuel filler neck and a new neck. Once I get those parts back in I can get some new snaps on the tonneau cover and maybe pull the carb to check the float level per my colortune guide for mixture adjustment.

dave m CAN

her is the frame ready to go, on the way to my friends where it will be mated to the body -underside has been painted body color

Eugene Villaluz USA

Cover off
A few months ago I barely passed safety inspection because the passenger side reverse light didn't work. I jiggled the connections and it came back on so the Jiffy Lube tech passed me. But now the reverse light appears to have failed completely. I inspected the assembly. Bulb seemed fine, but found that the socket had some previous soldering. It's the likely cause of the failure. I'll need to verify with a little testing, which I'll do another day as I simply ran out of time. Meanwhile, I can pass the time by sourcing a replacement socket. Just need to remind myself not to reverse ...

Matthew Taylor Silver Member USA

Cutting the outside
Cole's job was to cut the old rubber off the old wheel, and get the rim cleaned up. He did some cutting alright. And got a reminder about the knife rule - always cut away from your self. We are calling him "Leftey" for the next little bit... After 2 hexagons were cut, and glued together, I made 3 cuts with the router. Outside, the grove in the center, and the inside. Next, I cut the relieves for the rim to sit flush - on both the top and bottom. I used a 3/8 round over bit to soften the edges. It still didn't fit my hand "just right", so I took some strong 100, ripped it into strips, ...

Jamie Richardson CAN

Trans cover mount plate with nutserts and studs
Just a few mods and parts getting cleaned up.


Well, I've now played out the classic newbie narrative. I got overly excited, jumped in over my head, doggy paddled for a bit and then decided to get out while I could. After a year of working on my 240z, I realized that a full restoration on the GT-6 would take much much more time, energy and money then I want to commit. So the GT-6 has just been sold to a Triumph fanatic in CO, where it will get the knowledgable attention it deserves. I look forward to owning a nice driver someday that I can tinker on as I go, but for now I'm pursuing other avenues. Thanks for all the help and encou...

Doug Johns USA

Arrival of the spring and shocks
A rear spring install on a Spitfire is really a simple process; after installing the centering pin in the lower leaf, install the spring box and plate from the original spring, insert into the car. Using the studs removed from the original spring, reinstall the same studs through the spring box and into the top of the differential, and then insert the 7/16” bolts through the vertical links and spring bushings. Torque to specs and you’re done. Funny how things rarely go as planned. After getting the spring box mounted on the spring and installing the spring into my Spit, I went to put...

Steve McCarthy USA

581960 10201208619394644 597854118 n
Road Trippin’ with Steve McCarthy What’s two hours worth? Lot’s of answers to that. Time with a newborn? Priceless. At the higher minimum wage that people are screaming for? About $30. Before taxes. On a Road Trip? It’s the difference between a mind stultifying endless slog up the I-5 and the FAR more pleasant cruise up the 101. Two whole freakin’ hours longer. That’s it. It’s the difference between eating McKing Jr. and a Bison Burger in Atascadero. It’s the difference between a Denny’s pancake and waffles at the Worker Bee in Carpinteria. It’s the difference between ...

Michael Stoliker USA

As the title says, I feel I am at a tipping point in my Triumph ownership. Due to my continued unemployment I find myself teetering on the edge of a decision to keep the cars or sell them to recover what little money I can. My concern is that if I keep the cars and wait for the economy to improve to the point where employers will take a chance on a 59 year old IT guy, too much damage will occur to both cars from sitting out in the open under covers and tarps. Frankly, it's getting to the point where I can'teven justify spending money on rust removal tools and paint to preserve the par...

Dave B Silver Member CAN

first attemp
Well even though some think its risky to have wood visors incase of an accident I think if I wipe out in my spitty I have bigger things to worry about. My old visors are completly wrotten so made some of oak. I re used the old brackets cutting off the outer rod just keeping the mounting and pivot part of the frame. I used a die grinder to put a slice up the new oak part then glued and slipped the flat part of the bracket into the crack.

Eric dit Meo CAN

Some other pic of the work made on the rear....

Geoff Kearley CAN

Well. It's been a week, or two. The weather has been great and the TR7 has been performing perfectly. Well, really good. The top comes down and stows away easily. The car starts first try, every time. And, all you naysayers, it is a TR7. The clutch ran dry and needed refilling and bleeding. The carbs ran low on oil and needed to be topped up. I checked these in March but should have checked them again as I have been using the car quite a lot lately. I haven't checked the differential or gearbox and, based on recent experience, guess I should soon. Those things are hard to do on an ...

Marcos Rodriguez USA

Finale view with wheel mounted

Loren Welch USA

Air tunnel 66pc
I fabricated an air tunnel to force air up into my lay-down radiator.

Greg Deyo USA

I have always wanted to go to a Minnesota Triumph Sports Car Club meeting, but it meets at Fort Snelling's Officer's Club, and when I was unemployed last summer I couldn't afford the drive. Now I work five miles away and decided to go. They meet the second Thursday of the month. The meeting itself was boring, conducted as it was by classic rules, but I met some interesting people. It seems that almost everyone who drives a Spitfire is an insanely tall or large person. I thought I was big at 6'2" and 250 lbs., but I was average or even on the small side compared to most of these guys! After the...

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